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Updated September 22, 2012 - 10:54 PM EDT
Panetta: Afghan Surge Mission Accomplished
  Doomed Soldier's Letter Changed Congressman.'s Mind on Afghanistan
  11 Killed as Protesters Sweep Islamist Militia Out of Libya Bases
  Libyan Interior Ministry: We Likely Won't Catch Benghazi Attackers
US Drops Iranian Rebel Group From Terror List
  Rand Paul Is Sole No Vote as Senate Passes New Anti-Iran Measure
  Iran to Blame for Bank Website Downtime, Officials Speculate
Syrian Troops Find Mass Grave, Blame Rebels
  Swiss Grenades in Syrian Rebel Hands Were Given to UAE
Video Protests Leave 55 Dead, 25 in Pakistan
  France Bans Public Protests Over Cartoons
Israeli Soldier, Three Militants Killed in Sinai Border Clash
Sen. Rand Paul's Push for 'Conditional' Foreign Aid Fails
US Names 55 at Gitmo OK'd for Transfer to Other Nations
Why Support the Troops?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
International Peace Day from Kabul, Afghanistan  by Johnny Barber
NDAA Terrorism Law: Obama and His Unchecked Power Grab  by Henry Zheng
And the War Came  by Ralph Raico
How (Not) to Hide the Elephant in the Room  by Stephen M. Walt
Iran-US Hostilities Must Stop  by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

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US Ends Ban on Visits by New Zealand Warships
UN Security Council to Consider Mali Invasion
Lawmakers to Obama: Get Your Story Straight on Libya Attack
Dueling Protests Reflect Struggle for Libya's Soul
Libya Consulate Was Light on Security
Censored: MI5 Links to Murdered Litvinenko
Family: Minn. Somali Left to Join Al-Shabab
Afghanistan Bans Pakistani Newspapers
UK Soldier Dies at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan
Music School Strikes Chord With Afghan Street Kids
Pakistan Summons US Envoy to Protest YouTube Video
Bomb Leaves Six Dead in Thailand's Restive South
South Korea Navy Fires at North Korea Fishing Boats
US Begins Test Flights of MV-22 Osprey in Japan
Ivory Coast
7 Killed in Attacks on Security Posts
Ivory Coast Says Has Closed Border With Ghana
In Gambia, Jesse Jackson Helps Free 2 Americans
Guinea: Police Disperse Ethnic Fighting With Tear Gas
Somali Cafe Owner Defiant After Latest Brush With Death
South Sudan Leader to Meet Sudan's Bashir to Wrap Up Talks
Ethiopia's New PM Sworn Into Office
French Muslim Leader Urges Calm as Magazine Reprints Muhammad Cartoon
Ukraine's Tymoshenko Says October Vote 'Already Rigged'
Moldova Says It Detains Uranium Dealers From Rebel Region
Australian TV Journalist Detained at Airport While Trying to Leave Belarus, Equipment Confiscated
Georgia Protest Wave Ebbs but May Hurt Saakashvili in Vote
Iran Parades Military, Warns Israel
Ahmadinejad: Anti-Islam Film Is Israeli Plot to Stir Religious Confrontations
Iran Shows Off New Air Defense System
Video: Players Narrowly Miss Injury From Live Grenade in Iranian Soccer Match
Iraq Blocks Syria-Bound North Korean Plane, Suspects Weapons Cargo
Assad Says Arab Spring Brought Chaos
326 Turkish Officers Convicted of Plotting Coup
Three Army Generals Jailed in 'Coup Plot'
Turkey and Egypt Seek Alliance
Middle East
Iran-Backed Protests in Iraqi City; 13 Iraqis Killed in Attacks
Protesters, Police Clash in Bahrain's Capital
Kuwait Arrests Over 2,000 in Shi'ite Neighborhood
Police Arrest 14 Suspects in Tripoli KFC, Hardee's Attack
Israel Lawsuit Pits 'Kippa Man' Against Batman
Tunisia: Women's Rights and the New Constitution
Russia Police Launch Deadly Raid in Kabardino-Balkaria
Russia Moves to Broaden Definition of High Treason
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