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Updated October 1, 2012 - 11:02 PM EDT
14 Killed in Suicide Attack on Afghan NATO Patrol
  Afghan Soldier Kills 2,000th US Troop, 4 Others
  NATO: 80 Percent of Afghanistan Violence-Free
  NATO: Despite Attacks, Relationship With Afghanistan 'Very Strong'
Arms Blocked to Syria Rebels Until They Unite
  Syrian Rebels Capture Yemeni Military Officers, Issue Demands
Iraq Struggles to Keep Both US, Iran Satisfied
  Under US Pressure, Iraq Will Search Iranian Planes
  Iraq Carnage: 41 Killed, 150 Wounded
Canada Claims 'US Pressure' in Taking Gitmo Child Soldier
  Omar Khadr 'Desperate to Be a Normal Canadian'
Report: Azerbaijan May Help Israel Attack Iran
Israeli DM: Lieberman Comments 'Harm Israel's Interests'
Iraqi-American Is Imprisoned by US for Saving His Family From US Sanctions  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Dismal Record on Foreign Policy  by Ed Krayewski
Israel Versus Iran: Netanyahu's Cartoon Version  by Ira Chernus
Living (and Dying) Under Drones  by Andrew Cockburn
The Grand Default  by Uri Avnery
Netanyahu's Warning Reveals His Moments of Memory Loss  by Robert Fisk

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Mistaken Sense of Security Cited Before Libya Attack
Ospreys Fly to US Base on Okinawa Despite Protests
Nigerian Officials Arrested for Boko Haram Attacks
US Use of Truth Drug at Guantanamo Revealed
Many Recent War Vets Have Died of Overdoses, Suicide, and Single-Vehicle Crashes
UK Govt. Plays Down Report 8,000 Troops To Be Laid Off
US General 'Mad as Hell' Over Insider Attacks
Officials Say MRAPs Saved Troops, Advanced Fight Against Insurgency
Two More Killed in Balochistan Shootings
Pakistan: Attack on Hindus Prompts Blasphemy Case
Myanmar's Thein Sein 'Would Accept Suu Kyi as President'
After Clashes, Plight of Segregated Muslims Is a Challenge to Democracy Hopes
Divided Town a Challenge to Myanmar Democracy Bid
Muslim Protesters Torch Buddhist Temples, Homes in Bangladesh
Thousands Protest in Indonesia Over Anti-Islam Film
Bomb Explodes Near North Nigeria Islamic School
Deadly Kenya Grenade Attack Hits Children in Church
Islamist Rebels Flee Key Port City in Somalia
South Sudan Violence Hits Medical Charity Aid Near Pibor
Zimbabwe Monitors: March Polls 'Impossible'
Spain Crisis Transforms Catalans Who Never Supported Independence Before Into Separatists
Russia Church Calls on Punk Band to Repent Before Appeal Ruling
Georgia's Saakashvili Challenged in Parliamentary Vote
Syria Suicide Blast Kills 4 at Security Compound
Retrieving Golan a Key Priority for Syrians, Says Islamist Preacher Who Fled Assad
Armenian Christians Torn in Syria's Civil War
Saudi Report: Assad Ordered Deadly Damascus Blasts
Turkey and Egypt Denounce Syria Regime, Pledge Support for Palestinian Cause
Reuters Chief Convicted in 'Ninja' Dispute
Iran: Israel Is World's Laughingstock
Iran Sanctions 'Could Herald Its Arab Spring,' Israel Foreign Minister Says
Source: Netanyahu Won't Use Iran Threat for Political Gain
Mashaal: Resistance Is Only Path Towards State
Weapons Cache Found in Central Israel
Muslim Brotherhood Insider Says Revolution Not the Goal
Police Arrest Egyptian TV Station Owner on Trial After Calling for Death of President
Middle East
Iraq: Heavy Security Measures in Anbar Prisons After Receiving Reports of Possible Attacks
Church in South Lebanon Damaged by Gunfire
Nearly Half of Yemenis Go Hungry Post-Revolt, Says Aid Group
Several Thousand People Take to Streets of Haiti Capital in Anti-Government Protest
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