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Updated September 17, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
Libya Warned US Three Days Before Attack
  Was Benghazi Attack Planned? Libya Says Yes, US Says No
  Film Protests Turn Deadly in Pakistan, Two Killed
Afghan Policemen Kill 6 NATO Troops
  Afghan Soldier Wounds Civilian Worker on Base in Latest Insider Attack
  Violent Anti-US Protest Erupts in Kabul
  Gen. Dempsey: 'Insider Attacks' Pose Serious Threat to War
  Karzai Slams NATO After Airstrike Kills Eight Women
  Insurgents Posed as US Troops to Strike at Afghan Air Base
  Taliban Raid on NATO Base Inflicted Severe Damage
US Sends Marines to Yemen, 'Temporarily'
Syrian Jets Hit Lebanese Territory Near Border
Iran Confirms Military Advisers in Syria, Lebanon
  US: No Daylight Between Obama, Netanyahu on Iran
  Netanyahu Lashes 'Stupid' US Newspapers for Articles Opposing War
US To Spend $352 Billion to Upgrade 5,113 Nukes
Condom in Assange Case 'Does Not Contain His DNA'
Erasing the Iraq War From Republican Party History  by Daniel Larison
US Shouldn't Be Complicit With Netanyahu's Folly  by César Chelala
Netanyahu Pushes for a War That the US Doesn't Want  by Fareed Zakaria
Deeper in the Afghan Quagmire  by Sheldon Richman
The Face of Indefinite Detention  by Baher Azmy
Does the Buck Stop With the President?  by Anthony Gregory

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Rice Dodges Free Speech, Marine Guard Questions
Panetta: Military Leaders Must Help Stem Suicides
The B61 Bomb: A Case Study in Costs and Needs
Cybersecurity Should Be More Active, Official Says
Guantanamo Prisoner's Tragic Letter
Iran Commander Warns Israel, US Against Attack
Israeli PM Makes Appeal to US Voters: Elect President Willing to Draw 'Red Line' With Iran
Iran: Crude Oil Ought to Be $150 Per Barrel
Mideast Turmoil Heats Up Debate on US Intervening in Syria
Turks in Hatay Province Rally Against Syrian Refugees
Civil War Keeps Many Syrian Children From School
Five Iraqis Killed, 23 Wounded in New Violence
Last Big Group of Iranian Exiles Moves to Baghdad
Middle East
'PKK Bomb' Kills 8 Turkish Police
Egypt Security HQ in Sinai Hit by Militants
Israeli Military Moves Major Operations to South
'Tripoli Brigade' Attacked and Broken Up
South Sudan Army Sinks Own Boat, Killing 10
Police Find 17 Bodies Dumped on Road in Western Mexico
State Legislator Killed in Mexico State, 2nd PRI Politician Slain in 2 Days
Mexican Hackers Take Over Political, Official Websites on Independence Day
Rebels Step Up Attacks on Colombia Energy Targets
Anti-US Fury
Western Embassies Edgy as Muslim Anger at Film Simmers
US Staff From Sudan, Tunisia to Leave
Canada Closes 3 More Embassies Over Safety Concerns
Lebanon Clashes Over Prophet Film; Hezbollah Urges Demos
French Police Reinforce Security Around US Paris Embassy
Egypt Denounces Breaching of US Embassy Compound
Malaysia Asks Google to Block Anti-Muslim Clip
Anti-US Outrage Over Video Began With Christian Activist's Phone Call to a Reporter
Afghan Soldiers Pay the Price as US Forces Are Ordered Not to Interact With Them
Afghan 'Policeman' Faked Injury to Kill UK Soldiers
Camp Bastion 'Seemed Like the Safest Place on Earth'
Horseplay at Afghan Base Killed Tacoma Soldier, Reports Allege
Lower Dir Remote-Controlled Bomb Kills 15
Baluchistan Journalists Threatened: Death or Jail
Pakistan, US Ready to Resume Strategic Dialogue
US Defense Chief Panetta Warns on Asia Territory Rows

Aung San Suu Kyi: Burma Pro-Democracy Leader Visits US

Khmer Rouge Ex-Minister Ieng Thirith Released

Moscow Hopes EU Criticism Will Push Ukraine Back Into Its Orbit
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