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Updated November 6, 2012 - 11:17 PM EST
Car Bombing Kills 33 at Iraq Army Base
Sr. Obama Adviser Leads Secret Talks With Iran
  Israeli PM Would Attack Iran Without US Permission
  IAEA Chief: Can't Prove Iran Doesn't Have Secret Nuclear Materials
  US-Led Iran Sanctions Stoking Anti-American Sentiment
  Britain Mulls Build-Up in Middle East, Citing Iran
Syrian Rebel Militias Shell Protest, 6 Civilians Die
  Syrian Rebels Fighting Each Other Over Border Crossing
  Rebels Claim to Kill 50 Syrian Soldiers by Car Bomb
  Was Murdered Lebanese Intelligence Chief a Hero or Double Agent?
  Libyan Government Bankrolling Syrian Rebels
  Syria's Kurds: Civil Wars Within a Civil War
Afghans Doubt Fair Election in 2014
  As Hearing Opens, Details of Kandahar Massacre Emerge
Pakistani Army Chief Warns Civilian Govt. Not to Expand Role
Five Bombs Hit Bahraini Capital
Despite Israeli Threats, Palestinians Won't Abandon UN Bid
Election 2012: Let's Hear It for Cynicism  by Gene Healy
What Would Romney Do to Civil Liberties?  by Adam Serwer
Iran: Look at the Evidence Before You Panic  by David Blair
Obama's Libya Failure  by Robert W. Merry
Prematurely at the Brink of War  by Ali Gharib
The Permanent Militarization of America  by Aaron B. O’Connell

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Turkey Indicts Israeli Commanders Over Gaza Flotilla Killings
US and Japan Begin Military Drills Amid China Tension
Iran's Surprise Economic Success: Tourism
South Sudan Expels UN Human Rights Investigator
Great Expectations Fill Greenland as China Eyes Riches
Jihadist Internet Propaganda on the Rise
Netanyahu: In My Tenure Iran Won't Develop Nuclear Bomb
British TV Show Airs Israeli Think-Tank's Upbeat Simulation of Attack on Iran
Iran Foreign Ministry Slams Canada Freeze of Tehran Assets
Iran Says Three Arab Countries Let Israel Use Their Air Space to Strike in Sudan
Iran Slams Anti-Nuclear Weapons Treaty as Discriminatory
Iran's Installed Petrochemical Capacity to Hit 100 Billion Tons
'Austria Committed to Implementing Iran Sanctions'
Troops Kill 13 Kurdish Militants in Southeastern Turkey: Sources
Turkey and Israel Are Far From Reconciliation
Blanks Fired at Turkish Prime Minister's Office
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Report: Military Base Bombing Plot Foiled by US Forces in Yemen
Saudi Border Guards Killed in Ambush Near Yemen
Tribal Chief Suspected of al-Qaeda Link Triggers Yemen Standoff
Tear Gas Fired to Disperse Kuwait Protesters
Kuwait Takes Hard Line on Unauthorized Protests
CentCom Deputy Commander Visits US Troops in Egypt
Egyptian Vigilantes Crack Down on Abuse of Women
Middle East
Eight Killed Across Iraq
Five Wounded as Rival Militias Battle in Libya
David Cameron in the Gulf: Defense Sales 'Legitimate'
Algerian Berbers Help Hunt Down al-Qaeda Militants Following Kidnappings
Somalia to Get First Female Foreign Minister
State Dept. Official Visits Mogadishu Amid Signs of Recovery
Somali Journalist on Braving Mogadishu
Nigeria Police Arrest About 100 Separatists Marching in Honor of Failed Republic of Biafra
Rwandans Kill DR Congo Soldier
Syrian National Council Agrees to Invite Factions
Syria's Opposition Groups Convene in Qatar – Can They Build a Unified Front?
Hezbollah's Role in Syria Grows Murky
Russia Endorses Egyptian-Led Regional Group on Syria
Russia Says Supplying Assad With 'Defense' Arms Under Soviet-Era Deals
Lebanon Has Similar Number of Syrian Refugees to Turkey
Israel to Shutter Refugee-Owned Restaurants
Palestinians Claim Their Olive Groves, an Economic Essential and a Symbol of Rootedness, Are Under Relentless Attack
Israeli FM Aims to Stop Palestinian Recognition at UN
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Near Gaza Border Fence
Arab League Head Backs Palestinian UN Membership
Israeli Arab MP Urges Sanctions Over Likud-Beiteinu Union
Biennale Event Seeks to Boost Palestinian Art
Israeli Jeep Hit by Syrian Gunfire; None Injured
Russia FM: Hamas Can Play Vital Role in Advancing Palestinian Issue
Armed Clashes Reported in Afghan Capital Kabul
Kabul Considers Action Against International Crisis Group
UN Orders Global Sanctions Against Haqqani
5 'Terrorists' Killed in Khyber Agency
Iraq Finalizes Pakistan Exploration Deal
Pakistani Religious Leader Casts Doubt Over Malala Attack
India's 'Assange' Crusades Against Corruption
Ukraine Election: Opposition Rally Against 'Rigged' Poll
Sandinistas Win Majority of Mayoral Elections, Opposition Questions Results
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