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Updated October 19, 2012 - 11:08 PM EDT
Fears of Syria Spillover as 8 Slain by Beirut Bomb
CIA Seeks White House Backing for More Drones
Syria's Sunni Rebels Besiege Shi'ite Villages
  At Least 44 Killed in Northern Syria Air Strikes
  Rebels Attack Oil, Gas Pipelines in Eastern Syria
Bomb Kills 19 Afghan Wedding Partygoers
  Karzai: NATO Can 'Expedite' Afghan Handover
  US Hoping for Afghan Civilians to Fight Off Taliban Themselves
Al-Qaeda Attack on Yemen Army Base Kills 24
  Nine 'Suspects' Killed in US Drone Strike Against Southern Yemen
Islamist Leader Denies Role in Benghazi Attack
Israel Threatens Gaza Food Aid Ship
French President Urges War in Northern Mali
Prosecutors: Constitution Only Applies to Some Detainees
Will Obama Paint Mitt as Warmonger?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Sympathy for Pakistani Girl Shows Limits of Concern  by Janine Jackson
When a Drone Flies Over Waziristan, Does It Make a Sound?  by Robert Naiman
Washington's Pakistan Meltdown  by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
Pretexts and Provocations  by Tim Kelly
Who's the Real 'Savage'?  by Lawrence Davidson

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5 New Countries Join UN Security Council
General Who Planned Afghan Surge Is Heading to Africa
A Death of Innocence at Gitmo
Navy to Clean Contaminated Guantanamo Offices
BBC Satellite News Disrupted in Mideast, Europe
World War II's Forgotten Invasion and Occupation
Obama on Benghazi Attack: 'When Four Americans Get Killed, It's Not Optimal'
Benghazi Economic Progress at Standstill Following Attack on US Mission
Gadhafi Ex-Stronghold Bani Walid Shelled
State Department Report Praised Diplomatic Security Before Benghazi Attack

Protest in Tunisian Southern Town Turns Violent; 1 Dead, 9 Wounded

Press Freedom Is Under Pressure in Tunisia

Waziristan Operation After Consensus of Army, Civilian Leadership: Kayani
Pakistan Previously Detained, Then Freed Militant Suspected in Attack on Teenage Girl Activist
Pakistani Police Detain Family of Suspect in Attack on Malala
Taliban Leader Suspected in Malala Yousafzai's Shooting Has History of Conflict With Military
Persecuted Hazaras Flee Pakistan; Some Die Trying
Serbia, Pakistan Agree to Sign Military Deal
Afghan Officials Spar Over 2014 Vote

Karzai Warns Against Foreign 'Interference' in Afghan Election

Afghans Frustrated by Corruption at Every Level of Government

Bashed by Obama and Romney at Debate, China Shows Its Patience Is Wearing Thin
US Military Vows New Measures in Okinawa After Suspected Rape
Sri Lanka Opposition Leader Sarath Fonseka at Colombo Rally
Kenya's Sheikh Mohammed Dor Charged Over MRC Offer
Kenya Rules Courts Can Try Somali Pirates
Mali Islamists Destroy More Saints' Tombs
Central African Republic Says Foils Another Coup
Rwanda Elected to UN Security Council Amid Investigation of Its Role in Congo Rebellion
Somali Football Stadium: African Union Urged to Leave
Uganda Denies Supporting Congo's M23 Rebels
Group: Hunger 'Critical' in Violent Area of Sudan
Zanzibar Clashes Over Missing Cleric Sheik Farid Hadi
Turkish Army Stages Military Drill Near Syria Border
20 PKK Members Killed in Operation in SE Turkey
Peace Envoy to Visit Syria to Work Out Eid Ceasefire
UN: 150,000 Syrian Refugees Have Fled to Egypt
Jordan's King Warns of Fallout From Syria Conflict
Civil War Prompts Tenfold Rise in Syrians Claiming Asylum in UK
Iranian General Threatens 'Definite' Retaliation to Any Israeli Strike
US Offers $12 Million for Iran-Based al-Qaeda Operatives
Olmert-Livni-Lapid Centrist Party 'Not Going to Happen,' Says Lapid
Thousands of Israeli Bedouins Protest Against Home Demolitions
Chomsky Makes First Gaza Visit
Hamas Film Exposes Shalit Abduction Mission
Gaza Hails Anniversary of Prisoner Swap Deal
Two Israeli Jets Violate Lebanese Airspace
Ban Ki-Moon: Hezbollah's Launch of Iranian Drone Into Israel Could Lead to Regional War
Seven Killed in Iraq; Sahwa Walkout Threatens Security
Iraq Calls for Faster Arms Deliveries, Nears F-16 Deal
2 Hawk Hunters, 4 Gunmen Killed in Clash in Western Anbar
Saudi Arabia
Shi'ite Protests Pose Major Challenge for Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Plans Female Religious Police
Middle East
Bahrain Detains 4 for Alleged Anti-King Tweets
Path to Kuwait Elections Heads Into Growing Storm Between Rulers and Islamist Foes
The War at Home
Bush-Appointed Judge Smacks Down Bush and Obama's Military Commissions
Suspect's Father Says New York Bomb Plot Charge 'False'
US Traders Eager to Cash in on Russia Pact, but It's Stalled in Congress
Violent Mexico Border State Is Snapshot of Nation
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