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Updated September 8, 2012 - 10:56 PM EDT
Canada Severs Ties With Iran, Expels Diplomats
  Iran Oil Exports Plummet as Prices Rise
  Analysts: Pink Shrouds Aimed to Draw Attention to Iran Military Site
Suicide Bomber Kills 6 Outside Kabul NATO HQ
  Terror Tag to Hit Afghan Peace: Haqqanis
Turkish Warplanes Pound Northern Iraq
  Iraq Prayer Day Attacks: 12 Killed, 83 Wounded
Syrian Religious Minorities Form Militias
  Turkey Faces Questions on Syria Policy
Israeli Military Ready to 'Conquer and Rule' Gaza
Army in Egypt Reports 32 Deaths in Sinai Crackdown
27 Killed in Turkey's New Offensive Along Iraqi Border
CIA Waterboarding, Gadhafi Collaboration Revealed  by Scott Horton
More Unwarranted Optimism About Afghanistan  by Stephen M. Walt
Five Countries the US Is Screwing Over  by Alex Kane
Two New Wars for Us  by Philip Giraldi
Obama Ruling Shields Torturers  by Ray McGovern
Democratic Leaders Undermine Israeli-Palestinian Peace and Their Own Procedures  by Stephen Zunes

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Santa's Sleigh... or Drones Overhead?
Police Chiefs Urge Limited Use of Domestic Drones
Military Brass Driving Around in Style as Cuts Loom
Obama Drafting Standards Against Cyberattack
Confusion in Mali After Request for Military Help
NYPD Opens Branch in Israel
France, Britain, Germany Urge More EU Iran Sanctions
Ex-Canadian Ambassador Questions Cutting Ties With Iran
Iran Sets June 14 Date for Presidential Election
Blast Hits Damascus Mosque, as Assad Troops Attack Restive Areas
Bomb Explosions in Damascus 'Kill at Least Five'
Syrian Rebels Say They Freed 350 Prisoners, as Others Appeal for Unity
Senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham Urge US to Arm Syrian Rebels, Get Tough on Iran Nukes
Netanyahu Is 'First Who Should Be Investigated' Over Cabinet Leak, Mofaz Says
Arab Israelis Losing Their Pride in Israel, Study Shows
Israel Releases Papers on '72 Munich Killings, Part of Trove
EU Mulling Ban on Settlement Products
Clashes Break Out Over Sufi Shrine Attack
Fair Trials Still Out of Reach in Libya
Niger Gives Gadhafi's Son Permission to Leave: Lawyer
Yemen Security Arrests 3 'al-Qaeda Members Planning to Carry Out Assassinations'
Tens of Thousands March Demanding Prosecution of Ousted President
Middle East
Iraq Prayer Day Attacks: 12 Killed, 83 Wounded
UN Human Rights Chief 'Deeply Regrets' Conviction of Bahraini Activists
Jordan: US Missionary Stabbed to Death by Teenager
Tunisia Designs Its Democracy, Painfully
Two NATO Containers Set on Fire at Mastung
Top Pakistan Policeman Is Shot Dead in Quetta
Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Fly Apache Copters
South Korea
South Korea in Military Drill Near Disputed Islands

US to Replace Security Contractor in South Korea

US Eyes Greater Russian Role to Help Quell Rising Nationalist Tensions in Asia-Pacific
State Department Drops Nepal Maoists From Terrorist Watch List
Army: 7 Sect Members Killed in Northeast Nigeria
Nigerian Islamists Claim Phone Network Sabotage
Dozens Killed in Clashes Between Sudan Army and Rebels
Kenya Red Cross: 12 Killed in Clashes
Madagascar Journalists Take Refuge in South African Embassy
US Suspends Antidrug Radar-Sharing With Honduras After Planes Are Downed
Probe of Honduras Shooting Finds 2 Victims Not Pregnant, Fatal Gunfire Didn't Come From Copter
FARC Says Colombia Cease-Fire Refusal Won't Halt Peace Talks
Mexico Arrests Man Suspected in Killing of US Border Patrol Agent in Fast and Furious Case
Mutilated 1976 Argentina Torture Victim Identified as Chilean Leftist
Weekend Reviews
In Defense of Bradley Manning
Baiting the Dragon
The Wounds and the Gifts Are Inseparable
Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War
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