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Updated December 11, 2012 - 11:20 PM EST
Obama: US Recognizes Syria's Main Rebel Group
  Panetta: Syrian Chemical Arms Threat Subsides
  US Training Syria Rebels to Handle Chemical Arms
  US Designates Syrian Rebel Faction as Terrorist Group
  Syria Rebels Capture Key Base in Aleppo
  UK Military in Talks to Help Syria Rebels
New Afghan Peace Plan Would Cede SE to Taliban
  Pentagon Report: Pakistan Constantly 'Undermining' Afghan War
US Sending 20 More F-16s to Egypt
  Egypt's Military Takes Policing Powers Ahead of Referendum
Israel Seen Behind AP's Iran 'Nuclear Graph' Hoax
  EU Slams Israel Over Settlements, Says Treaties Demand 1967 Borders
  Dehydrating the Palestinian People
Senate to Bar More Pentagon Spies Until Given Details
Guardian Person of the Year: Voters Choose Bradley Manning
Yemen: Al-Qaeda Ambush Kills 17 Soldiers, General
Bashar Al-Assad, Syria, and the Truth About Chemical Weapons  by Robert Fisk
Debunking Our Nation's Victim Mentality  by Jim Scofield
Fool's Errand: America's Pivot to Asia Politics  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Civilian Toll of Israel's Bombs  by Eva Bartlett
Will Guantánamo Ever Be Closed?  by Andy Worthington
Livni and Olmert Wait for Obama  by Leon Hadar

More Viewpoints

Facebook Shuts Down Taliban Recruiting Account
Libyan Reluctance Hobbles Benghazi Assault Investigation
Putin Slams US 'Re-Sovietization' Claims
Russia Set to Retaliate on US Magnitsky Law
Report: Israel Tracking Syria's WMD Arsenal
EU Boosts Status of Syria's National Coalition
Germany Expels Four Syrian Embassy Staff
Syrian Life During Wartime, Surreal and Transient
Afghan Army Still Needs Support, Pentagon Says
Aid Workers 'Will Be at the Mercy of the Taliban' After Afghan Withdrawal
Gunmen Kill Senior Women's Activist in Afghanistan
Nimroz Province Police Chief Killed in IED Explosion
Zardari: Pakistan in War With 'Forces of Darkness'
2 'TTP Terrorists' Arrested in Karachi
Philippines, Leftist Rebels Declare Truces in Typhoon Disaster Areas
Old Foe the Philippines Backs a Rearmed Japan to Balance China
Activists Say Tibetan Teenager Has Become 8th Child to Self-Immolate to Protest Chinese Rule
Thousands in NY Protest China's Rule of Tibet, Urge UN Action
In Japan, the Fight Over War Memory Has New Implications
Okinawa: Misawa Squadron on Lockdown Following Car Crash
Mali's Prime Minister Arrested by Junta
Doubts Over Mali Military Mission
DR Congo/Uganda
Congo Rebels Dodge Meeting, Threatening Talks With Congo Government in Uganda
Former IDF Chief: Israel Should Withdraw From West Bank Unilaterally
Israel Rejects EU Outcry on Settlements
Netanyahu Wards Off Criticism: Israeli Settlement Plans Won't Prevent Palestinian State
Israel Deputy PM: Levy Committee That Approved Outposts Was 'Rigged'
Shimon Peres: 'We Have to Open Negotiations Right Away'
Shas Campaign Suggests FM Backs Interfaith Marriage
Iran Claims It Decoded All Data From Captured CIA Drone
Iranian Nuclear Challenge Must Be Tackled in 2013: Netanyahu
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Visits Disputed Northern Areas, Raising Tensions With Baghdad
Six Security Personnel Killed in Iraq
British Contractor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Fraud Conspiracy in Iraqi Reconstruction Case
Cairo Faces Rival Protests Over Constitution Crisis
Allies of Egypt's Morsi Beat Protesters Outside Palace
Middle East
Despite Turmoil, Major Lending Effort Aims to Boost Egypt, Arab Neighbors
Bahrain Tries 8 Policemen for Torturing Detainees
Privacy vs. Security: EU Eyes Massive Collection of Air Passenger Data
Air Force Bans Some Early-Morning Alcohol Sales in Germany
El Salvador
Inter-American Rights Court: El Salvador Should Probe Civil War-Era Massacre, Pay Restitution
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