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Updated December 17, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Syrian VP: Neither Side Can Win Militarily
  Rebels: 25 Killed in Shelling of Syrian Town
  Syrian Rebels Seize Infantry Base in Aleppo, Rebel Commander Slain
  Iran Pushes Election Plan to End Syrian Civil War
Narrow Victory for Egypt's New Constitution
  Mistrust Runs Deep Over Egypt Referendum
Unexploded Ordnance Kills 10 Afghan Children
  UK to Announce Major Troop Reduction in Afghanistan
Pakistan Market Bomb Kills 17, Wounds 70
Chuck Hagel's Record on Terrorism, Israel, Iran
Disputed Areas of Iraq Rocked by Bombs: 19 Killed, 80 Hurt
Libya Closes Borders, Declares South a 'Military Zone'
US Demands Judge Dismiss Suits on Assassinating Citizens
The Struggle for Land Rights Near the Gaza Border  by Joshua Brollier
The Top 5 US Foreign Policy Screw-Ups of 2012  by Matthew Feeney
Rendition, Zero Dark Thirty, and the Brutal Reality of Britain's Secret Services  by Henry Porter
The Visible Government  by Tom Engelhardt
The Sea and the River  by Uri Avnery
AIPAC, Hard Right Now Setting Their Sights on Chuck Hagel  by Ed Kilgore

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Asian Neighbors Nervous After Election Comeback for Japanese 'Warmonger'
US Returns Guantanamo Prisoner's Remains to Yemen
UK Doctor Ruled 'Dishonest' Over Death of Iraqi Detainee
Colombia, Rebels Hope Rising Trust Can Yield Peace
Secession Petition Gets Texas Man in Trouble With State Guard Superiors
Israel's Lieberman Says Turns Focus to Election Campaign
Palestinian PM Calls for Boycott of Israeli Goods Over Tax Seizures
Speculation Rife Over Identity of Israel's Prisoner 'Mr. X'
'Useless, Useless, Useless': The Palestinian Verdict on Tony Blair
Iran President Cancels Turkey Visit Amid Syria Rift
Tehran Warns Ankara Over NATO Missile System
Wounded Afghan Intelligence Chief Sent to US Hospital
NATO: 91% Afghan Citizens Are Satisfied About Security
Japan's Conservatives Win Landslide Victory
New Japanese PM: Disputed Islands Are Ours
Japan Election: Liberal Dem Leader Vows Tough China Line
Indian Kashmiri Separatist Demands Opening of Border
Zardari's Visit Delay Raises Questions Over IP Gas Project
Russian Opposition Fights to Stay Relevant
Syrian Jets Rocket Palestinian Camp in Damascus
Syria War Fuels Christian Flight From Middle East
US Plans for Possibility That Assad Could Lose Control of Chemical Arms Cache
No Water, Power, Cash: Syria Rebels Run Broke Town
Disputed Areas of Iraq Rocked by Bombs: 19 Killed, 80 Wounded
Iraqiya MP Survives an Assassination Attempt
Police Station in Libya's Benghazi Attacked, Four Killed
ENI to Invest $8 Billion to Boost Libya Production
Middle East
Protests Flare in Bahrain After King Appeals for Unity in National Address
Kuwait's Emir Digs in Against Opposition
Troops Mass in Fought-Over City, Raising Fear of New Violence in DR Congo
Kenya Blast Hits Nairobi's Mainly Somali Eastleigh Area
Allies of Hugo Chavez Sweep Gubernatorial Seats in Venezuela Elections
Fidel Castro Nominated for Seat in Cuban Parliament When It Reconvenes in February
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