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Updated January 3, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Comparing US and Soviet Failures in Afghanistan
  Gen. Allen Presents Options for US Troops in Afghanistan Past 2014
Court Rejects Obama Disclosure on Drone Strikes
  Obama Signs 2013 NDAA, Blocking Closure of Gitmo
  Obama's Renditions: Short on Evidence, Long on Secrecy
At Least 30 Killed in Damascus Air Strike
  War in Syria Such an Obviously Bad Idea, Even DC Insiders Know It
  UN Estimates 60,000 Dead in Syrian Civil War
  Can an Anti-Blackout Save Journalist James Foley in Syria?
Settlers Attack Palestinian Village of Jalud
  Likud Officials Call for Israeli Annexation of West Bank Territories
  Poll: Likud-Beiteinu Slips and Jewish Home Surges in Israel Vote
  Left, Far-Right and Center: Israeli Parties Strive to Cross 'Threshold'
Suicide Bomber Kills 27 Shi'ite Pilgrims in Iraq
  Wed.: 14 Killed in Iraq Violence; 46 Kurd Rebels Killed in Turkish Op
Websites Fall for 'Gang Rape' Story Peddled by Islamophobes
13 Killed in US Drone Strikes in Pakistan: Militia Leader 'Slain'
Soaring Cost of Military Drugs Could Hurt Budget
Central African Republic Rebels Halt Advance, Agree to Talks
Obama Needs Hagel in the Pentagon  by Ray McGovern
Mr. Obama, Make 2013 a Year of Change  by Doug Bandow
Reflections on the Torture Debate  by Joseph Margulies
Surviving War, Falling to Suicide  by Kelley Vlahos
What Is an Assange?  by John Cusack
Crossover Drones  by Tom Barry

More Viewpoints

ACLU Slams Court for Keeping Details of Obama's Assassinations Secret
Google Chairman Going to North Korea
Russia to Hold Large-Scale Mediterranean, Black Sea Naval Drills
Pakistan's 'PATRIOT Act' Could Target Politicians
Al-Jazeera Buys Current TV From Al Gore in Bid to Gain Foothold in US TV Market
Danger Lies Between the Lines of a US Army Contract in Afghanistan
Hekmatyar Vows Fresh Attacks on NATO in Afghanistan
MoD Denies Charge That Prince Harry 'Kills Innocent Afghans While He Is Drunk'
Taliban Likens US Afghan Role to Vietnam War
UN Worried About Reports of Air Strikes in Myanmar
Philippine Communist Rebels Call Off Truce
Drop in North Korean Refugees to South Korea
Nicolas Sarkozy Did Take £40 Million of Muammar Gadhafi's Cash, French Judge Is Told
State Dept. Warns Against Travel to Libya
Nominee to Be Libyan Foreign Minister Turns Down the Job
A Decade After Central African Republic President Seized Power He Now Faces Rebel Threat of His Own
Ethiopia Says Breaks Up Islamist Militant Cell
Detained Nigerian Newspaper Journalists Released
Jordanian UN Hostages Freed in Darfur After Four Months
Thirteen Colombian FARC Rebels Reportedly Killed in Air Strike
Venezuela Opposition: Chavez Secrecy Feeds Rumors
Bolivia Aims to Join Mercosur Trade Bloc
The War at Home
NYC Couple Arrested for Explosives; Woman Gives Birth in Custody
Disbarred Miami Lawyer Charged With Trying to Sell Saddam Hussein Family's Guns
Journalist James Foley Captured in Syria, Family Goes Public
Lebanon Official: We Cannot Close Borders With Syria
Israel Orders Bedouins to Leave West Bank Area
Israel Bars Foreigners in West Bank From Entering Israeli Territories
Citing Biblical Precedent, Netanyahu Cautions Against 'Rushed' Peace Agreement
Hailing Completion of Main Part of Egypt Border Fence, PM Vows to Eject Migrants Already in Israel
Israel Poll: Woman as PM Not Suited to Deal With Iran
Yisrael Beiteinu Trying to Buy Votes?
FIFA Asks Israel to Restore VIP Status of Palestinian Soccer Chief
Iran Says It Captured 2 More US Drones in Past
Tehran Says Hoping for Nuclear Talks 'Very Soon'
Iran Says All Objectives of Naval Drills Achieved
14 Killed in Random Violence; 46 Kurdish Rebels Killed in Turkish Operation
Sunnis Set Up Tent City to Protest Iraqi PM Al-Maliki
Iraq's Tuz Khurmatu Caught in Middle of Territory Dispute
Lebanese Hostages' Families Rally, Pressing for Release
Lebanon Grocery Store Apologizes for Israeli Bell Peppers
Middle East
Yemen Reportedly Interrogates Alleged Israeli Spy
UN Official Delays Human Rights Visit to Bahrain
Algerian Forces Kill 2 More Radical Islamist Insurgents, Raising Two-Day Total to 9
Turkish Pilots' Deaths Investigated
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