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Updated December 29, 2012 - 9:57 PM EST
Pakistan: 21 Kidnapped Policemen Found Dead
  Pakistan Taliban Open to Talks but Not to Disarming
  General: 'US Using Spy Agencies of Other Countries Against Pakistan'
Senate Renews FISA Warrantless Wiretapping
  Senate Rejects Fourth Amendment Protection for Emails, Texts
Syrian Rebel Leader Snubs Russia on Talks
  Syria Jihadists Accuse US of Keeping Assad in Power
  Rebels Besiege Airports in Northern Syria
  Activists Say Airstrike in North Syria Kills 14
US Scraps Entire Fleet of Afghan Cargo Planes
Iraqi Sunnis Stage Big Anti-Government Rallies
Egypt Opposition Says Islamists Trying to Stifle Dissent
GOP and Feinstein Join to Fulfill Obama's Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping  by Glenn Greenwald
An Overhyped Threat: Ballistic Missiles  by Robert Farley
Don't Believe Initial Accounts of Drone Strikes Killing 'al-Qaeda Militants'  by Matt Welch
The Larger Question of Chuck Hagel  by Ray McGovern
The National Security State's Embrace of Dictatorships  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Institutionalizing 'Secret' Drone Strikes  by Mark Weisbrot

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a Brutal Ally

by Zainab al-Khawaja
Senate Roll Call Vote on FISA Renewal
Number of Jailed Journalists Sets Global Record
General Norman Schwarzkopf Dies at Age 78
Alleged Militants Detained in Djibouti Charged by US Court
Afghanistan Kunduz Victim Families File Germany Claim
Poll: Likud-Beytenu in Free Fall
Israel Criticized by Britain Over West Bank University Plan
Fatah Reinstates Plans for Gaza Anniversary Event
Lod's Arab Residents Protest Against 'Settlements'
5 Border Police Hurt in Attempt to Evacuate Oz Zion Outpost
Turkish Officials: 2 Syrian Generals Defect
Kurds Caught Up in Midst of Syrian Conflict
Airstrike in Yemen Kills 2 al-Qaeda Suspects
Gunmen Attack Yemen Oil Pipeline After Repairs
Middle East
Iran Begins Naval War Games in Strait of Hormuz
Protesters Shut Down Libya Oil Terminal
Iraq Star Rises in OPEC as Embargo Hurts Iran
Saudi Arabia Says Man Shot Dead in Shi'ite Oil Area
Thousands Protest Botched 2011 Turkish Military Attack That Killed 34 Kurdish Smugglers
Central African Republic Neighbors to Send Troops to Fight Rebels
Islamists' Harsh Justice on Rise in Northern Mali
Central African Republic: Residents Flee Bangui as Rebels Pause for Talks
Russian Acquittal Escalates Human Rights Feud With US
Thatcher Was Ready for Falkland Islands Deal, National Archives Papers Show
Apparent Execution of Afghan Soldier Shown on Afghan TV
Failure Threatens Germany's Afghan Police Training Mission
Theater Sustainment Command Faces Challenges With Afghanistan Exit
Afghanistan Female Air Force Pilots Left Grounded
Pakistani Taliban Call for Ceasefire in Video Statement
Pakistan Seeks Help From Tribal Elders to Rescue 23 Policemen Likely Kidnapped by Taliban
Three Shot Dead in Panjgur
NATO Container Attacked
Pakistan: YouTube to Be Unblocked in 24 Hrs
Pentagon Preps Stealth Strike Force to Counter China
China's Giant New Warplane Will Look Awfully Familiar to the USAF
North Korea Looks to Be Ready for Nuke Test
South Korea Retrieves North Korean Rocket Engine Debris
Indian Soldiers Kill 2 Rebels in Kashmir
Myanmar Gives Go-Ahead for Private Newspapers in 2013
Court Appeal of Dissident Vietnam Bloggers Is Rejected
Okinawa Marine Faces Trespass Charges
Nowhere to Use Japan's Growing Plutonium Stockpile
Eight Charged With Víctor Jara's 1973 Murder in Chile After Coup
Mexico Finds Smuggling Tunnel Near US Border
VP Reads Message From Ailing Chavez to Military
US Requests Colombia Urabenos 'Gang Leader' Extradition
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