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Public pressure can stop the rush to war, but an uninformed public is easily misled. We've been through that before.

Don't let it happen again!

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Updated November 27, 2012 - 11:26 PM EST
Leaked Graph Used to Suggest Iran Bomb-Making
Carnage Across Iraq: 42 Killed, 191 Wounded
Hamas Backs UN Move in Rare Show of Unity
  Israeli Cabinet Split on Taking Revenge for Palestinian UN Bid
  Israel, Hamas in Indirect Talks on Ceasefire Deal
  Arafat's Exhumation Could Bring Answers – or Just More Questions
Likud Primary Shows Dramatic Rightward Shift
  Israeli DM Announces He Will Retire From Politics, Resign in January
  Israel's Attacks on Gaza Brought Bibi and Obama Closer
US Politicians Pushed Banks to Block WikiLeaks
  Manning to Speak for First Time Since Arrest in Pre-Trial Testimony
Turkey: Patriot Missiles Not for Syria No-Fly Zone
  Syrian Rebels Seize Important Hydroelectric Dam in North
Egypt Meet Fails, Mursi Keeps Unchecked Power
US to Keep 10K Troops in Afghanistan Past 2014
Yemen Offers South Equal Seats in 'National Dialogue' Meet
Iraqi, Kurdish Forces Redeploy as Situation Calms
Manning's Lawyers Say Punishment Preceded Trial
How the Air Force Blew $1 Billion on a Dud System
How to End the Gaza Violence  by Rep. Ron Paul
Gaza, Iron Walls, and Mowed Lawns  by Paul R. Pillar
Flashback to 2008: Barack Obama Was Great on Civil Liberties – Where the Heck Is That Guy Now?  by Andrew Kirell
Abetting Murder in Gaza  by Stephen Zunes
When the Smoke Clears in Gaza  by Yousef Munayyer
Obama Administration Was Not Willing to Trust Romney With a Secret Kill List  by Kevin Gosztola

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Web-Access Battles Brew Before UN Conference
Iran Warships Returning to Sudan: Military
Jill Kelley to Be Ousted as South Korea's Honorary Consul
The Short Diplomatic Tenure of Andrew WK
Was Catalonia's Vote Good or Bad for Separatists?
250 ISAF Bases Handed Over to Afghan Forces
Afghans Demand Reprieve for Killer of French Troops
Rights Group Urges No Amnesty for Afghan Taliban
Audit Says Kabul Bank Began as 'Ponzi Scheme'
Afghan Students Denounce Israel Over Gaza Fighting
Bomb Kills 1 Person in Pakistan's Largest City
Explosives Found Under Car of Prominent Pakistani Journalist
Japan Expands Its Regional Military Role
Navy Adds Host of Restrictions to Curfew in Japan

Thai Teachers Shut Schools Over Southern Violence

South Korea Still Removing Mines Believed to Be From Korean War
Chinese Communists, New Leaders Chosen, Prepare for Next Round
Tourists Trickle Into Violence-Plagued Western Myanmar
DR Congo
Congo Says No Talks With Rebels Unless They Quit Goma
Congo Rebels Backed by Rwanda and Uganda Hold Positions in Goma, as Deadline Passes
M23 Rebel Leader 'Flies to Uganda'
Attack Frees Nigeria Police Inmates, Leaves 2 Dead
Report: Zimbabwe Targets Human Rights Activists
Split Vote Leaves Catalonia's Separatists in Quest for Allies
NATO Moving Naples Base to High-Tech Campus
Belgian Intelligence Workers Outed on Facebook, LinkedIn
11 Americans Charged in German Disco Brawls
Man Arrested in Britain Over Killing of Northern Ireland Policeman
Mexican State Beauty Queen Killed in Shootout Between Suspected Traffickers, Soldiers
High-Ranking Bolivian Official Arrested in Sale of Jailed American's Rice
Jailed Under Hugo Chávez, Judge Alleges Prison Rape
US Official Says Colombian Guerrilla 'Simon Trinidad' to Remain in US Prison
In Gaza, Residents Hope for Quick Reconstruction
Hamas Welcomes Barak's Resignation, Which 'Proves He Failed'
Islamic Jihad Gets Hands on IDF Documents
Palestinian Technicians Begin Work to Exhume Arafat's Remains
UN Mideast Envoy Acknowledges 'Quiet Engagements' With Hamas
Israeli Military's Twitter Warrior Posed 'Obama Style,' in Blackface
Dutch TV Spoofs Netanyahu Speech About Targeting Gaza Civilians
Syrian Jets Bomb Rebel Base Near Turkey Border
Activists: Syrian Rebels Seize Major Dam in North
Syria Cluster Bomb Attack 'Kills 10 Children'
Syrian Kurds Seek to Re-Unite Divided Ranks
As Battle Raged in Syria, Russia Sent Tons of Cash to Damascus, Flight Records Show
Newspaper Editor and Sahwa Leader Killed in Iraq
When Lack of Explosion Makes News in Iraq
Body of Turkish Ex-Leader Shows Signs of Poisoning: Paper
Turkey Confronts a Resurgent Kurdish Threat
Clashes Erupt Near Former Bahrain Protest Hub
State Dept. Cancels Andrew W.K.'s Party-Promoting Trip to Bahrain
Middle East
Army Steers Clear of Egypt's Latest Political Crisis
Iran, Arabs Criticize Delay of Middle East Nuclear Talks
Nasrallah Vows to Strike Tel Aviv if Lebanon Hit
Australian Military Apologizes to Soldiers Who Suffered Sexual Abuse
The War at Home
Amb. Rice Talks With Lawmakers at Capitol About Benghazi Attack
Military's Dogs of War Also Suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Flap Over Military Combat Awards Grows
Ex-Navy Lawyer Is Disbarred for Sending Secret Names of Gitmo Detainees to Legal Group
US Supreme Court Blocks Illinois Law Prohibiting Taping of Police
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Justin Raimondo
Obama as Wilson:
Playing the Historical Analogy Game

Kelley B. Vlahos
Homeland's Crazy, Sexy, Muslim-Baiting Appeal

Nebojsa Malic
Injustice for All, Again

Philip Giraldi
Educating the President

Ivan Eland
How Israel's Assault on Gaza Is Like the War of 1812

Ran HaCohen
Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peńa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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