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Updated December 5, 2012 - 11:00 PM EST
Report: Syria Loaded Chemical Arms into Bombs
Senate Passes $631 Billion Military Spending Bill
Decade of 'War on Terror' Yields More 'Terrorism'
Netanyahu: Settlement Critics Want to Destroy Us
  Israeli Source Claims US is Behind European Protests of E1 Settlement
  Palestinians: Settlement Expansion Means 1 State
  Israeli Soldiers Fail to Cease Firing
Senate Passes Amendment on Syria No-Fly Zone
  At Least Nine Killed in Syria School Shelling
  Russia Accuses US of Exaggerating Syrian Chemical Weapons Threat
  2 Killed as Sunni-Alawite Clashes Break Out in Lebanon's Tripoli
UK Troops Accused of Executing 4 Afghan Teens
  An Insider Attack: Trust Cost 2 Lives
Egypt's Morsi Flees as Protesters Storm Palace
US Denies Drone Capture, But Iran Has Pictures
Mali Govt., Rebel Factions Agree to Peace Talks
Will the UN Conference Put Govt. Hands on My Internet?
Iraq Blocks Turkish Minister's Visit, Turns Plane Around
Libya Rebel Flees to UK as Revolution Sours for Women
Why the United States Might Never Leave Afghanistan  by Malou Innocent
Thank the Troops? How About Apologizing Instead?  by Jacob Hornberger
America's Mindless Killer Robots Must Be Stopped  by Noel Sharkey
In Defense of Defense Cuts  by Andrew Cockburn
Bombing Kant's Test  by Will Wilkinson
Nation-Building Fails in the Balkans  by Gordon N. Bardos

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Swiss Spy Agency Warns US, Britain About Huge Data Leak
Retired Generals Urge Obama to Keep Gitmo Promise
Senate Vote on Report for Military Action Against Syria
100,000 Protest at Egypt's Presidential Palace
Pakistan War Supply Routes Still Not Fully Open
Mexico President Says Army Will Continue Anti-Drug War
Bomb Blast in Afghanistan Kills 2 NATO Troops
US Pushes to Restart Peace Talks With Taliban
Differing Afghan, US Priorities Could Sabotage Proposed Security Agreement
Soldiers Deployed to Demolish Shuttered Afghanistan Bases
Afghans Claim Taliban Received Airstrip Cash
India Denounces 42 Pakistan 'Terrorist' Camps
Suicide Bomber Attacks Army Base in Northwest Pakistan
Famed Wrestler Inoki Arrives in Peshawar for 'Wrestling for Peace' Event
Pakistani Interior Minister to Name Bhutto Assassins, but You Have to Buy His Book First
Malik Asks Afghanistan to Hand Over Maulana Fazalullah
Vietnam Steps Up Sea Patrols as Tensions With China Climb
Vietnam: Chinese Boats Cut Seismic Cables
China's New Leaders Ban Red Carpets, Pomp, and 'Empty Speeches'
Concerns Arise in Chinese Bid for Genomics Firm
Clinton Tells NATO Allies, Russia to Publicly Call on North Korea to Halt Rocket Launch Plans
One Dead in Violent Clashes in Bangladesh
British Army's Fleet of Apache Helicopters 'Could Be Scrapped'
Peace Talks With Congo Rebels Expected This Week
UN Experts Accuse Rwandan Military of Commanding and Joining Congo Rebels in Capture of Goma
Ivory Coast's President Says It May Try Ex-Leader's Wife Instead of International Court
Somalia Property Boom Forces Refugees Onto Street
Syrian Oppositionist: Mubarak's Intelligence Chief Was Killed in Damascus
Syrian Army Weakening as Rebels Make Gains
Syria Regime Continues to Shell Rebels in Battle for Damascus
Union for Reform Judaism Denounces Israel's Decision to Expand Settlements
Palestinian War Crimes Case Faces Long Road
Palestinians Warn That Israel Must Be Held Accountable Over Settlements
Blunt Israeli Diplomat Dropped From Election List
Barak Pushing Meridor to Head Independence Party
Iran Condemns US Senate Sanctions Bid
Iran Agrees to Provide $500 Million for Building Gas Pipeline
Nasrin Sotoudeh, Iranian Rights Advocate, Ends Hunger Strike
4 Killed in Clashes in Southern Town
Yemen Accuses Iran of Sponsoring Shi'ite Rebels
Middle East
Violence Leaves 11 Killed Across Iraq
Arab Spring to Take Years to Improve Women's Rights: Activists
Top Cocaine Trafficker of Late 1990s Slain in Colombia by 2 Gunmen; Testified Against Cartel
In Protest, Man Chains Himself to US Embassy in Dominican Republic
The War at Home
Lawyer: Manning Wants to Go to College, Maybe Run for Public Office
Majority of Homeless Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Have PTSD
PTSD's Effect on Female Veterans Studied
Mom of Slain Marine: Son's Call Never Came
Fox News Chief's Failed Attempt to Enlist Petraeus as Presidential Candidate
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Rachel Maddow, War Propagandist

Ivan Eland
US Intelligence: Redundancy Increases as Budget Pressure Mounts

Kelley B. Vlahos
Manning vs. the Marines

Philip Giraldi
Netanyahu's War Crime

Nebojsa Malic
Injustice for All, Again

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Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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