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Updated September 19, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
Ex-Gitmo Detainee in Libya 'Terror' Attack
Romney Says Middle East Peace 'Unthinkable'
  Palestinians Slam Romney Over Remarks
  AIPAC Thanks Obama for Pro-Israel Policies
Appeals Court Unblocks Indefinite Detention Law
Crocker: Taliban Infiltration Worse Than US Admits
  US Pullback in Afghanistan Hints at Failing Strategy
  US Losing Grip in Afghanistan Amid Unrest Following Anti-Islam Video
  Long Courted as Peace Partner, Group Takes Credit for Kabul Bombing
US Suspends Aid Talks With Egypt
  Egypt Imprisons Christian Teacher for Insulting President
Abbas Threatens to Resign as PA President
  Abbas Proposes Canceling Oslo Accords
Syrian Troops, Rebels Clash Over Turkey Border Crossing
Iran: Mismanaged IAEA Vulnerable to Terrorist Infiltration
Russia Halts USAID Work, Says Meddling in Political Affairs
The 'Secret' Revolution That Could Set the Middle East Aflame  by Jen Marlowe & Nick Turse
Reps Who Reauthorized Warrantless Wiretapping Bill Don't Understand What It Does  by Adam Serwer
Competition for National Dignity Drove 9/11  by Liah Greenfeld
The Unholy Spirit of Presidential Activism  by Gene Healy
Ready to Cut Military Spending  by Scott Rasmussen
Flashback: Gen. Petraeus Warned of US Policies That 'Foment Anti-American Sentiment'  by Eli Clifton

More Viewpoints

Bipartisan Middle East Policy Insanity
by Christopher Preble & Malou Innocent
US Official Says Cyberattacks Can Trigger Self-Defense Rule
Romney Stands by Message in Secret Video
Al-Qaeda Threatens Attacks on US Diplomats
Deadly Attack on Troop Convoy in Eastern Turkey
Russia Demands US End Support of Democracy Groups
Online Freedom Under Threat
Blast Kills 8 South Africans, 4 Afghans in Kabul
Afghan Militants Say Deadly Blast Was Revenge for Film
White House Says Suspended Ops Won't Derail Afghan Timeline
Another Day, Another Disaster: So What Now for Afghanistan?
William Hague: NATO's Afghan Move Not Strategy Change
Pakistan: 2 Bomb Blasts Kill 6 People in Karachi
Three Killed in Quetta Bus Attack
China Protests Mix Colonial Anger, Modern Dispute
Panetta Meets With Chinese Leader-In-Waiting, Who Recently Reappeared
US Complains to China After Demonstrators Surround Ambassador's Car in Beijing
400 Stage Spirited but Peaceful Protest at US Embassy in Bangkok Against Anti-Islam Movie
EU Plans to Lift Trade Barriers for Myanmar Exports
Bangladesh Blocks YouTube
Mumbai Attacker Qasab Appeals for Mercy to India President
Al-Shabab Flee Port City Ahead of Military Advance
Thousands Flee as Somali Forces Advance on Kismayo
African Union Troops From Regional Armies Start Hunt for Warlord Kony, Taking Over From Uganda
Sudan, South Sudan Near Deal to Restart Oil Exports
Newspaper Suspensions Lifted in Ivory Coast
UN Council Calls for Urgent Dialogue Between Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda
Mass Graves Found in Kenya's Tana River Delta Region
The War at Home
Newsweek Cover Accused of Mocking Muslims
US Media's Reaction to Protests Mocked on #muslimrage
Romney Video on Palestinians Creates New Complications for Turbulent Campaign
Marine Corps Times Map Goes Interactive
Despite Focus on Cities, Syria's Civil War Grinds on in Countryside
Iraq Reopens Border to Syria Refugees, Excludes Young Men
Egypt: Iran's Support for Syria Hinders Relations
Amnesty: Indiscriminate Government Attacks Are Maiming, Terrorizing Syria Civilians
Syria Orders Schools to Open, but Classes Give Way to War
Britain's Hague: International Intervention in Syria Would Need the 'Full Involvement' of US
Iran Launches Submarine as US Navy Drills in Gulf
Bahrain, UAE Seize Items Iran May Have Sought
Facebook Blocks Press TV Advertisements
Kurdish Activist Sentenced to Death in Iran
Egypt Orders Arrest of US-Based Copts Over Film
Clinton to Lobby Lawmakers on Egypt Aid Amid Unrest
Hamas Officials Request Free-Trade Zone From Egypt
Feds Hired British Security Firm to Protect Benghazi Consulate
US Embassy Thanks Libyans for Help Following Ambassador's Death
Middle East
17 Killed in Iraq, Including Man Who Died in Police Custody
Yemen NGO Launches Campaign Against US Airstrikes
Lebanon Shi'ite Mekdad Clan Charged Over Kidnappings
Saudi Arabia Threatens to Block YouTube
Bahrain Reforms 'Insufficient': Rights Groups
Belarus Police Detain Journalists, Protesters at Demonstration
Billionaire Challenges Georgia's Leader
Experts Detonate WWII Bomb in Germany
Colombian President Says Country's Last Big Drug Lord Caught in Neighboring Venezuela
Venezuelan Opposition: Conflicts Possible at Some Voting Centers Due to Armed Groups, Rebels
Cuban Dissidents End Hunger Strike, Saying Government Meets Demand on Freeing Colleague
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