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Updated November 1, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
Israel Assassinated Palestinian Leader in 1988
  Pentagon: Israeli Attack on Iran Could Inconvenience US Attack on Iran
  Barak: Israel Won't Rely on Allies to Attack Iran
Rebels 'Execute' 78 Syrian Soldiers in Video
  Clinton: 'Extremists' Trying to 'Hijack' Syrian Revolution
  Syrian Rebels Arm Palestinians to Fight Existing Palestinian Faction
NATO 'Struggling' to Deal With Insider Attacks
  Roadside Bombs Kill 17 in Afghanistan's South
  Taliban Leaders Can Run in Afghan Presidential Vote
Israeli Settlers Building Unauthorized Outposts in West Bank
Clinton: US Will Never Allow Kosovo Border Change
Mexico Study: Legal US Pot Would Cut Cartel Income 30%
US Govt. Picks and Chooses Among Offers of Hurricane Aid
Pick Your Constitutional Poison  by Jacob Sullum
Drone Warfare: An Illegal Tactic Sure to Perpetuate US-Muslim War Indefinitely  by William Pfaff
Clearing the Path for Future Tyranny  by Murtaza Hussain
Economic Sanctions Are an Act of War  by Chris Bassil
Eid 'Sensations'  by Buddy Bell
The Government Secretly Spied on You? Prove It!  by Adam Serwer

More Viewpoints

Is It Time to Bomb Iraq Again?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Romney or Obama, Israel Will See Steady US Course
Napolitano: US Financial Institutions 'Actively Under Attack' by Hackers
Iowa Warns International Election Observers of Arrest
Russians See Orthodox Church and State Come Closer
Libya Congress Approves New Govt. Amid Protests
Syria Jets Bomb Rebel Strongholds in Damascus and North
Syria Military Airport Turned Into Feared Prison: Activists
Fighting Erupts Between Syrian Rebels and Kurds
Market Rises at Jordan Camp for Syrian Refugees
Turkish PM: Too Soon to Call for Syria No-Fly Zone
Russia Says More 'Bloodshed' if West Insists on Assad Ouster
China Urges 'Political Resolution' to Syria Crisis
Erdogan Asks for German Help With Syrian Refugees
Lebanon's Sunnis at Risk of Radicalization
Hezbollah Reportedly Installs Surveillance Camera Network Along Israeli Border
US Denounces Bahrain Ban on Public Demonstrations, Says It's Concerned About Human Rights
Bahrain Must Lift Ban on All Protests: Amnesty
Minorities Fear End of Secularism in Egypt
Officials: CIA Head in Egypt for Security Talks
Sacked for Growing Beards, Egyptian Police Demand Jobs Back
One Dead in Tunisia Clash Between Salafists and Police
Tunisia Extends State of Emergency After Attacks
US Tells Sudanese Rebel Group to Stop Recruiting Refugees
Sudan Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Farm Region Protest
Kenyan Official: 2,700 Ugandan Troops Dead in Somalia Since 2007
Waziristan? No, It's West Wales...
Yunus Rahmatullah: UK Supreme Court Rules on Detainee
Cypriots Plan to Sue UK Over Alleged Torture During 1950s Campaign vs. British Colonial Rule
Germany Says Europe Will Pursue Talks on Turkey
The War at Home
Nine Anti-Drone Protesters Cited for Blocking Beale AFB Gates
Retired FBI Agent Arraigned in Afghan Scheme
Justice Department Sues Contractor, Alleges It Provided Unqualified Guards in Iraq
Iran: No Talks With P5+1 Before US Presidential Polls
Iran's Hospitals Feel Pain of Sanctions
US Monitoring Iranian Warships' Sudan Visit
Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Team to Hurricane-Stricken New York
Laying Out Party's Foreign Policy, Yair Lapid Calls for Talks With Palestinians
Israeli Ex-Leaders Discussing Campaign to Defeat Netanyahu
Netanyahu, Hollande Call for Tougher Sanctions on Iran
Netanyahu Tells Hollande: Feel Free to Call Abbas
Yisrael Beiteinu Number 2: Abandon Peace to Focus on 'Internal' Issues
Israeli Military Captain Indicted for Multiple Indecent Acts
Latvia FM: EU Should Avoid 'Lecturing' on Settlements
Seven Killed Across Iraq
Ten Wanted Men Arrested, a Cache of Ammunition Seized in Diyala
Kurdistani MP: Our Coalition Will Not Participate in Political Majority Government
Middle East
Yemen LNG Gas Pipeline Blown Up Again
Kuwait Extends Ex-MP Mussallam Al-Barrak's Detention
Will Pakistan Release Its Osama bin Laden Abbottabad Report?
US Rejects Pakistan Militant's Offer of Storm Aid
Imran Khan Welcome in US: State Dept.
Drone Strikes: Map Shows Pakistan Drone Strikes
Myanmar Must Protect Muslims and Halt Discrimination, UN Says
Myanmar Says It Has Evidence Communal Violence Was Organized by Groups and Individuals
UN Report: Opium Cultivation Rising in Myanmar
East Timor
UN Hands Full Police Powers to East Timor
In Mexico, the Day of the Dead Brings Memories of the Thousands of Missing
Colombian Peace Talks Push President Santos' Popularity Higher
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