"Obama seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem. It's better to have a sheep in wolf's clothing than a wolf in sheep's clothing. All of the activities against WikiLeaks by the United States have occurred under an Obama administration."
~ Julian Assange

Yes, that nice man is shredding the Constitution and going "forward" with all the worst anti-civil liberties measures of the Bush years.

Under legislation supported by the Obama administration, and now the law of the land, the U.S. government can arrest you in secret, lock you up, and throw away the key. Trial? Habeas corpus? The Bill of Rights? As they say in New York, fuggedaboutit! They can read your email, tap your phone, put you on a "no-fly" list, and disappear you for good. Like Zeus hurling thunderbolts from Olympus, the president can take out anyone anywhere in the world with a drone strike – American citizens not excepted.

Here at Antiwar.com, we've been subjected to FBI surveillance, and we're still trying to find out the extent of it. It'll take a long legal battle, but we've undertaken the fight to uphold the Constitution because we take our ideas – and our liberty – seriously.

Since the Clinton administration, Antiwar.com has been warning of the dangers of militarism and a growing authoritarianism – yes, even in the darkest days of 2001, when it wasn't popular. We survived with your help, and now we need your help once again.

Unlike most nonprofits, we have very low overhead, and no one gets rich working for us. We have the satisfaction of fighting the good fight, but we need your tax-deductible donation to continue that fight, and, yes, even win it, eventually – and we need it today. Please don't delay – because our liberties are slipping away faster than you might imagine.

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Updated November 14, 2012 - 11:20 PM EST
Generals Answer for Personal Scandal, But Not War
  Two Women in Petraeus Sex Scandal Lose Security Clearance
  Petraeus Will Testify in Secret on Benghazi
  Pentagon's Most Uncomfortable Military Briefing Ever
  Petraeus Scandal Demonstrates How Easily the Govt. Can Snoop on You
Israel Kills Hamas Commander, Mulls Invasion
  Egypt's President Morsi Recalls Ambassador From Israel
  US Warns Citizens in Israel as Gaza War Looms
  Israel Air Strikes Kill 6 in Gaza
Obama Re-examining Options for Syria
  France Endorses Syrian Rebel Council, Hints at Weapons Shipments
  Free Syrian Army Accuses Israel of Aiding Regime
US Military Running New African 'News' Websites
Iranian Leadership Split on Call for Talks With US
Petraeus Appointment Accelerated CIA-Pentagon Convergence  by Robert Wright
FBI's Abuse of the Surveillance State Is the Real Scandal Needing Investigation  by Glenn Greenwald
Four More Years of the Same for US, Israel on Palestine  by Jonathan Cook
Gen. David Petraeus's Fatal Flaw  by Michael Cohen
Obama's Re-election Means Fourth Term of Bush Terrorism Policies  by Malou Innocent
America's Questionable Drone Wars  by Barbara Lochbihler

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Army Says Bales Should Face Death Penalty for 'Despicable' Crimes
The Fall of David Petraeus
Why the Cult of the American General?
General John Allen Could Face Court-Martial
FBI Agent Banned From Probe After He 'Grew Obsessed' and Sent Woman Shirtless Photos
A Who's Who of the US Military Sex Scandal
Tampa Is Seen as Social Link for Unfolding Scandal
Jill Kelley Figures Her House Is Diplomatic Soil
Jill Kelley: Five Facts About the Petraeus Affair's Mystery Woman
Jill Kelley and Twin Sister Closely Tied to Top Brass
Allen in Fight for His Career
FBI Investigating How Petraeus Biographer Broadwell Obtained Classified Files
Defense Official Fires Back, Denies Afghanistan Commander Exchanged 'Inappropriate' Emails
Obama's Foreign Policy Team Hits Turbulence
Sense of Entitlement Behind Military Ethics Scandals?
Generals Backed Kelley's Sister in Court
FBI Preparing Timeline of Its Petraeus Probe
Petraeus and Broadwell Used Common 'Email Trick'
Petraeus Affair Offers Unintentional Lesson on Password Reuse
US Quickly Going Through Commanders in Afghan War
The Curse of Commanding the Afghan War
Scots Officer Killed by Afghan 'Ally' as He Played Football at Own Base
Afghan Warlord Ismail Khan's Call to Arms Rattles Kabul
Kabul Rocket Attack Kills One in Afghan Capital
Obama Has Faith in Allen's Command in Afghanistan
Obama Put on Hold Allen NATO Nomination
Pakistan Developing Combat Drones
Senators Want Army to Take Over Karachi
Dalai Lama Wants Thorough Probe Into Tibet Deaths
Bomb Squad Safely Removes World War II-Era Bomb From Airport in Northern Japan
UN 'Failed Sri Lanka Civilians,' Says Internal Probe
Syrian Opposition Group Pleads for Recognition
Syria Exodus to Iraqi Kurdistan Full of Anxiety
Lebanon Struggles to Deal With Syrian Refugees
British Attorney General Takes Israel to Task for Use of Administrative Detention
Yasser Arafat's Grave Sealed Off Before Planned Exhumation
Likud MP: Haniyeh Must Be Eliminated
China Repeats Support for Palestinian UN Bid
PA Fails to Bag Joint EU-Arab League Endorsement of UN Bid
Jordanian Textbooks Put Israel on the Map
Israel's New Anti-Missile System to Be Deployed in 2014
Rivals of Iraq's Maliki Try to Block Third Term
Iraq Plans Special Court to Handle Human Rights Cases
Iraq's Kurdish Region Sees Economic Boom
4 Policemen Wounded in Diyala
Libyan Officials Acknowledge They've Arrested No Suspects in Benghazi Consulate Attack
Pentagon Alerted Within 50 Minutes of Benghazi Attack in Libya
Petraeus Personally Investigated Benghazi Attack in Libya
White House: 'Up to Congress' Whether Petraeus Testifies on Benghazi
'Destroy the Idols,' Egyptian Jihadist Calls for Removal of Sphinx, Pyramids
Egypt's Brotherhood Slams Israel Over Gaza Strikes
Mali: Will Prime Minister Resign?
Royal Navy Submariner Admits Official Secrets Act Breach
Moscow Reopens Communication Channel With Washington
Mexico President Says Pot Votes in US Leaves Washington With No 'Moral Authority' for Drug War
Mexican Police Commander Accused of Giving False Info About Attack on US Vehicle
Gunmen Open Fire on Mexican Wedding, 4 Killed
UN Once Again Votes to Condemn Cuba Embargo
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