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Updated October 30, 2012 - 11:19 PM EDT
Netanyahu: War on Iran Would Be Good for Arabs
  Israeli DM: Iran Has Pulled Back From Nuclear Bomb Goal
  Likud Endorses Merger of Israeli Far-Right
  Israel Bashes 'Provocation' of Carrier Pigeons on Gaza Flotilla
Another Attack: Afghan Cop Kills 2 UK Troops
  NATO Raid Kills 4 Taliban, 3 Civilian Bystanders
  Did Accused Kandahar Killer Sgt. Bales Act Alone?
Syria Rebels, Kurdish Militia Discuss Cease-Fire
  Back to War: No One Honors Last Day of Syria Cease-Fire
  Jordan's Jihadists Drawn to Syria Conflict
Pentagon Nixed 1998 Probe of Iranian Program
  In Wake of Israeli Airstrike, Iranian Warships Dock in Port Sudan
US-Backed Regime in Bahrain Bans All Protests
US Pushes Algeria to Support Invasion of Mali
Obama and Romney Not That Different on Foreign Policy
Residents Blocked From Returning to Captured Libyan Town
Somali General, Four Others Killed in Ambush
Obama Tries to Block Challenges to Illegal Surveillance
Is the Detritus of Iraq War Harming the Babies of Fallujah?
Pro-Life Means Anti-Drone  by Jack Hunter
Israel Lobby Calls for an 'Iranian Pearl Harbor'  by Muhammad Sahimi
Whether Obama or Romney Wins, US Dealings With the Arab World Will Change  by Robert Fisk
Evangelists of Democracy  by David Rieff
Challenging Politics as Usual in the US  by Rami G. Khouri
Why All the Focus on Israel?  by Shibley Telhami

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Showdown Set on Bid to Give UN Control of Internet
Ukraine Election 'Reversed Democracy,' OSCE Says
No Specific Warnings in Benghazi Attack
China Steps Carefully With Protesting Middle Class
Navy Base on Guam Receives Bomb Threat
Syrian Warplanes Bombard Rebels With 60 Airstrikes
Prominent Saudi Cleric Urges Muslim Youth Against Joining Syrian Rebels
Experts Divided on Number of Syrians in Need of Shelter, Food
Kurdish Man Tortured by Rebels Dies: Watchdog
Violence Ends Israel-Gaza Truce
A Slogan-Filled Speech, a Frenzied Wave of Yellow Papers, and 'Likud-Beiteinu' Is Born
US Military Chief Meets With Peres, Lauds Military Partnership
Senior Israeli Officer: Chances of Conflict Are Growing
Israel Arrests Hamas Activists in West Bank
Israel to Limit Cluster Bombs in Possible War With Hezbollah
Ramallah: Shin Bet Exposes Hamas Command Center
Israel Doubts Hezbollah Drone Had Camera on It
Sderot Mayor Ends Hunger Strike After Govt. Promises Money
Iranian Official Says Tehran Has Images of 'Forbidden' Israeli Bases From Hezbollah Drone
Musicians: Iran's National Orchestra Disbanded
Mali Rebels Bulldoze Monument in Timbuktu
A Trip Through Hell: Daily Life in Islamist Northern Mali
17th Killed: Somali Journalist Dies of Wounds
Sudan Denies Iran Link to Khartoum Plant Allegedly Attacked by Israel
10 Wounded in Fighting Ahead of Sierra Leone Vote
Kenya: Kisumu Anger After Politician Kwega Killed
Mexican City Battered by Drug Gangs Feels Lure of Truce
MP Demands US Deal With Iraq as Sovereign Nation
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attacks During Eid Al-Adha Holiday
No Escape From Danger for Returning Refugees
Smugglers Charge Iraqi Refugees Up to $16,000 to Enter Italy
Iowa Family Links Iraq Vet's Death to Burn Pit
Turkish Police Try to Break Up Pro-Secular Demonstration
In Turkey, Protests Reveal Break From the Past
PKK Attack Security Posts, Kill Policeman in SE Turkey
Turkey Under Pressure Over Kurdish Hunger Strike
Tensions Mount as Police Grab Protesters in China
China Snubs SE Asia Push for South China Sea Deal
Taiwan Arrests Suspected Military Spies for China
Myanmar Unrest Death Toll Reaches 88
Survivors Criticize Myanmar Govt. Over Clashes
UN Says 28,000 Displaced in Myanmar Ethnic Clashes
South Korea Activists Send Leaflets to North
Kandahar: Assassination Capital of Afghanistan
Pakistan: 10 Militants Killed in Bara
Airport in Northern Japan Closed After Workers Find Unexploded WWII Bomb Near Runway
V.K. Singh Demands Parliament Dissolution
Trident: Nick Clegg Warns Against 'Jumping the Gun' on Decision
Cyprus Police: Hit on Attorney General Foiled
Russian Punk Band Risk Lives in Soviet-Style Prisons
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