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Updated November 19, 2012 - 11:04 PM EST
Israel Looks To 'Significantly Expand' Gaza War
  Israeli Strikes Kill 107 Palestinians in Five Days
  Gaza Cease-Fire Talks Fail on Israeli Demands for More 'Buffer' Zones
  Israeli Military: Killing of Gaza Family a 'Targeting' Mistake
  Israeli PM Bibi Unveils His Elections War-Room
  Gaza's 'Long-Range Rockets' Just Regular Rockets Without Explosives
  'Israel Knowingly Targeted the Media': RT Reporter in Gaza
  Overwhelmed Palestinian Doctors Run Out of Life-Saving Medicines
Obama Cheers Gaza War, Fears Ground Invasion
  500 Egyptian Activists Enter Gaza With Medical Supplies
Islamist Factions Spurn Syrian Opposition Bloc
  Syria Rebels Seize Major Military Base
  Israeli Troops Fire Into Syria, Kill Three Soldiers
  Syrian Rebels Eye Assad's Economic Lifeline in East
Another Superfluous War  by Uri Avnery
The Real Scandal: Crimes of War, Not Passion  by Randall Amster
Nobel Laureates Salute Bradley Manning  by Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire, & Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
The Four Guilty Parties Behind Israel's Attack  by Jonathan Cook
The Petraeus Saga  by Jack Hunter
A Phony Hero for a Phony War  by Lucian K. Truscott IV

More Viewpoints

White House Denies Terror Delete
2nd Tunisian Man Held in Benghazi Attack Dies
World Reiterates Overwhelming Opposition to US Blockade of Cuba
Video Shows Nigerian Troops Shooting Captives
Bahrain Seeks Charges for Shi'ite Protest Calls
TSA Captures Man With Unusually Nice Wristwatch
Gaza Politics
Netanyahu Rules Out Negotiation While Gaza Retaliation Continues
Hamas Rejects Call to Create Bigger 'Buffer Zone' Next to Israel
Israel's US Ambassador Tweets Support for Dialogue With Hamas, Then Deletes Post
As Strike Kills Entire Family in Gaza, Israel Is Starting to Get in Trouble
Hamas Finds Cause to Smile Under Israeli Assault
Hamas Pragmatists Lose Out in Leadership Struggle
Israel's Assassinations Raise Questions
Arab MKs Honor Gazan Victims of Israeli Operation
The Fall of David Petraeus
House Intelligence Chairman: Administration Changed Libya Talking Points
In Petraeus' Fall, a Familiar Tale of Power and Its Dangerous Allure
In Unusual CIA Case, FBI Detoured From Usual Path
Republicans Say Rice Must Testify on Benghazi Statements
Jill Kelley Emails Say Petraeus, Allen Asked Her to Stop Shock Jock From Desecrating a Quran
Three Killed, Over a Dozen Injured in Karachi Blast
7 Dead in Tribal Clashes in Balochistan
Pakistan Condemns Motorcycles, Cellphones as 'Lethal Weapons'
Terrorists Attack Road Construction Camp in Kalat
Pakistan Struggles in Race to Develop Armed Drones
Obama to Speak at Ruined Campus of Yangon Univ., Long a Site of Protest and Neglect
Obama: Historic Myanmar Visit Is Sign of Progress
Myanmar Announces New Prisoner Amnesty
Obama Campus Speech to Touch on Opposition History
Police Accused of Robbing Afghan Bank
Analysis: Japan Politics Could Fragment Further on Road to Two-Party System
4 Killed in Religious Riots in Central Nigeria
DR Congo Rebels Seize Another Town
Army Abuses a Setback for Ivorian Reconciliation: Human Rights Watch
The War at Home
A Son Lost in Iraq, but Where Is the Casualty Report?
Lost to History: Missing War Records Complicate Benefit Claims by Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans
Gaza Attacks
13 Children Among Dozens Killed by Israeli Airstrikes
8 Journalists Injured as Israel Bombs Media Buildings
Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills at Least 11, Including Children
Gaza Violence Is Unabating as Other Nations Push for Truce
Israel Facing 'Millions' of Cyber-Attacks
Israeli, West Bank Tourism Hit by Gaza Offensive
Global Gaza Impact
Foreign Leaders Warn Against Gaza Invasion
Gaza Crisis Ups Pressure on Egypt's Mursi
US, Britain Warn of Risks of Israeli Ground War
An Outgunned Hamas Tries to Leverage Rise of Islamists in Region
Gaza Attack: Iraq Calls for Use of Oil to Pressure the US, Israel
Murdoch Slams 'Jewish-Owned Press' on Israel
Reporters Without Borders Condemns Israeli Strikes
Arab League Chief, Ministers to Visit Gaza on Tuesday: Officials
'Anonymous' Leaks Personal Information of 5,000 Israeli Officials
EU Ministers Unlikely to Fully Recognize Syrian Opposition
German Troops May Monitor Turkish-Syrian Border
Iran Hosts Meeting on Syrian Conflict
Syria Slams 'Hostile' France as Fighting Rages
Five Killed, 28 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Says Region Will Defend Itself
Police in Basra Arrest 30 Wanted Men
Yemen and Iraq Sign Development Cooperation Agreement
5 Soldiers Killed, 1 Injured in PKK Clashes in SE Turkey
Kurdish Prisoners End Hunger Strike After Ocalan Appeal
Middle East
Jordan Protesters Face Charges Over Anti-Monarch Chants
Libya Bans All Local Elections
Egyptian Army Fights Cairo Squatters, 3 Dead
Honduran Party Primaries Herald Return of Zelayas to Country's Politics
Top Negotiators at Colombia Talks Met Before
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