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Updated December 16, 2012 - 11:14 PM EST
Chuck Hagel's Record on Terrorism, Israel, Iran
  Obama Picks John Kerry for Secretary of State After Rice Withdrawal
Americans, Britons Train Syrian Rebels in Jordan
  US Sending Missiles, Troops to Syria Border
  Activists Say 103 Killed as Troops Hit Rebels Near Damascus
Karzai: 'We Want Foreign Troops to Leave'
  Last French Combat Troops Exit Afghanistan
  US Commanders Offer Glowing Assessments of Afghan War Progress
Egypt 'Narrowly Backs' Charter in First Round
  Egypt's Political Crisis Will Continue Long Past Vote
Disputed Areas of Iraq Rocked by Bombs: 19 Killed, 80 Hurt
Internet Safe From Globalized Censorship as UN Treaty Fails
State Secrets Defense Stymies Judge Over Domestic Spying
The Cowardice at the Heart of UK's Relationship With Israel  by Peter Oborne
Congress Hinders Progress on Iran  by Paul Pillar
European Court Rules Against CIA Abuse of Khaled El-Masri  by Amrit Singh
Hagel and the Hawks  by Marsha B. Cohen
Talk of a US-Asia 'Pivot' Is Overblown  by Malou Innocent
Don't Forget Maher Arar's Rendition to Syria  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Hillary Clinton Won't Testify on Benghazi After Fainting, Concussion
Sudan Suspects Israel of Using Vultures as Spy Drones
Drone-Makers Push Feds on Test Flights
Navy Says Working Uniforms Are Extremely Flammable
As Gold Is Spirited Out of Afghanistan, Officials Wonder Why
First Round of Voting Ends on Egypt Constitution
Violence Flares in Cairo Following Referendum
Unveiled Egyptian Women Claim Judge Barred Them From Voting
Egypt Opposition Claims Muslim Brotherhood 'Vote Rigging'
A Guide to What Is Next for Egypt After the Constitutional Vote
Mali Prime Minister Announces New Government Days After Predecessor Ousted by Military
Mali Intervention by ECOWAS: Refugee Fears
DR Congo
Congo's President Calls to Mobilize Against Aggression; Says Strong Army Needed
DR Congo Fighting 'Sees Refugee Numbers Rise'
Gunmen Kill Nigeria Politician: Police
Helicopter Crash Kills Nigerian State Governor
Kenya Braces for New Ethnic Unrest as Election Approaches
The Horrors They've Seen: Child Psychologist Assesses the Art of Africa's Former Child Soldiers
UN Court Orders Release of Argentine Ship in Ghana
Tanzania President Trying to Persuade Madagascar President Not to Run in Next Year's Election
Russia Arrests Opposition Leaders at Banned Rally
Kremlin Makes New Fraud Claims Against Dissident
Abu Qatada Runs Up £500,000 Legal Aid Bill to Stay in UK
No British Charges for UFO Hacker McKinnon
With Chavez Cancer-Stricken, Regional Elections in Venezuela Suddenly Hugely Important
Americans Still Dying
Ohio Soldier to Be Buried at Arlington, Leaves Behind Baby Daughter, Expectant Wife
Syria's Foreign Minister Blames US, European Sanctions for the Nation's Suffering
Syria's Kurds Face Uncertain Future if Assad Falls
A Bread Shortage Is the First Big Test of a Transitional Council in Aleppo
Syrians Sounding Alarm Over Growing Food Shortages
Iran: Patriot Missiles in Turkey Risk 'World War'
Israeli Election Downplays Palestinian Issue
Israel Expansion Threatens West Bank Bedouin
New Palestinian Group Declares 3rd Intifada Against Israel
Israel Reservists to Equip With New Rifle
4 Killed in Iraq
Tough Issues Remain for Kurds, Iraqi Government Even After Deal to Alleviate Tensions
Yemeni Warplanes Bomb Al-Qaeda Hideout in Southern Region
Yemeni Military Tribunal Jails 93 Members of Republican Guard Units for Mutiny
Militants Attack Nw Pakistani Airport With Bombs and Rockets; 9 Killed, Including 4 Civilians
State Blamed for Failing to Control Attacks Against Hazaras
Karachi Wears Deserted Look as Businesses Remain Shut
Philippine Army Declares 18-Day Ceasefire
Chinese Opposition to Labor Camps Widens
Myanmar Monks Win Formal Apology From Govt. for Crackdown on Mine Protest
US Military
Spyphone: Pentagon Spooks Want New Tools for Mobile 'Exploitation'
7 Secret Ways America's Stealth Armada Stays Off the Radar
As War Winds Down, Boots Must Shine
Pentagon Warns: 'Pervasive' Industrial Spying Targets US Space Tech
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