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Updated October 16, 2012 - 11:16 PM EDT
US To Keep Troops in Afghanistan Beyond 2014
  NATO Airstrike Kills Three Afghan Children
  Afghan Army's High Turnover Clouds US Exit Plan
Obama Puts Drones, Sp. Ops on Standby for Libya
  Clinton: 'I Take Responsibility' For Lack of Security in Benghazi
  US Shifts Aid to Create Libyan Commando Force
  120 Escape in Major Libyan Prison Break
UN Envoy Wants Iran's Help With Syria Cease-Fire
  EU Foreign Ministers Slap New Sanctions on Syria
  Syrian Army Denies Claims of Cluster-Bomb Use
  Turkey Orders Plane Full of Humanitarian Aid Diverted From Syria
Israeli PM: We Can Deal With Iran 'Threat'
  Israel to Vote January 22, Netanyahu Seen as Lock to Win
  US: Palestinian Bid for UN Status 'Jeopardizes Peace Process'
  80% of Palestinians, Israelis Say Attacking Iran Will Spark Regional War
  Report: Egypt Brokers Another Gaza Cease-Fire
US Exports to Iran Soar Despite Sanctions
Egyptians Still Burdened With Police Brutality
Behind the Benghazi Cover-Up  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Real Blame for Deaths in Libya  by Ray McGovern
'The Most Dangerous Moment,' 50 Years Later  by Noam Chomsky & Tom Engelhardt
Worst. Prize. Ever.  by Alex Massie
From Kennan to Trotsky  by Martin Sieff
Clinton's Democracy Delusion  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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General's 1962 Memo Addresses Nuclear Combat on Cuba
The Untold Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Bahrain King Blasts 'Foreign' Links in Unrest
US Soldier Killed Herself in Afghanistan Last Dec.
UK Soldier's Mother Killed Herself After Son's Afghanistan Death
9/11 Accused Back at Guantanamo War Court
Half of Downed Hezbollah Drone Lay Strewn in the Open for Days
Israel's UN Envoy: Iran Seeks to Turn Lebanon Into an 'Outpost for Terror'
World Powers Will Soon Support Our Cause, Says Top Palestinian Official
Israel's Sweden Envoy Asked to Clarify Iran Report
Israeli Defense Ministry Begins Removal of Givat Ulpana Houses
Finder of Israeli Soldier's Body Seeks $10 Million Reward
Hackers Attack Haaretz Hebrew, English Websites
Iran Cracks Down on Underground 'Illegal' Churches
EU Satellite Company Bans Iranian Media for Anti-Israel Broadcasts
US: Hezbollah Part of Assad Killing-Machine
Historic 12th-Century Mosque Damaged in Aleppo Fighting
Iraq Attacks: 25 Killed, 53 Wounded
Child Killed, 3 Civilians Wounded in Mosul
Jaafari Meets Iraqi Ambassador in France
Middle East
Turkey: Six PKK Militants Killed in Clashes
Egyptian Prosecutors to Probe Brotherhood Members for Instigating Violence Against Protesters
Saudi Arabia 'Insulted' by UK Inquiry
Libya: Protesters Demand Return of Oil Company to Benghazi
Argentina Convicts 3 Former Navy Officers for Summarily Executing Leftist Inmates in 1972
Chilean Police Clash With Protesters During Mapuche March
Mexico Raids Campuses Seized by Students, as Patience With Takeovers Wears Thin
Colombia's Rebels Opaque Ahead of Norway Peace Talks, Send Little-Known Negotiators
Suicide 'Insider' Attack Kills Two Americans, Four Others
Russia Asks Afghanistan for Help With Over 200 Soviet Troops Missing Since War in 1980s
Pakistan Police in Mattani Attacked by Militants
Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Now in UK for Care
Serbia Wants to Sell Military Equipment to Pakistan
South Korean Minister Apologizes for Undetected Defection
Over 1,100 S. Koreans Abducted by North During Korean War
Philippines and Muslim Rebels Sign Key Peace Plan
Myanmar Blocks Opening of Office for Islamic Body OIC
Three Killed in India Navy Helicopter Crash
PM Lauds Chinese Ambassador's Role in Yemen
Jet Fighter Crashes in Yemen After Takeoff, Killing Pilot
Alleged CIA Mole Says He Played Matchmaker for al-Qaeda Propagandist
Kenyan Official Killed in 'Secessionist Violence'
Kenya: Two Killed as MRC Leader Is Arrested
African Union, Somali Troops Try to Win Back Countryside From Militants, Link Major Cities
15 Explosions, Gunfire Heard in Northeast Nigeria City Under Siege by Islamist Sect
Niger Aid Workers Kidnapped by Gunmen in Dakoro
Mali: Girl in Timbuktu Gets 60 Lashes for Speaking to Men on the Street
Tanzania Arrests 126 After Dar Es Salaam Churches Attacks
Mauritanian President Recovers Well in Paris From Friendly-Fire Injury
Belgian Flemish Separatists Make Gains at Polls
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