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Updated October 12, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Jordan: US Troops Help Prepare for Syrian Attack
  Turkey Claims Russian Arms Seized on Civilian Aircraft
  Syrian Islamists Form Umbrella Group for Rebel Fight
VP Candidates Fail to Differentiate Iran Policy
  Candidates Agree on Afghan Withdrawal, Neither Admit War's Failure
  On Syria, VP Hopefuls Agree on Aiding Rebels, No Direct Intervention
  Ryan Accuses Biden of Cuts to Defense, That He Voted For
Contractor's Fraud Puts Troops at Risk From IEDs
  Britain Arrests Seven Soldiers in Afghan Murder Probe
US Drone Strike Kills 18 in Pakistan's Orakzai
  At Least 25 Killed in Pakistan Bombings
US Embassy Security Chief Slain in Yemen
Senate Push for Unconditional Support for Israeli War on Iran
Settlers Continue to Attack Palestinian Farms With Impunity
Supreme Court Finalizes Gift of Immunity to Telecom Giants
A Dangerous Lack of Rigor  by Brian J. Foley
The Attack-Syria Coalition: Then and Now  by Samer Araabi
Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Big, Long Lie About Iraq Lingers Still  by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Stay Out of the Syrian Maelstrom  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Don't Ask and Don't Tell  by Peter Van Buren
Empire and Its Consequences  by Robert C. Koehler

More Viewpoints

British Iraq Abuse Inquiry Little More Than a Whitewash, Says Official
Soldiers Claim Illness After Guarding KBR in Iraq
Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on US
Advisers: Romney Would Reverse Defense Cuts
The West's Stalwart Ally in the War on Drugs: Iran
ADL Pulls Out of Interfaith Talks Over Israel
Fifty Muslim Scholars Issue Fatwa Against Taliban in Pakistan
Military Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan Closing Up Shop
Afghan Child Brides Under UN Spotlight
Kabul Students Clash Over University Name
Drone Attacks: Pakistan Protests With US
Rickshaw Blast in Sibi Kills 11
South Korea Is Rattled by Border Guards' Failure to Spot Defector
After Fury Over 2010 Peace Prize, China Embraces Nobel Selection
10 Years After Bali Bombing, Terrorism Threat Still Looms as Victims Remembered at Ceremony
Sudan: Shelling in Kadugli Continues
Canada Warns Against Letting Mali Go the Afghanistan Way
US Says Still Talking to Russia About Extending Arms Deal
Mexico Passes Law to Combat Cartel Money Laundering
9 Soldiers Detained in Guatemala Protest Shooting, Accused of Extrajudicial Execution of 8
Canadian Jeffrey Delisle Guilty of Spying for Russia
The War at Home
9/11 Mastermind Denied Delayed Hearing
Fort Hood Suspect Hasan's Beard Case at Appeals Court
US Navy Funds 'MacGyver' Robot That Can Create Tools
Turkey: Public Support Low for Possible Fight Against Syria
Russia Accuses Turkey of Endangering Lives by Grounding Syrian Passenger Plane
Turkey Still Won't Say What It Took Off Syrian Plane
Turkey's Ammunition Claim on Syria Plane 'Lies'
Oil Prices Up as Turkey-Syria Tension Rises
Iran's Sea Trade Buckles Under Western Sanctions
UN Report Finds Iran's Crackdown Expanding
Russia FM: Iran Doesn't Intend to Attack Israel With Nuclear Weapons
Hezbollah Chief Claims Responsibility for Drone That Entered Israeli Airspace
Poll: Hypothetical Center-Left Israeli Party Would Win Election
3 Rockets Explode in Southern Israel
In Gaza, Gilad Shalit Played Chess With His Captors
Three Killed in Separate Attacks in Mosul
Egypt's Prosecutor General Refuses to Resign
In Egypt's Draft Constitution, Little Sign of Revolutionary Ideals
French Cluster Munitions in Libya, and a Call for Help
US Picks Retired Diplomat to Serve as Envoy in Libya
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