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Updated October 8, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT
Romney's Foreign Policy: No Major Difference
America's Longest War Moves Into 12th Year
  End of Afghan Surge Means Escalation of Special Forces Attacks
Pakistani Military Moves Against Anti-Drone Rally
  Pakistan Rally Leader: Drone Strikes Only Fuel Hatred for US
Libyan National Congress Ousts New Premier
  The US Consulate Attack: The Facts, the Questions
Several Children Wounded as Israel Attacks Gaza
  Israeli Warplanes Stage 'Mock Raids' Over Southern Lebanon
Chavez Reelected as Venezuela President
Turkey, Syria Shellings Amid Fears of Wider War
Philippines, Rebels in Peace Pact; Guerrillas to Be Deactivated
Obama Unlikely to Have to Pay Arms-Makers for Ignoring Law
Canada Highlights War of 1812, Casting US as Aggressor
Support Our Troops – Bring Them All Home Now  by R. Lee Wrights
The Folly of Drone Attacks and US Strategy  by Mirza Shahzad Akbar
Obama's Terrorist-List Blunder  by Richard Javad Heydarian
America Goes to War  by Ralph Raico
Of Bombs and Comics  by Uri Avnery
'Fusion Centers' and Terrorism  by Steve Chapman

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Anti-China Election Talk May Harm Ties
Romney to Deliver Major Foreign Policy Speech
House Panel Wants US-China Telecom Mergers Blocked Over Espionage Concerns
US, South Korea Agree on Longer Range Ballistic Missiles
Union: Border Agents Opened Fire on Each Other
Panetta: Syria Clash With Turkey May Escalate
Turkey Retaliates After Syrian Shell Hits Village
Syria Clashes With Armed Infiltrators From Lebanon
One Dies as Car Bomb Hits Syrian Capital
Lieberman to Netanyahu: Call for Elections as Soon as Possible
Ship Sails for Gaza From Naples to Challenge Israeli Blockade
Gazans Stage Soccer Protest at Israeli Shalit's Barcelona Visit
Suspicion: Settlers Attacked Cops Posing as Palestinian Shepherds
Russia Seals Tajikistan Deal With an Eye on Afghanistan
Moscow Rally Held to Mark Sixth Anniversary of Crusading Journalist's Unsolved Murder
Large Anti-Austerity Protest in 56 Spanish Cities
Panetta Says International Community Ready to Impose More Sanctions on Iran
Iran's FM Offers to Limit Uranium Enrichment if It Is Guaranteed a Supply of Fissile Fuel
Iran Imposes Currency Cap to Combat Rial's Plunge
Yemeni-Iranian Ties Worsen
Iran's Parliament to Reconsider Subsidy Reform
Middle East
Eleven More Executed in Iraq
Kuwaiti Ruler Dissolves Parliament, Sets Up Vote
Egypt's New President Gives Himself High Grades, Questions Linger About His Leadership
Yemeni Tribesmen Free Kidnapped Turkish Man in Abyan
Mali's Tuareg Rebels Soften Separatist Stance
Ivory Coast to Reopen Border With Ghana Following 2-Week Closure
Sudanese Military Plane Crashes
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My Iranian Learning Curve

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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