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Updated January 8, 2013 - 11:16 PM EST
Hagel Likely to Favor Swift Afghan Withdrawal
  Opposition to Hagel May Be Softening
  Likud Official: Israel 'Concerned' With Hagel Nomination
  Hagel Says Critics Distort His Views on Israel, Iran
US Ex-Officials Criticize Obama's Drone War
  US Drones Pound Pakistan: 25 Killed in Two Days
Obama's Drone Godfather Named as CIA Chief
  Obama's CIA Nominee to Face Tough Questions About Torture
Israel Official Pushes US to Threaten Iran Invasion
  Iran Oil Minister: Sanctions Cut Exports by 40 Percent
  Iran Says Its Missiles Can Target Within 2,000 KM Range
In Israel, Sen. Rand Paul Makes Case for 'Gradual' Aid Cuts
  In Boost to Netanyahu, Israeli Center-Left Bloc Fails to Unite
NATO Soldier Killed by Afghan Soldier in Country's South
US-Funded Paramilitaries in Indonesia Kill with Impunity
John Brennan's Extremism and Dishonesty Rewarded With CIA Director Nomination  by Glenn Greenwald
Justifying Assassination  Los Angeles Times
What Bush-Cheney-Obama Don't Want Known on Torture  by Nat Hentoff
Chuck Hagel's Views Are Mainstream  by John Glaser
Excusing Torture, Again  by Ray McGovern
The TSA Wants to Be Everywhere in 2013  by Christopher Elliott

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Bolivia Accuses US of Plotting Against Morales
Guantanamo Is a Place of Sometimes Puzzling Secrecy
Boehner: We're Fine With Defense Cuts
Google Head and Former US Governor in N. Korea Visit
Suspected US Drone Found Floating in Philippines
Syrian State Media Says Troops Repulse Rebel Attack in Aleppo
Russian Banks Should Beware Blacklisted Syria Banks: US Official
Dutch Patriot Missiles Shipped Out to Turkey
Scavenging for Food, Syrian Children Witness War
Bennett: Parties Must Pledge Not to Evacuate Illegal Outposts
Shas Spiritual Leader Threatens Mass Exodus if State Drafts Ultra-Orthodox
Netanyahu Says He Will 'Never Divide Jerusalem,' Could Accept a Centrist Coalition
Election Committee Bans Balad, Far-Right Party Ads
Gaza's Archaeological Treasures at Risk From War and Neglect
Ten Killed in Iraq; Shots Fired at Anti-Government Protest
Iraq Back on the Brink: Could Early Elections Break Deadlock?
Iraq MP Warns Security Forces Not to Attack Protesters in Niniveh
Iraq Central Bank Boosts Gold Reserves
Egypt Says It Foils Car Bombing Near Gaza Border
Egyptian Biochemist Wrongly Accused Over London Attacks Living in Limbo
Middle East
US Gives Lebanon 200 Armored Vehicles
Bahrain Jails Anti-Regime Activists, Overturns Appeals
Libyan President Says He Survived Attack
Obama Nominates Hagel
A Chronology of the War Against Chuck Hagel
Sen. Rand Paul 'Open-Minded' on Hagel
Hagel Would Be First Former Grunt to Lead DoD
Anti-Defamation League Won't Oppose Hagel
Jewish Democrats 'Confident' Hagel Will Follow Obama's Pro-Israel Lead
Obama to Meet Afghan President Karzai on Friday: White House
$450,000 Stolen From the Afghan National Bank
Brothers of North Korea's Kim Jong Eun Notably Absent
US-Wanted Algerian Hacker Arrested in Thailand
Central African Republic
Rebels, Central African Republic Leaders Head to Talks
Central African Rebel Spokesman: We Could Take Capital
South Sudan Arrests 2 State TV Journalists
Civil War Still Rages in Nuba Mountains, Thwarting Sudan, South Sudan Peace
Malian Islamists Move South Toward Government Forces
Report: Ugandan Rebel Group Has Links With Somali Militants
Gambia Detains Local AP Journalist for a Second Time
Northern Ireland Police Clash With Rioters for Fifth Night
Bulgarian Authorities Fire Investigator for Revealing Info About Deadly Bomb Attack
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