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Updated December 26, 2012 - 10:58 PM EST
Israel, US Doubt Syria Rebels' 'Poison Gas' Claims
  Syrian Army: Rebels Massacred Civilians in Hama Province
  Report: Syrian Foreign Ministry Defector in DC, Aiding US
Netanyahu Vows More Expansion in Next 4 Years
  Israeli FM's Aides Still Running Ministry After His Resignation
US Drone Strategy in Yemen Is Fraught With Peril
  Yemeni Army Sparks Clashes in Maarib: 17 Killed
Egypt Constitution Passes With 63.8% 'Yes' Vote
Kurds Suspend Oil Exports in Payment Dispute
NSA Targeting Domestic Computer Systems in Secret Test
Defense Firms Pessimistic on Deal to Avoid Sequestration
Routine Patrol Near Disputed Islands Sparks Alerts in China, Japan
The War Against Chuck Hagel  by Murray Polner
The Truth About Zero Dark Thirty: This Torture Fantasy Degrades Us All  by Michael Wolff
Hagel and His Critics: Cuba Edition  by Robert Golan-Vilella
Free the CIA Torture Report  The Los Angeles Times

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Newtown, Afghanistan
by Robert Dreyfuss
UN Officially Switches From 'Palestine' to 'State of Palestine'
Islamists Tighten Grip on Egypt's Shura Council
Russia Calls on US to End the 'Battle of the Blacklists'
Russian Ruling Party Official Shot Dead in Caucasus
Shooter in Afghanistan Insider Attack Is an Iranian National, Official Says
Kosovo Aims to Form Military Force and Join NATO
Records Show FBI Monitored Occupy
As Veterans Return, PTSD Could Become More Common in Workplace
Israel to Build 942 More Homes in East Jerusalem
Olmert: We're on Verge of 3rd Intifada
Israel Revisits Ban on Female Prayer at Holy Site
Likud-Beiteinu Puts Jerusalem, Settlement Construction at Fore of Its Election Campaign
Foreign Minister Lieberman Questioned by Police Over Ambassador Affair
Arab Teen: Attack by Haredim Was Unprovoked
Israeli PM Aims to Deport Tens of Thousands of Africans
Egypt Fears Over Currency Lead to Dollar Rush
In Egypt Islamists' Bastion, Discontent Creeps Up
Gunmen Shoot Dead 2 Top Yemen Security Officers
Yemen Tribesmen Hold Three Westerners for Ransom: Interior Ministry
3 Soldiers Wounded in Mine Blast in SE Turkey
Turkish Soldier Suicides Soar Over Abuse: Rights Group
Nigeria Gunmen Kill at Least Six Christians in Yobe
Central African Republic Rebels Seize Central Town, Defying Foreign Troops
Letters to God: Kenyans Appeal for Peaceful Election
VP Says Chavez Up, Walking; Doubts Persist
Mexico Bishop Inspires, Infuriates With Activism
Syrian Rebels Fully Capture Town Near Turkish Border After Weeks of Siege
New Wave of Syrian Refugees Flee to Turkey
Pope Benedict in Christmas Plea for Syria Solution
Iran Denies Any New Cyber Attack
Iran Warns Citizens to Avoid US Travel
Iran Says It Will Test New Subs, Drones in Upcoming War Games
GCC States Slam Iran Interference in Region
Iraq-Kurd Impasse Costing $20 Million a Day
Iraqi Turkmens Fear Over Rising Violence
No Need for Iraq's Federal Police in Disputed Territories, Provincial Officials Say
Karachi Continues to Bleed; 21 More Killed
Attack on Sunni Cleric in South Pakistan Kills 4
China Assails US Over Alliance With Japan and Possible F-16 Sales to Taiwan
US Moves to Sell Advanced Spy Drones to South Korea
Kazakhstan Military Plane Crash Kills 27; Senior Officials Said Onboard
Riot After Philippine Slum Fire
Delhi Gang Rape Protests Policeman Dies
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