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Updated December 6, 2012 - 11:10 PM EST
NATO Attacked Afghan Health Clinic
Report: Syria Loaded Chemical Arms into Bombs
  Clinton Warns That 'Desperate' Assad Could Use Chemical Arms
  US to Add Syrian Rebel Group to 'Terrorist' List
  US, Allies to Expedite Syria Transition Plans Amid Rapid Rebel Gains
  Sectarian Clashes Continue in N. Lebanon Amid Syrian Backdrop
  US Aircraft Carrier's Arrival Near Syria Sparks War Fears
Israel Rejects UN Call to Inspect Nuke Program
  Israel Vows to 'Push Ahead' With Settlement Plans
  Israel to Expel Bedouins From Site of Future Settlements
  Abbas Urges UN Security Council to Stop Settlement Expansions
Riot Police Fail to Contain Fighting as Cairo Comes Unglued
US Presses Turkey to Stop Using Gold in Trade With Iran
  Has the US Set a March Deadline for War on Iran?
  Pentagon Admits Iran's Captured Drone Looks US-Made
Pentagon Planning for Multinational Military Operation in Mali
Arms Sent to Libyan Rebels With US OK Went to Extremists
100s Wounded as Morsi Supporters, Protesters Clash
Fears Confirmed: Domestic Drones 'Fly Regularly' in US
Terror Skyrocketing in Face of US War on Terror
What Exactly Would Israel Like to Do With Its Palestinian Population?  by William Pfaff
Left Speechless: Doctors and Medics Operate Under Fire and Siege in Gaza  by Joshua Brollier
Bradley Manning and The New York Times  by Murray Polner
Ten Reasons Iran Doesn't Want the Bomb  by Seyed Hossein Mousavian
I Love the Sound of a Drone in the Morning  by Pepe Escobar
Laptop Seizures by US Govt. Highlight 9/11-Era Climate of Fear  by Glenn Greenwald

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Marine Official: Manning Held Improperly in Brig
DR Congo's Rebel Kaleidoscope
Serbia, Kosovo Strike Fresh Deals to Ease Tension
Can Your Country Suffer Syria-Style Net Blackout?
MI6 Alleged to Have Refused to Kill Al-Awlaki
US Reducing Plans for Large Civilian Force in Post-2014 Afghanistan
Fearing Post-2014 Environment, Afghans Buy Up Weapons
Clinton Says Crucial Countries Meet Afghan Funding Pledges
83,000 Afghan Refugees Returned From Pakistan in 2012
Marine General Dunford Confirmed as Commander of Afghan War
Pakistan Soldiers Die as Suicide Bombers Attack Waziristan Camp
Pakistan and Iran Likely to Sign Pact on Gas Pipeline
NATO Calls on North Korea to Cancel Rocket Launch
South Korea Jails North Spy in 'Kim Jong-Nam Attack Plot'
China Stepping Into Mideast Oil Picture
New Chinese Leader Meets Military Nuclear Officers
Chinese Firm Hits Back Over US 'Security Threat' Claim
Realignment of Marines Stalls as Okinawans' Outrage Grows
Kofi Annan Urges Kenyans Not to Vote for Indicted Politicians
Blast Near Military Base in Kenya's Capital Wounds 8; Latest in Series of Small-Scale Attacks
Somali Militants Kill 11 Puntland Soldiers
Hopeful Signs for 'Most Dangerous City'
Report: Sudanese Drone Down in Khartoum Area
Sudan Urges South Sudan to Expel Rebels for Oil Restart
Sudanese Foreign Minister Predicts Additional Time Over Abyei
Mali Seeks International Troops for War
Islamist Sect in Nigeria Grows More Deadly
Eritrean Football Players Seek Asylum in Uganda
Officials: Serbia's NATO Ambassador Leaps to Death
Russia Slams Hague Court for Freeing Croatian Generals
Saakashvili Critic Okruashvili on Trial in Georgia
Germany to Seek Ban of Far-Right Party
Colombia-FARC Peace Talks Resume in Cuba as Kidnapping Issue Heats Up
Cuban Officials Attack UN Ruling on Imprisonment of American
Abbas: Israel's Settlement Plans in Area E-1 Are a 'Red Line'
Amid Reported White House Pressure, Bid to Shut PLO's Washington Office Fails in Senate
PA Urges UNSC Action Over Settlements
A Fraught Civil Rights Case Nears an End in Israel's High Court
Netanyahu Also Established March as a Key Month for Iran's Nuclear Program
Several Israeli Fighter Jet Engines Said Snatched From Air Base in Suspected Inside Job
Italy Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Settlements
UN Golan Troops to Deploy Armor on Spillover Fears
Moroccan Diplomat, Syrian Judge Attacked in Syria, Both Injured
Assad Asylum Rumors: Is Syria's President Considering Political Asylum in Latin America?
Minorities in Lebanon Are Wary of Syrian War
War Drives Businesses of Aleppo Into Exile
Iran Shows Signs of Resilience Ahead of Potential Bilateral Talks
Iran Tells US to 'Recount' Drones
Iranian TV Shows Off 'Captured US Scaneagle Drone'
Iran Claims It Extracted Data From US Spy Drone
Iran Vows to Sue US Over 'Drone Incursion'
Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency: Bitcoins
Two Killed, 11 Wounded in Iraq
Kurdish Issues Cause Friction Between Iraq and Turkey
Turkey 'Still Willing to Talk' With Iraq
Parliament Speaker Suggests Replacing Iraq Army and Peshmerga Forces in Tensed Areas With Local Police
US to End 16-Year Ban on Commercial Flights to Iraq
Libya Attack Suspect Wants Lawyers at FBI Parley
CIA Moved Swiftly to Scrub, Abandon Libya Facility After Attack, Source Says
Wolf Introduces Resolution to Create House Select Committee on Terrorist Attack in Benghazi
Tunis Islamists 'Attack Unionists With Knives'
Islamist Intimidation: The Battle for the Future of Tunisia
Middle East
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Party Buildings on Fire
Jordan's King Abdullah to Visit Ramallah
Long-Exiled South Yemen Leader Beidh Defends His Calls for Secession
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