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Updated October 6, 2012 - 11:15 PM EDT
Pakistanis To Hold Massive Rally Against Drones
  US Warns Americans Not to Attend Pakistan's Anti-Drone Rally
Erdogan: Turkey 'Not Far From War' With Syria
  Turkey Continues Shelling Syria After Another Cross-Border Mortar
  Syria's Kurds Head to Iraq to Prepare for War
  UN Condemns Suicide Bombings in Syria

With 'Surge' Over, a Long Afghan War Looms

  Panetta Says Karzai Should Thank, Not Criticize, Allies in Afghanistan
  US 'Suspects' Haqqani Ties to Afghan Insider Attacks
UN Chief: Sanctions Harming Iran's Civilians
State Dept. Delay Cited in Seeking Protection for FBI in Libya
Netanyahu May Dissolve Parliament as Disputes Grow
Blackwater Founder's Mercenary Army Abandoned in Somalia
What the Drones Protest March in Waziristan Aims to Achieve  by James Jeffrey
Iran: No to Sanctions, No to War  by MJ Rosenberg
On the Killing of Eight Afghan Women  by Rev. John Dear
Mitt's Bad Math  by Jack Hunter
Spy Crisis Launched AIPAC's Think Tank  by Grant Smith
In the Election, No Time for Gitmo, but Torture Rears Its Ugly Head  by Andy Worthington

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Spain Seals Deal With US Over Participation in NATO Anti-Missile Shield, Ships
Report: Napolitano Misled Congress on 'Fusion' Centers
Bin Laden Movie to Premiere in US Ahead of Election
American Jihadist Struggles Inside Somali Militia
Obama, Please Don't Authorize My Assassination
Syrian City of Homs Sees 'Worst Shelling in Months'
Turkish Artillery Bomb Zab Border Area in Kurdistan Region
Syrian Rebels Say West Has Abandoned Them
Turkish Shelling Has Created 'Buffer Zone'
State TV: Syrian Troops Thwarted Infiltration by Armed Group From Turkey
With Syria Ablaze, Dozens of Golan Heights Druze Seek Israeli Citizenship
Muslim Leader Found Dead in Israel Mosque
Friday Prayers End in Riots on Temple Mount
Officials: Barak Sought Top Spot on Likud Ticket
Israeli Forces Kill American Gunman in Hotel Shoot-Out
Double Bombing Outside Mosque in Baghad
Al-Qaeda Claims Attack Wave and Jailbreak in Iraq
Russia to Sign $5-Billion Defense Contract With Iraq
Civilian Killed, 2 Wounded in Mosul
Middle East
Yemen Accuses Iran of Arming Southern Separatist Group
Iranian Leaders Defiant Even as Currency Falls
Christians 'Emptied From Middle East'
Bahrain Police, Protesters Clash in Capital Manama
UN Removes Saudi Businessman From Al-Qaeda Sanctions Blacklist
Venezuela's Military: Potential Arbiter and Wild Card in Election
Nervous Venezuelans Stock Up on Supplies Before Election
Angry Guatemalans Demand Justice After 7 Protesters Killed as Troops Confront Blockade
FBI: Friendly Fire Likely in Mexico Border Shootings
Prominent Haitian Lawyer Claims Government Is Persecuting Him Over Politically Sensitive Cases
Cuba Arrests Yoani Sanchez, a Well-Known Anti-Castro Blogger
Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya
Libyan Government Line-Up Suffers Setback
Patchwork of Militias Keeping the Peace, and Straining It
Rice Pushes Back Against GOP Attacks on Her Benghazi Account
Hamza Al-Masri
UK Court: Hamza Al-Masri Can Be Extradited to US
Radical UK Preacher Not Bound for Guantanamo
US Drone War in Pakistan Prompts Fear and Anger
Pakistani Taliban Denies PTI Rally Security Assurance
Two NATO Supply Trucks Torched in Southwest Pakistan
Karzai Denies Plan to Stay in Power, Chides US on Security Assurances
65 Detained at Violent Azerbaijan Headscarf Rally; 20 Police Officers Injured
Monks in Myanmar Protest at Bangladesh Embassy Over Attacks on Buddhist Temples and Homes
Mau Mau Uprising: Kenyans Win UK Torture Ruling
Ivory Coast: Detainees Charge Torture by Military
Abyei Region Still a Stumbling Block Between South Sudan, Sudan
Nigeria: Sabotaged Phone Lines Prevented Students From Warning Friends in NE Killings
Africa's Oldest Park Threatened by Rebels, Now Oil
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Bomb Was 'Mortar Type' Device
Weekend Reviews
Losing the War in Afghanistan
Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying
Film Remembers Indian Lawyer Shahid Azmi as Symbol of Hope
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