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Updated December 30, 2012 - 11:06 PM EST
Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong
  US Drone Strike Kills Three in Yemen
Pakistan Militants Kill 41 in Execution, Attack
  US Drones Kill Five, Wound 3 in Pakistan Home
  Drone War Spurs Pakistan Militants to Deadly Reprisals
Russian FM Says Syria's Assad Won't Go
  Assad's Forces Seize Homs District From Rebels: Activists
  Without Negotiations, Syria Will Be the New Somalia, UN Envoy Says
Israel's FM Vows Talks Only if Abbas Goes
  Top Netanyahu Adviser Set to Become Israel's Next US Ambassador
  Egypt Begins Transfer of 1000s of Tons of Building Materials to Gaza
Obama Touts Hagel, Says No Decision on DefSec
China Requires Internet Users to Register Names
Activists Voice Dismay as Senate Renews Govt. Surveillance
GOP and Feinstein Join to Fulfill Obama's Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping  by Glenn Greenwald
An Overhyped Threat: Ballistic Missiles  by Robert Farley
Don't Believe Initial Accounts of Drone Strikes Killing 'al-Qaeda Militants'  by Matt Welch
The Larger Question of Chuck Hagel  by Ray McGovern
The National Security State's Embrace of Dictatorships  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Institutionalizing 'Secret' Drone Strikes  by Mark Weisbrot

More Viewpoints

a Brutal Ally

by Zainab al-Khawaja
How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy
Iraqi Boy Hit by American Missile – 10 Years Later
Venezuelan Deports Alleged French Agent Accused of Plotting to Kill Chavez
Suicide Hotline Fights to Keep Vets and Troops Alive
Australian General Battles PTSD
Iran May Be Reconsidering Position on Syria
US Officials: Syria Using More Accurate, Iranian-Made Missiles
Syrian Airline Cancels Flight to Aleppo
4 Children Killed in Fire at Syrian Refugee Camp in Turkey
Syria's War Creates Concern for Its Neighbor
Israeli Minister Rejects UK's Rebuke of Construction Beyond the Green Line
Arab League Chief Says Palestinians to Petition UN
Arab League Chief Calls Last 20 Years of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations 'Waste of Time'
Livni: Radical Right Promotes Violence Against Israeli Soldiers
After Riot, Settlers Leave Illegal Outpost at Will
5 Policemen Lightly Wounded as IDF Tries to Evacuate West Bank Outpost
IDF Corps at Odds Over Techie Recruits
Five Journalists Killed in Iraq During 2012
Iconic Face of the Iraq War Ali Abbas on His Emotional Wedding to Childhood Sweetheart
Middle East
Yemen Intelligence Officer Killed by Gunmen in SE Province
Iran Carries Out Mine-Planting Operations in Ongoing Naval Drill: Report
Kabul Refugee Camps Again Feel Winter's Deadly Bite
The End of Female Engagement Teams in Afghanistan
A Fight for Afghanistan's Most Famous Artifact
Pakistan Official: Benazir Bhutto 'Killer' Died in Drone Strike
Blast in Pakistan's Karachi Kills Seven on Bus, 48 Hurt
Five People Including Political Activist Shot Dead in Karachi
Gunmen Kill Four Policemen in SW Pakistan
Six Charged With Murder in India as Rape Victim Dies
North Korea's Caste System, Long the Arbiter of Life, Frays Under the Growing Power of Money
Egypt's Presidents Warns Against Unrest
Egypt Central Banks Warns Foreign Currency Reserves at 'Minimum Critical Level'
Muslim Brotherhood Official Tells Egyptian Jews to Leave Israel, Return to Egypt
Central African Republic
Rebels Take City of Sibut Without a Fight
Capital Imposes Curfew as Rebels Close In
Government, Rebels Agree to Talks
50 US Troops Helping Evacuation of US Citizens, Diplomats From Central African Republic
France Deploys 150 More Soldiers to CAR
Fifteen Tied Up and Killed in Nigeria
Nigeria's National Human Rights Commission Blasts Detention of 2 Journalists Without Charges
South Sudan Says President Ready to Meet Sudan's Bashir
Extremism on the Rise in Zanzibar
Top Zimbabwe Law Professor Quits Human Rights Commission Over Lack of State Support
Doctors Without Borders: Humanitarian Situation Will Further Deteriorate if More Somali Refugees Sent to Kenya Camp

State Dept. Strengthens Haiti Travel Warning

Hunger Strike Pressures Canada PM, Aboriginal Protests Spread
Mexican Marines Kill 4 Who Tried to Steal the Body of Drug Boss in Gulf Coast Region
Argentina Makes Progress on Past Injustices
Macedonian Opposition Rallies to Demand Early Elections
Explosives Found Near Home of Cyprus President
The War at Home
One in 12 in US Military Has Clogged Heart Arteries
Lockheed Wins DoD Contracts Worth as Much $5.6 Billion
Americans Still Dying
Mansfield (GA) Man Working as Contractor for Dyncorp Killed by Afghan Policewoman
Father of Two, Austin (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghan Bombing
Pottstown (PA) Navy SEAL Commander Dies in Afghanistan
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