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Updated December 12, 2012 - 11:20 PM EST
US Providing Training to Syrian Rebels in Jordan
  Obama: US Recognizes Syria's Main Rebel Group
  Syrian Rebels Pledge Allegiance to al-Qaeda-Linked Group
  Panetta: Syrian Chemical Arms Threat Subsides
  US Training Syria Rebels to Handle Chemical Arms
  Syrian Rebels Accused of Involvement in North Lebanon Fighting
  Aleppo Residents Fed Up with Syria's Rebellion
US to Replace Israeli Munitions Spent on Gaza
  Israeli FM Vows Full Occupation of Gaza for Any Future Rocket Firing
  Israel to Keep Seizing Palestinian Tax Money for Months
  Netanyahu Struggles to Defend Settlement Approval Committee
North Korea Launches Satellite Into Orbit
Taliban Popular Where US Fought Biggest Battle
Egypt Opposition Calls Off Boycott, Seeks 'No' Vote
South Sudan Army Killed 23 Civilians in Recent Incidents
Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich Demand Obama Drone Docs
The True Costs of Empire  by David Vine & Tom Engelhardt
The Revealingly Substance-Free Fight Over Susan Rice  by Glenn Greenwald
Will the New bin Laden Film Zero Dark Thirty Rehabilitate Torture?  by Adam Serwer
Why Not Push the Pentagon Off the Fiscal Cliff?  by Robert Wright
Time to End the Cuba Embargo  by Doug Bandow
The Real Problem With Susan Rice  by Peter Beinart

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Record Number of Reporters Jailed Globally: Report
US Military to Retain 'Strong' Presence in Mideast: Panetta
Manning's Lawyer Says Client Treated Like 'Animal'
US Army Wants to Move Aging Chemical Weapons
UK Whistleblower: Iraq Abuse Inquiry Was 'Coverup'
Up to 200 Hurt in Attack on Syrian Alawite Village: Activists
Rebels: Syria's Assad Will Use Chemical Weapons
Germany Frets About Troops on Turkish Border
Britain Takes the Lead in Talks Over Arming Syrian Rebels
Playstation-Controlled DIY Tank May Be the Wildest Weapon Yet in the Syria War
Syria Refugees Number 'More Than 500,000': UNHCR
Deadly Clashes in Lebanese City of Tripoli
Two Israeli Jets Violate Lebanese Airspace
Iran Open to Talks if P5+1 Shows Goodwill: Iran Deputy FM
Quake-Hit Iranians Facing Harsh Winter
'Israel Using Eritrean Bases to Spy on Iran'
Iran Closes Down Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan
Iran Launches Web Video Channel, Mehr
Standard Chartered Hit by $300m in Iran Fines
Iran Shows Domestically Produced Helicopters
US: Afghans Resisting Efforts to Track Cash Exodus
US Finds Afghan Anti-Corruption Efforts Deeply Troubling
Letting Go in Afghanistan as Mission Winds Down
Afghan Museum Recalls a Previous War
'Long Way to Go' on Justice for Afghan Women: UN
US: Afghanistan May Have Direct Military Support From India
Russia to Pull Out of Radar Station in Azerbaijan
Pakistani Militant Suspects Held Uncharged in Swat
Myanmar Protest Leader Bailed Before 'Monasteries Trial'
Egypt Judges Say Most Will Boycott Referendum
Gunmen Attack Egyptian Opposition Protesters
Israel Raids Palestinian NGO Offices Amid Heightened Tension
For Europe, Israel's Destruction 'A Matter of Course,' FM Insists
Iraq Wants to Open New Chapter With Turkey: PM
Kurdistan Oil Wrapped in Red Tape
Bahrain Activist Zainab Al-Khawaja Sentenced to Jail
Bahrain Activist Nabeel Rajab's Prison Sentence Reduced
Policeman Killed, Two Civilians Injured in Istanbul Armed Attack
Turkey 'World's Worst Jailer' of Journalists: Watchdog
Middle East
Senior Yemeni Intelligence Officer Killed
Libyan Wartime Leader Questioned Over Killing
Seized at Gunpoint and Forced to Resign, Mali Loses Its Civil Ruler
In Northern Mali, Islamists' Attacks Against Civilians Grow More Brutal
15 Killed in Nigeria Shootout With Radical Sect
Congo Rebels Return to Peace Talks
Russia Raids Activists in 'Revolution' Probe
US Visa Canceled to Prosecutor in Tymoshenko Case
Northern Ireland: Police Car Petrol-Bombed Opposite MP Naomi Long's Office
Popular Military Vehicle Sparks German Arms Export Debate
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