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Updated December 19, 2012 - 11:14 PM EST
Congress Drops Feinstein Amendment to NDAA
UN Slams Israeli Settlements, US Lone Dissenter
  Israel Plans Another 6,000 Settlement Homes
  US Chastises Israel's New Settlement Plans
  Israeli Military Operational Ties With PA Weakening
  Christmas in Gaza: Israel to Allow Some Christians to Leave for Holiday
  Likud Officials Concerned by Lack of Election Strategy
Exxon Deal Puts Iraq, Kurds on Brink of Civil War
  Kurdish Troops Fire on Iraqi Military Helicopter as Tensions Soar
  Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Coma After Stroke
  Researchers Studying High Rates of Cancer and Birth Defects in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Claim Army Base, Seize Tanks
  For Syria's Palestinians, Fleeing Refugee Camp Easier Said than Done
  Iran Cautiously Ponders Syria After Assad
  Richard Engel and NBC News Team Freed From Captors in Syria
UN Halts Pak Polio Drive After 9 Workers Killed
Court Rules Antiwar Activists Can Sue Govt. Spies
Inquiry Faults US State Dept. in Benghazi Attack
Kristol-Founded Group Targets Hagel
Afghan Army Desertion Rates Up, Despite Claims of Progress
Mexican Govt. Slams US-Backed Approach to Drug War
US to Substantially Increase Military Presence in Philippines
Rate of US, Russian Nuclear Disarmament 'Slowing'
The Silence From Liberals on the Drone War  by Dick Polman
The Frightening Scenario of Nuclear War  by Ira Helfand
How Many Nukes Does It Take to Be Safe?  by Walter Pincus
Torture Superpower  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Six Degrees of Military Spending  by Veronique de Rugy
Opposing Apartheid, Then and Now  by Paul R. Pillar

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GOP Critics Line Up Against Hagel
Russia Sends Navy Squadron to Mediterranean
TSA to Allow Health Study of Airport Scanners
Petraeus Mistress Won't Face Cyberstalking Charge
Warmongering Kagans Had Cozy Deal With Petraeus
Judge: Hasan Beard OK for Hood Shooting Trial
Liberman Indictment Delayed; No Longer FM
Palestinians Say All Security Council Members Except US Will Condemn New Israeli Settlements
Police Arrest 3 'Price-Tag' Suspects
Palestinian PM Fayyad Hits Back at Israel With Boycott Call
Libyan Fighter Jets Hit Suspected Smugglers in S. Military Zone
Libya Faces 'Impossible' Task in South
Egyptians Protest Against Constitution
Egypt's Alexandria, Once Beacon of Enlightenment, Gripped by Fight Over Country's Future
Egypt Prosecutor's Resignation Angers Brotherhood
Middle East
Six Killed Across Iraq; President Suffers Stroke
Aleppo Residents, Battered by War, Struggle to Survive
Ahmadinejad Says Western Sanctions Won't Stop Iran
A Thousand Palestinians Enter Lebanon After Damascus Fighting
Several Arrested After Bahrain Protests
Seven Online Activists Arrested in UAE
Tunisia's Moncef Marzouki Faces Sidi Bouzid Protest
17 Killed as Armed Inmates Attempt Prison Break in N. Mexico
Gunmen Dressed as Doctors Kill Patient in Mexico City Hospital
The War at Home
Army General to Face Court-Martial, Possible Life Sentence, Over Sexual Misconduct Charges
Military Helicopters Aid in Colorado Marijuana Busts
Training Afghan Artillery Teams a Lesson in Patience
Afghan Film Actor Assassinated in Nangarhar Province
A Pristine Afghan Prison Faces a Murky Future
Pentagon to Reimburse Pakistan $688 Million
11 Injured in Nowshera Hand-Grenade Attack
TTP Using Uzbeks to Conduct Terrorist Attacks
South Koreans Vote in Tightly Fought Presidential Poll
What's at Stake in South Korea's Presidential Election
Personalities Trump Policies in South Korea Vote
Dictator's Daughter Asks South Korea's Older Generation to Make Her President
Award-Winning Social Activist in Laos Goes Missing; Co-Worker Says Police Detained Him
Police: 4 Koreans, 1 Nigerian Kidnapped in Nigeria
Nigeria's Okonjo-Iweala: Kidnappers 'Demanded Resignation'
France Confident It Can Bridge Gap With US on Mali War
Rebels in Central African Republic Take 2 More Towns
Kenya Orders Somali Refugees to Go to Dadaab
Congo Militia Boss Ngudjolo Acquitted of War Crimes at Hague
Judge, 3 Family Members Are Beheaded in Ukraine
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