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Updated December 25, 2012 - 9:17 PM EST
US Officials Doubt Syrian Chemical Attack Claim
  No Christmas in Rebel-Held Northern Syria
Egypt Constitution Passes With 63.8 % 'Yes' Vote
Afghan Policewoman Kills US Adviser
  Prince Harry's First Killing in Helmand Province
Israel Announces 1,200 More Settlement Houses
  Netanyahu's Christmas Address: Muslims a Threat to Christians
  Israeli Opposition Party Banned From Mentioning Plutocrats
US Drone Strikes Kill Five in Southern Yemen
  When US Drones Kill Civilians, Yemen's Govt. Tries to Conceal It
Is White House Backing Down on Hagel?
Into Africa: US to Send Troops to 35 Nations
Iran Nuke Unlikely to Trigger Mideast Arms Race
The Amazing Truce: Christmas in the Trenches
North Vietnam, 1972: The Christmas Bombing of Hanoi
Chuck Hagel and the Trial-Balloon Method  by David Bromwich
Private Murders Versus Government Murders  by Michael Tennant
'Somehow a Republican'  by W. James Antle III
Pyongyang Is Still Deterred  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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US Pro-Israel Groups Warm Up to Kerry as Top Diplomat
Lebanese Border Means Little in Syria's Civil War
UN Sets March Conference on Global Arms Trade Treaty
Israeli Subs Operated in Foreign Waters: Report
US Marines to Face Random Blood-Alcohol Tests
Saudi Website Editor Could Face Death for Apostasy
UN Envoy to Syria Worried Over Crisis After Talks With Assad
'It's Not Safe to Celebrate Christmas'
Syrian Christians 'Pray for Peace'
Ten Killed in Iraq, Including Iranian Exile
As President Talabani Recovers From Stroke, Questions of Succession Emerge
Baghdad Christians Attend Mass at Attacked Church
Iranian Exiles Blame Iraqis for Camp Death
A Delegation From the Ministry of Peshmerga Is to Visit Baghdad This Week
Taliban, Afghan Factions Meet in France
Troops in Afghanistan Find Cheer With a Yule Logon
Pakistan's Loneliest Church Celebrates Christmas in Taliban Country
Militants Attack Forces' Convoy in SW Pakistan, 2 Killed
India Gang Rape Protests: PM Appeals for Calm
Police Shut Down Roads to Stop India Rape Protests
Russia, India Sign Weapons Deals Worth Billions
UN Welcomes Positive Changes in Myanmar but Concerned Over Muslim-Buddhist Sectarian Violence
Hugo Chávez Aides Want to Postpone Swearing-In
Top Roman Catholic Cleric in Holy Land Celebrates Palestinian Statehood on Christmas
Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel Unlawful: Rights Group
Gaza Ceasefire Expands Fishing Area, but Risks Remain
Israel Establishes First University in Occupied West Bank
Israel Plans More Gunboats for Protecting Offshore Gas Rigs
Livni: PM Paying Lip Service to Two-State Solution
Jewish Home Leader Claims Netanyahu Planning to Form Coalition With Center-Left Parties
Former Israeli Chief Rabbi Indicted for Fraud
Indian Jews From 'Lost Tribe' Move to Israel
Iran, North Korea Missile Cooperation Mere Speculation: Defense Minister
Iran Slams Canada for Delisting Rebel Group
Egypt to Announce Official Result of Constitution Vote on Tuesday
Fragile Egypt Economy Overshadows Mursi's Vote Win
Egypt Ex-Jihadi Group: Opposition Used Violence
Christmas Brings Fear of Church Bombs in Nigeria
Islamist Group Ansaru 'Kidnapped' French Man
Mas Sworn in as Catalan President, Starting Independence Battle
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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