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Updated October 10, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Turkey Warns It May 'Respond With Greater Force'
  NATO Ready to 'Defend' Turkey Against Syria
  Jihadists Claim Credit for Damascus Attack That Killed Dozens
  US Military Planners Sent to Jordan With Eye on Syrian War
  Rebels Seize Key Town on Aleppo-Damascus Highway
  Syrian Rebels Threaten Attacks in Lebanese Capital
State Dept. Defends Itself on Benghazi Attack
  Attack on Benghazi Consulate 'Unprecedented,' State Dept. Official Says
How the US Quietly Lost the Afghan IED War
  The Afghan War: Do the Numbers Add Up to Success?
  UN Envoy: Int'l Community Expects Afghanistan Not to Collapse
US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
  Pakistani Opposition Figure Presses UN on Drone Strikes
  Taliban Shoot 14-Year-Old Pakistani Schoolgirl Campaigning for Peace
Israeli Leader Calls Early Elections
  Netanyahu Trying To Maneuver US on Iran, Palestine
  Report Names Israeli Finance Minister as Cabinet Leak Source
Attack on Benghazi Consulate 'Unprecedented'
Soaring Attacks Signal Iraq al-Qaeda Comeback
N. Korea Claims Missiles Can Reach US Mainland
Mitt Romney's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Foreign-Policy Speech  by Conor Friedersdorf
Another Fine Mess NATO Has Gotten Us Into  by Luke Gittos
Adding Civil Liberties to the Debate?  by Jesselyn Radack
Overwrought Empire  by Tom Engelhardt
Let's Put the Nuclear Arms Away 'in a Cupboard'  by Gwynne Dyer
Romney's Foreign-Policy Speech: More War, Bigger Budgets  by Daniel McCarthy

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Romney's New Freedom Agenda Draws Praise From Bushworld
Still Classified: Terror Suspects' Own Accounts of Their Abuse
US Supreme Court Sides With Halliburton in Denying Appeal From Victims of Truck Ambushes in Iraq

UK Police Arrest 2 in Probe of Terrorist Activity in Syria

Oil Rises 3.4% on Middle Eastern Tensions
Benghazi Attack
Before Attack on US Mission in Libya, State Dept. Concluded Risk of Violence Was High
Benghazi Attack May Mar Clinton's Legacy
State Dept.: We Didn't Link Libya Attack to Video
Panetta, Gen. Allen Head to NATO To Reassure Ministers on Afghanistan Insider Attacks
First Female Rapper Debuts in Afghanistan
Afghan Addicts Help Run Daring New Restaurant in Kabul
Imran Blames Govt. for Losing Golden Opportunity
Imran Khan: From Cricket Star to Political Kingmaker?
Japanese Companies Keen to Invest in Pakistan
China Says Accusations in House Report Are 'Groundless'
Taiwan Asking Apple to Blur Satellite Image
Japan Economy Shaky as Island Spat Hits Business
Cybercrime Law Is Suspended by Philippines Court
Spanish Police Nab Man With Potential Bomb-Making Material and Maps Showing Madrid Embassies
Georgian Tycoon Expects NATO Entry After Poll Victory
Mexican Marines Claim to Kill Founder of Zetas Drug Cartel, Then Lose Corpse
Cultural Trips to Cuba on Schedule Again as Contested 'People to People' Licenses Are Renewed
Al-Qaeda Rebuilding Itself in Iraq, Averages 20 Attacks Per Day
Iraq Helps Keep Syria Fueled
Russia to Become Iraq's Second-Biggest Arms Supplier
Jailed Iraqi Politician Poses Test for Baghdad
Iran Cites IMF Data to Prove Sanctions Aren't Working
Top Shipping Line Maersk Says Halts Iran Service
Iran May Cut Ties With UAE Over Disputed Islands
Israeli Lawmaker: Obama Is No Friend of Israel
Masked Youths Attack Kibbutz Movement Leader in West Bank Settlement
Yemen: Al-Qaeda Suspected in Decapitation of 3 Civilians Who May Have Worked as Informants
Yemen Busts Iran Spies, Detains 'American' on Qaeda Wanted List
Middle East
Turkey's PKK School Attack Leaves 3 Injured
Libya Wrestles With ICC Over Right to Try Gadhafi's Son
Syria's Civil War Leaves Its Cities, Economy, and Cultural Heritage in Shambles
Army Spokesman: Rebels Shell Tense Sudan Border Town, Killing 5; Rebels Deny Casualties
Hunger Stalks Refugees Despite Oil Deal Between Sudan, South Sudan
France Proposes UN Resolution Backing International Force to Help Oust Rebels in Mali's North
Somalia: Kismayo Under Night Curfew
Tribunal Prosecuting Atrocities in Sierra Leone Civil War Will Go Out of Business Soon
Uganda: 50 Years of Independence, Amid Turbulence
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