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Updated October 17, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
FBI Arrests Man in Sting to Bomb Federal Reserve
Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors on Duty
  US Seeks To Keep Troops in Afghanistan Beyond 2014
  Afghanistan Denies Weekend Suicide Bomber Was in Spy Agency
  Taliban Influence Grows in Afghanistan's 'Safest Province'
Iraqi Shi'ite Militants Fight for Syria's Assad
  UN Investigator: Militant Islamists Threaten to Radicalize Syrian War
  90 Reported Slain as Syria Pounds Rebel-Held North
  Syrian Rebel Factions Unite Under Umbrella Group
  Turkey's Southern Buildup May Aim at Kurds, Not Syrian Govt.
  Syria 'Open' to Ceasefire Talks, But Will Deal Emerge?
Benghazi Attackers: It Was the Video
  Militants Showed Strength Before Benghazi Attack
  Obama, Romney Spar Over President's Words on Benghazi Attack
Netanyahu Lashes Calls to Renegotiate Egypt Peace Deal
US Court Reverses Conviction of bin Laden's Driver
Pakistani Girl's Shooting an 'Opportunity' for War: Ex-Envoy
Back to Basics: Is Iran a Threat?  by Peter Jenkins
The First World War: The Real Lessons of This Savage Imperial Bloodbath  by Seumas Milne
EU Doesn't Deserve Nobel, Says Past Prize Winner  by Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Panetta Warns of Cyber Pearl Harbor  by Richard Silverstein
The Inevitable Blowback to High-Tech Warfare  by Walter Pincus
US Digs in for Cyber Warfare  by Peter Lee

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Britain Deals Blow to US Extradition Treaty, Blocks Handover of Hacker
Cuba Dropping Its Much-Reviled Exit Visa Rules
US Joins Israel in Blockading Education to Gaza Students
3 Accused 9/11 Terrorists Skip Guantanamo Hearings
Gitmo Detainee's Dislike for Lebron Was 'Classified'
Cardinal Causes Uproar With 'Muslim Scare' Video at Vatican
Iran Claims 'Dozens' of Its Drones Reached Israel
Iran's Supply of Currency May Be at Risk in Sanctions
Iran: New EU Sanctions 'Inhuman' and Ineffective
Iran Dispute Threatens Political Talks in Bahrain
Iran Says 'Tangible' Progress in India-Afghanistan Link
Study Suggests US and NATO Munitions in Iraq Caused Surge in Birth Defects
Five Killed in Baghdad and Mosul
Iraqi Cabinet Removes Central Bank Head Amid Allegations of Financial Wrongdoing
Two Policemen Killed in Baghdad
Masked Gunmen Kill Iraqi Military Adviser in Sanaa
Iraq Limits Number of Syrian Refugees
A Senior Iraqi Official Ponders if His Government Is a Client of Iran's
Basra Consulate Closure 'Better for Britain,' Says Minister
Middle East
Libyans Long for Security Year After Gadhafi Killed
In the New Egypt, a Conflict as Old as Islam
British Man Charged With Kidnapping Two Journalists in Syria
One Saudi Cadet Killed, Eight Injured in Grenade Explosion Near Riyadh
Nigeria Military: 24 Boko Haram Members Killed
More Than 600 Killed Since Last Year in Sudan Warzone: Minister
Islamists Seize Amulets From People at Mali Market
Al Shabab Clash With Government Forces in Two Mogadishu Districts
Guinea Expels 26 Suspected Rebels From Mali
Rwanda, Uganda Arming Congo Rebels, Providing Troops: UN Panel
No One Thought There Would Be Genocide, Radovan Karadzic Tells UN Court
Daughter of Mexican Drug Lord Held in San Diego
Press Group Says Violence, Authoritarian Governments Threaten Independent Latin American Media
Montesinos, Ex-Military Chiefs, Cleared in Killings of Rebel Hostage-Takers in Peru
Judge Ponders if Canadian Man Should Be Extradited to Face US Terrorism Charges
Pakistan Offers One-Million-Dollar Bounty in Malala's Attack
TTP Labels Malala as an American Spy
Shot Pakistani Girl Responding Well to Treatment
India Says Pakistan Border Shelling Kills Three
Eight More Killed in Balochistan Violence
Six Pakistani Prisoners Being Released From Afghan Jail
Refugees in Limbo After Years of Pakistan Fighting
North Korea Rebuffs US at Secret Meeting in China
China Critic to Sell Taiwan Media Holdings
Survey Shows Chinese Fret About Corruption, Inequality; Half Embrace US Ideas on Democracy
Japan Defense Minister Says Arrest of US Sailors for Alleged Rape on Okinawa Very Serious
Asian Powers Double Defense Spending in a Decade
Uprooting of Olive Trees Brings Bitter Harvest for Palestinians
Surface-To-Air Missile Fired at IAF Over Gaza
PM: Israel to Act if Threatened by Syria's Chemical Arms
Palestinians: UN Recognition Would Foster Peace With Israel
Netanyahu: Attempted Cyber-Attacks Against Israel Increasing
Likud MP Calls for Opposition MP to Be Banned From Next Vote
Rice at UN Echoes Obama Opposition to Palestinian Statehood Bid
Ultra-Orthodox Up in Arms as Israel Prepares to End Army Exemption
Former Israeli Kingmaker Poised for Comeback
Hamas PM Transfers Powers to Deputy, as He Vies for Top Political Role
Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Yemeni Civilian Militia
Yemeni Intelligence Officer Killed in Shooting
The War at Home
Airline Executives Urge Airport Security Overhaul
US Manufacturers to Train Veterans for Factory Jobs
Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Awaits Hearing on Afghan Killings at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Airmen Missing From Vietnam War Identified
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