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Updated November 21, 2012 - 11:23 PM EST
Gaza Ceasefire Takes Effect After 167 Killed
Israel, Hamas Agree on Gaza Ceasefire
Bomb Blasts Tel Aviv Bus, 27 Wounded
  Barak Favors Gaza Ceasefire Terms, Netanyahu Opposes
  Clinton Meets Bibi to Reaffirm US Support, as Israel Ignores Ceasefire
  Israeli Airstrikes Kill 3 Palestinian Journalists in Their Cars
  Israeli FM Scolds UN Chief for Arguing Against Invasion of Gaza
  Tel Aviv Bars Homeless From Bomb Shelters
Kurdish Commander Warns of Battle With Iraq
News Media Misled by IAEA on Sensitive Iranian Stockpile
Tuaregs Lose Last Base in Northern Mali to Islamists
18 Killed as Syrian Rebels Continue to Clash With Kurds
France Withdraws Last Afghan Combat Troops Early
Leahy Scuttles His Warrantless E-Mail Surveillance Bill
UN Drug Czar Asks US to Disregard Pot Legalization Votes
70% of Retired US Generals Take Jobs With Defense Firms
When Will the Economic Blockade of Gaza End?  by Robert Wright
The Fall of the American Empire (Writ Small)  by Tom Engelhardt
Petraeus Fell for the Wrong Reason  by Sheldon Richman
Petraeus's COIN Gets Flipped  by Kelley Vlahos
Israel's Minister of Incitement  Haaretz
Military Keynesians  by Veronique de Rugy

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US Sides With Iran and North Korea in Record UN Vote Over Death Penalty
World Powers to Meet in Brussels on Iran Plans
Oman Eyes $96 Million Deal for US Guided Missiles
French Accuse US of Hacking Sarkozy Computers
Polish Man 'Planned to Blow Up Parliament'
Guantanamo War Court Closed Until Next Year
The War at Home
Sources: DNI Cut 'al-Qaeda' Reference From Benghazi Talking Points, and CIA, FBI Signed Off
Rand Paul's GOP Plan for 2016: Pot, Immigration, Defense Cuts
Jill Kelley Took Multiple Flights at Taxpayer Expense
Report: Paula Broadwell's Threat to Jill Kelley
Battle of the Blogs: TSA vs. Syndicated Columnist
US Says KBR Boosted Cost of Trailers for Troops in Iraq
4 Southern California Men Arrested on Terrorism Charges, Plans to Join al-Qaeda
Petraeus Scandal Puts Attention on US Command Revolving Door in Afghanistan
Commanding Generals of NATO-Led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan
Afghan President Approves Execution of Prisoners
Blast Kills Ex-Taliban Who Joined Afghan Police
Afghan President Praises Pakistan Prisoner Release
UN: Afghan Opium Poppy Cultivation Up 18 Percent
Pakistan President Transfers All Powers to Parliament
UK Islamists to Issue Fatwa Against Shot Pakistani Girl
Pakistan Rimsha Blasphemy Case Dropped
Gunmen Kill NATO Driver in Jamrud
Peshawar Police Diffuse Explosive Vest of Young Suicide Attacker
Pakistan Calls for 'Multilateral' Effort to Eradicate Piracy
Tajikistan Moves to Snuff Out Classroom Dissent Ahead of Vote
Tajik Mother Says Security Services Beat Young Son
India Hangs Lone Surviving Gunman From '08 Mumbai Attack
Obama in Cambodia Sidesteps the Ghosts of History
SE Asian Nations Announce Trade Bloc to Rival US Effort
Obama Wades Into Thorny Asian Territorial Row
How Asia Sees Obama's Pivot to the Pacific
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Seize Goma, Take Airport, Push Toward Bukavu
A Guide to Understanding What Happened in Congo
Political, Not Military Action Needed in Mali, Algeria Says
Rwanda: Congo Deja Vu?
Kenya: Garissa Residents Shot After Army Launches Crackdown
Cypriots Seek Recompense Over British 'Torture'
UK Peers in Tussle Over Date for WWI 'Day of Reflection'
Jailed Pussy Rioters Switch Legal Team – Move Away From Politics?
Attack on Gaza
Casualties, Attacks in Israel-Hamas Conflict by the Numbers
Israel Kills Journalists, Attacks AFP Office
Israel Tells Gazans to Evacuate Their Homes
Gaza-Egypt Border a Critical Point of Conflict
The Tragedy of a Targeted Gazan Family
Israeli Rocket Victims Rage for Revenge
In Gaza, the Familiar Fear Returns
Christian Zionists Try to Ban Hamas From Twitter
Gaza Hospital's Morning Respite Is Day Shattered by Rockets and Sirens
Hamas Kills Suspected Collaborators With Israel
Rockets Hold Up UN Aid for Gaza Via Israel
Rabbi Insists Ultra-Orthodox City Is Immune to Rockets
Israeli Missile-Makers Strive to Meet Iron Dome Demand
Israeli Man Held Over Knife and Axe Attack at US Embassy in Tel Aviv
Global Gaza Impact
US Says Israel Security Vow Rock Solid
EU Fears Gaza Conflict Could Spread
UN Security Council Ready to Hold Open Debate on Gaza if There Is No Ceasefire
Turkey, With Anti-Israel Stance, Sidelined as Mideast Broker
Bahrain Lawmaker Burns Israeli Flag in Parliament
Ceasefire Would Inhibit Hamas Arms-Smuggling, but Improve Gaza Economy, German FM Says
BBC Apologizes to UK Chief Rabbi for Asking Him About Gaza When He Thought He Was Off the Air
With Capture of Regime Base, Syrian Rebels Net a Weapons Trove
Syria Troops Besiege Town Near Damascus
Syrian Rebels Have Lost Their Innocence
Britain Is Latest Power to Recognize Syrian Opposition Coalition
Attack on Shi'ite Endowment Head and Other Targets Leaves 3 Killed, 26 Wounded in Iraq
Civilian Killed, Another Wounded South of Fallujah
Iraqi-Kurd Tensions Soar After Firefight
5.3 Million Children in Iraq Still Deprived of Many Rights
Iraq Seeks Up to 30 General Dynamics Stryker Vehicles
Middle East
More Than 60 Injured in Egypt Clashes
Economic Hardships Plague Jordanians
Bahrain Says Arrests Cell Behind Fake Bomb Attacks
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Fall of the House of Petraeus?

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Winter of Discontent

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Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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