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Updated September 12, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
Libyans Kill US Envoy, 3 Others at US Embassy
  Is the Libyan Attack on the US Consulate the Work of Al-Qaeda?
  Obama Sends Marines, Drones Over Libya Following Consulate Attack
Obama Claims 9/11 Revived American 'Values'
  Bush White House Was Deaf Before the 9/11 Storm
  Obama Admin. Urges Congress to Renew Broad Surveillance Powers
  Panel Pushes for More Aggressive US Missile Defense System
US Rejects Netanyahu Meeting Request
  Netanyahu: US Has No Moral Right to Block Israeli Strike on Iran
  Poll Shows Overwhelming US Opposition to Attacking Iran
  Israeli Official Cites 2007 Syria Strike to Justify Attacking Iran
Romney's Afghan Policy: 'Different' but the Same
  Pre-9/11, Haqqani Group Urged Alliance With US
  Al-Qaeda Chief's Brother Offers to Broker Peace Deal
  Rockets Destroy NATO Helicopter, Kill 3, Hours After Bagram Handover
Iraq-Turkey Relations Worsen as Turkey Won't Hand Over VP
9/11 and Its Legacy of Fear  by Gene Healy
Outrage at US Torture Dwindles  by Jonathan Turley
Al-Qaeda Now a US Ally in Syria  by Joseph Wakim
Our 9/11 Torturers  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Ten Lessons Plus  by Sheldon Richman
Red Lines or Deadlines?  by Farideh Farhi

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Yemeni Who Died at Gitmo Was Once Ordered Freed
Putin Says Romney Comment Justifies Russia's Opposition to US Missile Defense Plans
TSA Under Microscope on Sept. 11 Anniversary
Panetta: Navy SEAL Writer Should Be Punished
5 More Charged in Georgia Military Militia Case
Security Lapses at Nuclear Complex Identified Two Years Before Break-In
Suicide Bomber Kills 5 in Afghanistan
Previously Rejected Report Is Now Key to US Effort to Curb Insider Killings in Afghanistan
NATO Says Taliban Behind 2008 French Attack Killed
Pakistan Shi'ites Face Rising Militant Attacks
Bin Laden Raid Doctor Says He Was Unaware of Raid
Pakistan, China Pledge to Stand United
China Sends Patrol Ships to Contested Islands After Japan Buys Them in Assertion of Claim
After Israeli Lobbying, Germany Pledges to Reassess Sub Deal With Egypt
Egypt Orders Arrest of Mubarak's Last PM
William Hague Offers Lawyer to Egypt in Mubarak Assets Row
Somali Militants Brand New President a 'Traitor'
Kenya's Tana Clashes: President Kibaki Imposes Curfew
HRW Says M23 Rebels in Congo Guilty of Executions, Rape, Widespread War Crimes
Vast Crowds Demand Catalan Autonomy From Crisis-Hit Spain
Chileans March on Their Own 9-11, the Anniversary of Pinochet Coup and Allende Suicide
The War at Home
Navy Launching Its First Drone Copter Squadron
Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away
Anti-Drone Protesters Guilty of Trespassing on Air Force Base
Lejeune Doctor Files PTSD Whistleblower Lawsuit
Twitter Told to Produce Protester's Posts or Face Fine
Panetta Says US Will Have a Year to Stop Iran Should It Decide to Build Nukes
Ahmadinejad Says Enemies Destroy Iran's Rain Clouds
In Syria's Largest City, Fighting and Airstrikes Send Civilians to Overstretched Hospitals
Egypt's President Trying to Persuade Iran to Drop Assad With Promises of Easing Isolation
Chavez Says Will Consider Venezuela Joining in Multi-Nation Effort to Bring Peace to Syria
UN Details Flows of Syrian Refugees
Former Israeli DM Denies Knowledge of 2007 Syria Strike
Palestinian PM Unveils Measures to Calm Protests
Israeli Troops Gassed Eritreans, Dragged Them Into Egypt
Netanyahu Orders Transfer of $60 Million to PA to Help With Fiscal Crisis
Iraq Opens Controversial Iranian Refugee Camp to Diplomats
Iraq Execution Spree Under the Spotlight
Amnesty Int'l Condemns Violence, Abuse; Eight Iraqis Killed in New Attacks
PKK Denies Death of 373 of Its Fighters This Year
3 PKK Members Killed in Southeastern Turkey
2 Killed, 8 Injured in Istanbul Bomb Blast
Middle East
Yemen Defense Minister Escapes Car Bombing, 12 Die
Libya's Leader Reaches Out to Gadhafi Stronghold
Lebanese Army Says It Frees 4 Abducted Syrians
Pope Benedict to Ask Christians Not to Flee Middle East
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