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Updated December 21, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
2012: More Soldier Suicides Than Combat Deaths
  Obama Nominates John Kerry for Secretary of State
  House, Senate Pass $633 Billion Defense Spending Bill
Chuck Hagel Faces Relentless Assaults
  Chuck Hagel Pushback: Israel Group Airs Attack Ad
UN: Syria's Rebels Come From 29 Countries
  Jordan Warns Against Continued Arming of Jihadist Rebels in Syria
  Syrian Rebel Infighting Could Take Dangerous Turn if Assad Falls
  Anti-NATO Protests Held in Turkey as Troops Deploy on Syrian Border
Settlers: Approvals Lead to New West Bank City
  Palestinians: If Netanyahu Reelected, We'll Cut Ties
Iraq Mass Arrests: PM Moves Against Minister's Staff
  Troops Gone, US Increasingly Sidelined in Iraq
UN Security Council Endorses War in Mali
NDAA Fuels Militarization, Enriches Defense Corporations, Expands Empire  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Effects of Diplomacy as Subversion  by Maximilian Forte
Zero Conscience in Zero Dark Thirty  by Jane Mayer
Are the US and Israel Heading for a Showdown?  by Ira Chernus & Tom Engelhardt
Fisking the Washington Post  by Andrew Sullivan
Stand Up to the Intimidators  by Paul R. Pillar

More Viewpoints

House Roll Call Vote on Defense Authorization
China's Airing of 'V for Vendetta' Stuns Viewers
Putin Defends Syria Position , Chastises US on Libya
More Than 20,000 Missing in Mexico in Past 6 Years
Rebels in Central African Republic Take 7th Town
Navajo Man Wants America to Hear Its Official Apology
Syrian Rebels Fight for Strategic Town in Hama Province
Syrian Rebel Infighting Could Take Dangerous Turn if Assad Falls
Clashes Ease at Damascus Palestinian Refugee Camp
UN Sanctions Iran Firms That Shipped Arms to Syria
Among Syria's Wounded, Thousands Will Need Long-Term Care After War Ends, Doctors Say
In Syria, Russian Speakers Become Prey
Post-ABC Poll: US Involvement in Syria
Israel Steps Up Controversial Construction Plans
Group: Israel Broke Law by Targeting Media in Gaza
Israel Complains to UN About Rearming by Hezbollah
Palestinian Premier Fayyad Calls for Boycott on Israeli Goods
Lieberman: I'm Only Indicted Because I Have a Russian Accent
Iraq Finance Minister Says Staff Members Kidnapped
Iraq's Gold Holding Quadrupled Between Aug. and Oct.
China the Frontrunner to Buy Exxon Out of Iraq Oil
Egypt's Prosecutor General Withdraws Resignation
Hosni Mubarak Treated in Cairo Hospital After Fall
Bekaa Town Opens Its Own Refugee Camp
Families of Slain Salafists Vow Further Action
Prosor Calls on EU to Label Hezbollah 'Terrorists'
Saleh's Son Cedes Missiles to New Yemen President
Thousands of Yemenis Rally to Support President's Military Reform
Middle East
Four Killed in Clashes in Libya's Benghazi
European Rights Envoy Urges Bahrain to Free 'Prisoners of Conscience'
Canada Drops Iranian Opposition Group From Terror List
Turkey to Fly Troops to Bases After Deadly Road Convoy Attacks
Last of Inactivated 170th Turning Out the Lights at Baumholder
Russian Opposition Figure Charged With Fraud
Chuck Hagel for SecDef?
Hagel's Defense Posture Forged by War Experience
Hagel Allies Launch Counterattack
Senior Former Officials – Including Ambassadors to Israel – Support Hagel
Hagel Defended Against Anti-Israel Charges
Hagel's Possible Future Colleagues: Former Aides
White House: Hagel 'Fought and Bled' for His Country
7 Things You Need to Know About Chuck Hagel
Benghazi Flap
Panel Finds That US Envoy Shares Blame for Benghazi Security Lapses
Benghazi Attack: US Security Chief Eric Boswell Quits
State Dept. to Beef Up Security at Diplomatic Posts in Dangerous Areas
Kerry Calls on Military to Help Protect Diplomats
Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Afghans
Afghan President Welcomes British Pullout Timeline
Georgian Serviceman Missing in Afghanistan
New Scenery for Breaking the Ice With the Taliban
Ex-Afghan Spy Chief Oppose Paris Conference on Afghanistan
German Attack Helicopters to Augment Forces in Afghanistan
Pakistani Polio Workers Continue Vaccination Drive With Police Protection After Killings
Pakistan Clerics Calls for Protests Against Polio Worker Killings
S. Korean President-Elect Vows Deeper N. Korea Engagement, but Pyongyang May Be Wary
Tensions Between Japan and South Korea Complicate US Efforts on Security
In China's Shadow, ASEAN Leaders Look to India for Maritime Security
Resounding Victory in Indian Vote Nudges Polarizing Figure Closer to a Larger Race
India Court Lets Italian Marines Go Home for Christmas
Malian Militias Prepare for War
North Mali Islamist Group Adds New Brigade
Thousands Fleeing South Sudan Clashes Seek UN Refuge
Nigeria Gunmen Seize French Man in Katsina
Fifty-Five People Drowned Off Somali Coast: UNHCR
Rwanda Genocide: ICTR Jails Augustin Ngirabatware
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