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Updated September 2, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
IAEA Report: Iran Reduced Breakout Capacity
  Israelis Puzzled by Dempsey Comments Opposing Strike on Iran
  Israeli Official: Obama 'Will Make Netanyahu Pay' If Reelected
Pro-Govt Afghan Militia Kills 16 Civilians
  NATO Orders All Training of Afghan Recruits Halted
  Afghan Suicide Blasts Kill 13 Near US Base
  Butchered and Beheaded for Singing and Dancing (or Were They?)
  Attacks by Afghan Army on Foreign Troops Rise
Al-Qaeda Threatens Hezbollah Over Syria
  2 Car Bombs Explode in Syria, Rebels Suspected
  Rebels Say They Have Seized an Air Defense Post and Its Missiles
Yemen: 14 Civilians Killed in Errant Airstrike
US Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan
Time to 'Speak Out, Not Hold Your Peace'  by Stephen McKeown & Coleen Rowley
America Is Not the Greatest Country in the World  by Sarah Harvard
Can Clint Eastwood Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan?  by Ed Krayewski
Learning to Eat Soup With a Spoon  by Kelley Vlahos
Friedman's Sermon  by Stephen M. Walt
For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed  by JoAnn Wypijewski

More Viewpoints

Logic of War

by Sheldon Richman
Miniature Yugoslavia on Verge of Vanishing
SEALs' Cover Story if bin Laden Raid Went Bad: Downed Drone
Austin Police Infiltrated Occupy Austin, Had Role in Making Illegal Devices
Weapons Plant Security Issues Described in US Audit
2 US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Battle
Anti-Taliban Public Uprising Started in Logar Province
Gauges Worn by US Troops in Afghanistan Offer Clues on Impact From Blasts
Two Killed in Shelling From Afghanistan
Seven Gunned Down in Quetta
Blasphemy Case Evokes Fear in Pakistan Christian Town
Three Killed in Alleged Leas Firing
On Asia Trip, Clinton Tries to Ease Tension With China
China Now Using a Cruise Ship to Haul Troops and Tanks
Ally of China's Expected Next President Promoted to Key Post Ahead of Leadership Change
Japan Officials to Visit Islands at Center of Dispute With China Ahead of Planned Purchase
2 Suspected Militants, 1 Police Officer Killed in Anti-Terrorism Raid in Indonesia
Egypt Court Orders Police Chief Reinstated
Egyptian TV Presenter Denies Inciting the Killing of New President in His Program
Egypt Arrests Militant Wanted in Connection With Attacks in Sinai Peninsula
Sudan Says Repulses Rebel Attack in Border Area
South Sudan in Bid to Relocate Capital: Minister
Islamist Rebels Gain Ground, Seize Control of Douentza in Northern Mali
Islamists Struggle to Run North Mali
Somalia's Shebab Display Bodies of Enemy Combattants
Ugandan Army Seizes Base of Lord's Resistance Army
Angola's Ruling MPLA Has 74% of Provisional Vote Count
Guinea Opposition Says 120 Arrested in Protest Crackdown
Pirate Boss: Somali Pirates Kill Syrian Hostage and Wound Another Over Delayed Ransom Payment
Togo: Police Question Former Interior Minister
Americans Still Dying
55-Year-Old Army Reserve Sergeant (MS) Killed by Afghan Trainee
Marine From Herndon (VA) Killed in Afghanistan Green-On-Blue Attack
Father of Three From San Juan (PR) Killed in Helicopter Crash
Oberlin (OH) Sergeant Dies of Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan
Edgewater (MD) Navy SEAL Dies in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Funeral Held for Slain Army Sergeant in Frederick (MD)
Fallen Greenwood (MS) Servicewoman Had Wanted to Be a Doctor
Helicopter Pilot From Virginia With Ties to Maine Dies in Kuwait
Syria Releases 225 Detainees Imprisoned During the Unrest
Syrian Troops Shell Damascus Neighborhoods After Clashes With Rebels, Activists Say
Airstrikes Push Waves of Syrians to Jordan Camps
New UN Syria Envoy Puts Pressure on Regime
Russian Foreign Minister Says All Sides Should Stop Violence in Syria
As Syrian Kurds Sense Freedom, Power Struggle Awaits
Druze in Golan Heights Conflicted Over Syrian Civil War
Iran Briefly Threatens to Cause 'Fiasco' for US if It Attacks Syria
Kidnapped Turk Asks Country to Secure Release of Lebanese in Syria
Iran's Arms Denials May Indicate Japan-Style Push to Nuclear 'Threshold'
Led by Kucinich, US Lawmakers Push to OK Iran Earthquake Aid
Iran to Hold Major Air Defense Drill to Simulate Emergency Situations
Bahrain Demands Apology From Iran
Iran and North Korea Sign Technological Cooperation Agreement, Deepening Ties
12 Iraqis Killed; Iraq Releases Lower Casualty Figures for Aug.
Tony Blair Should Face Trial Over Iraq War, Says Desmond Tutu
Iran Exiles Say Last Convoy to Move From Iraq Camp
Iraqi Government Will Restart Arabization, Says Dubz Mayor
Iraq Oil Exports Highest in More Than 30 Years
Kurds to Continue Iraq Oil Exports Until Sep. 15
Abbas, Liberman Call on Hague to Try Each Other
Palestinian Farmers Fighting to Survive
Tehran Offers to Mediate Palestinian Reconciliation
Report: 2 Palestinians Injured by IDF Fire
Jerusalem: Haredim Stone Shufat Arabs; 3 Hurt
Middle East
Turkey Facing Renewed Test From Kurdish Militants
Blair Holds Cairo Talks on Mideast 'Difficulties'
Saudi Campaigner Mohammad Al-Qahtani Goes on Trial
WWI Arsenal Emerges From Melting Alpine Glacier
Armenians Hold Anti-Hungary Rally Over Azeri Killer Pardon

German Govt's Anti-Terror Posters Rejected by Muslim Groups

How the US Fights the Zeta Cartel, From Spies to Sanctions
Cuban Entrepreneurs Stockpile Inventory, Eye Price Hikes as Customs Duties Set to Skyrocket
Weekend Reviews
Haunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq
Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan
The Vietnam War's Tragic Prologue
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