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Updated November 7, 2012 - 11:21 PM EST
Warfare State Reelected, Along With Obama
  Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection
Russian FM: Syrian Rebels Have 50 US Stingers
  Syrian Rebel Militias Shell Protest, 6 Civilians Killed
  At Least 16 Killed in Series of Damascus Bombing Attacks
  Deaths Dropping in Syrian Civil War, Army Deaths Up
  UK PM David Cameron: Safe Passage for Assad 'Could Be Arranged'
Israel to Rush Expansion of J'lem Settlements
  Israeli Cabinet Talks 'Punishment' Over Palestinian UN Recognition
Car Bombing Kills 33 at Iraq Army Base
Netanyahu's 2010 Order Was Not a Move to War on Iran
Afghan Govt. Hails Sanctions, Rules Out Peace With Haqqanis
As Rebels Urge Talks, West Keeps Pushing for Mali War
Americans Tour Base to Recruit Libyan Anti-Militant Force
Iran Likely to Seek Revenge 'By Stealth' for Cyber-Attacks
How the Major Newspapers That Endorsed Obama Celebrated His Foreign Policy Record  by Kevin Gosztola
Rethinking World Leadership  by Bruce Fein
Why Drones Stayed Out of Sight in the 2012 Campaign  by Ramesh Ponnuru
Why Conservatives Hate War  by William S. Lind
Voting for Drones  by Daphne Eviatar
US Muslim Placed on No-Fly List Is Unable to See His Ailing Mother  by Glenn Greenwald

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The Bomb Bazaar
Soldiers Recall Massacre Suspect's Behavior in Afghanistan
Clashes After Car Blast in Libya's Benghazi Wounds 2
Ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan Silenced in Iran Nuclear Debate in Israel
US Sailors on Okinawa Charged With Gang Rape, Robbery
Putin Fires Defense Minister in Wake of Scandal
Armed Men Blast Evangelical Church in Syria's Aleppo
UN Official: Credible Reports Show Assad Army Used Cluster Bombs in Syria
UK to Open Talks With Opposition Militants
UN Condemns Syrian Military Incursion Into Demilitarized Zone
Syria Could Turn Into a New Somalia: UN's Brahimi
Brother of Syrian Parliament Speaker Assassinated
Turkey Begins Trial of Israeli Military Over Gaza Ship Killings
Turkey's Erdogan Has Eye on New, Strong President's Role
33 Killed in Attack on Army Base
Iraq Wants to Restore Its Relations With Turkey and Repatriation of Fugitive VP
Police Officer Shot in New Attack in Egypt's Sinai
Sinai Assault Perpetrators Revealed After Operation 'Eagle' Ends
Yemen Arrest Owner of Weapon Shipment
George Blake, British Spy Who Worked for Soviet Union, Speaks With Pride About His Career
Israeli MPs Took Sides in US Presidential Race
Palestinian Girl Tries to Goad Soldiers Into Lashing Out
Gaza Police Catch Crocodile After 2 Years
Told That Norway Is the West's Most Anti-Semitic Country, Diplomat Lashes Out at Israel
Islamist Group Ansar Dine in North Mali Says It Rejects Violence, Ready to Talk to Government
Managing Director of Nigerian Compass Newspaper Shot During Attack on Highway
Cameroon's President Marks 3 Decades in Power; Opposition Protests
Officials: New Mass Graves Found in Ivory Coast
Illegal Somali Charcoal Shipments Continue
Three Shias Shot Dead in Quetta
Pakistani Militants Who Ordered Attack on Schoolgirl Hiding in Afghanistan
Pakistan Already Cracking Down on Haqqani Network: Government
Pakistani Web Users Getting Curious About This 'Romney' Guy
Kabul Clerics Oppose Local Police Force
China Military Shuffle Keeps Hu in Charge: Analysts
China Leaders Consider Internal Democratic Reform
China Hauls Away Activists in Congress Crackdown
Neil Heywood: Briton Killed in China 'Had Spy Links'
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