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Updated August 31, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
Top US General Rejects Obama's Threats on Syria
  Mursi Lashes Syria, Sparks Walkout at NAM Summit
  Rebels Claim Syrian Warplane Shot Down
  Turkey Pushes for 'Safe Zone' Inside Syria
US Gen.: 'I Don't Want to Be Complicit' in Iran Strike
  Israeli Coalition Party Shas Weary of Iran War
5 More NATO Troops Killed by Afghan Trainee
  US Units Building 'Safe Rooms' to Avoid Attacks From Afghan Forces
  US-Supported Warlord Group Faces Mounting Allegations of Abuse
Obama DOJ Closes Probe of Detainee Homicides
Pakistan Army to Invade North Waziristan Next Week
UN Rights Investigator Blasts Israel Over Corrie Ruling
Islamists Attack NATO-Backed Libya Schools, Mosques
Marines Vs. Zetas: US Hunts Drug Cartels in Guatemala  by Robert Beckhusen
Israel and Iran's Contest in Incompetence  by Trita Parsi
Neocon Clamor for Intervention in Syria Is About Israeli Regional Dominance  by Mitchell Plitnick
Change You Can Believe in Comes to the Arms Market  by Pierre Sprey
The Remapping of the Middle East  by Claudio Gallo
Forgotten War in Afghanistan Still Takes a Toll  by Deb Riechmann

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UK Says No Solution in Sight to Assange Standoff With Ecuador
Ecuador Doubts Assange US Trial
WikiLeaks Case Set for Trial in February, March
Canada Order Iraq War Resister Deported to US
Pentagon May Take Legal Action Against SEAL Author
Iran Leader Rules Out Nukes, Will Pursue Energy
Powell Was More Skeptical About Iraq Than Previously Thought, Annan Says
Netanyahu to Address UN's General Assembly
London-Based Group Claims 80 Killed in Syria Thursday
Syria's Assad, in Rare TV Interview, Says His Army Is Winning Civil War
Threat to Syrian Civilians Is Growing, Officials Say
US Journalist Reportedly in Syrian Custody
Ex-Syrian Diplomat Says He Aided Opposition While at Syria's UN Mission, Many More Like Him
Kurd-Turkish Clashes Feared Along Syrian Border
Syrian Refugees Strain Jordan's Dusty Desert Camp
Six Iraqis Killed in New Attacks
Iraq Kurds Ready for Talks Over Crisis, Oil: Deputy PM
UN Human Rights Expert 'Appalled' at Level of Executions in Iraq
Yemen Says Saudi Arabia to Donate $1 Billion to Support Currency
Angola Rebel Bastion Is Key Battlefield in Vote
UNITA Fears for Free and Fair Poll
Maldives Report Rejects Nasheed Coup Claims
3 Imprisoned Eritrean Reporters Confirmed Dead
UN Official: World Failing on Mali Emergency
73 Charged Over Attacks on Ivory Coast Army
Hundreds of Women Trapped in Ghana's 'Witch Camps'
Karzai Is Said to Consider Divisive Figures for Top Cabinet Posts
A Once-Tranquil Corner of Afghanistan Turns Deadly
NATO Official: Most Insider Attacks 'Personal'
Aussie Forces Suffer Worst Day Since Vietnam
Pakistan Arrests Head of Banned Extremist Group
US Names Eight Pakistan LeT Militants for Sanctions
Pakistan, Iran Vow to Expeditiously Pursue Joint Mega Projects
Indian Military Helicopters Collide in Mid-Air: 9 Dead
US Commander: Deployment of Stealth Fighters in Japan '100 Percent' Safe
Kenya Police Hit by Mombasa Grenade Attack
Kenya Religious Leaders Ask Muslims to Avoid Protests After Islamist's Killing Sparked Riots
US Welcomes Guatemalan Court Decision Allowing Extradition of Former President Portillo
Venezuela Government Says Worker Wounded in Shooting on State Farm, TV Crew Suspected
Interpol Seeks Help Finding Bulgaria Bomber 'Accomplice'
German Turks No Longer Feel Welcome
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