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Updated January 10, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
Two Bombs Kill 115, Wound Over 200 in Pakistan
John Brennan’s Lie About Civilian Casualties
  US Drone Use Setting Off New Global Arms Race
Iraq Closes Border With Jordan, Citing 'Security'
  KBR, Guilty in Iraq Negligence, Wants Taxpayers to Foot the Bill
Aleppo Misery Eats at Syrian Rebel Support
  Syria Exchanges 2,130 Prisoners for Return of 48 Iranian Pilgrims
  UN Envoy Takes Sides: 'Assad's Family in Power Too Long'
Israeli President 'Sure' Obama Will Attack Iran
  Probably Iran's Fault': US Officials Settle on Iran in Absence of Evidence
Obama Mulling a Complete Afghan Withdrawal?
  Is US 'Pullout' Talk Simply Tough Diplomacy for Karzai Visit?
  Many Afghan Ex-Insurgents Regret Laying Down Arms
  NATO Supplies Halted as Pakistani Truckers Strike
The Outrage of Manning’s ‘Aiding the Enemy’ Charges
Gitmo Judge: Evidence Exonerating Detainee Stays Secret
Hagel's Views Shaped by Vietnam War
How to Fix the GOP's Foreign-Policy Problem  by Daniel Larison
Even a Military Judge Recognizes: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated  by Glenn Greenwald
It's Official: Iran's Presence in the Region a Threat to US, According to Congress and Obama  by Alex Main
John Brennan's Kill List  by Amy Davidson
John Brennan vs. a Sixteen-Year-Old  by Medea Benjamin
Obama Should Reconsider US Approach to Bahrain  by Toby Craig Jones

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Iraq War Poll Finds Most Think War Was Mistake
Four Polish Soldiers Re-Tried in Afghan War Crimes Case
US-Backed Gulf Rulers Take Sharper Aim at Web Dissent
US Official: UK Risks 'Turning Inwards' on EU Referendum
Manning Prosecutors Reach Back to 1863 to Argue He Aided al-Qaeda
Russia: West Should Consider Assad's Proposals
Jihadists Seize Parts of Syria Airport
Cry for Food in Syria May Be Opening for Peace
Iraqi Kurdish Government Agrees to Reopen Syria Border Crossing
Freed Iranians Arrive in Damascus After Prisoner Swap
Syria Refugee Camp Ravaged by Storm in Jordan
Netanyahu Slams Palestinian Reconciliation Talks
Egypt President Tries Hand at Palestinian Rivalry
Peres Blasts Netanyahu: Terror Attacks Will Resume
Bennett Doesn't Yet Favor End to US Aid
Lapid's Rule for Joining Coalition: Shas or Me
Walls and Winter Rains Afflict Palestinian Towns
Hamas University Now Offers a Degree in Hebrew
Traditional Jews Vote Likud-Beytenu, While the Orthodox Choose Bennett
Nuclear Talks With Iran Delayed
'Iran Will Not Accept Demands Beyond NPT'
UK Man Sentenced in Texas for Bid to Sell Weapons Parts to Iran
Eight Killed Across Iraq
Baghdad Force Deployed East of Fallujah, Anbar Council Requests Arab League, UN Involvement
Iraq's Kurds and Sunni Arabs Pushed Closer by Opposition to Maliki
Thousands Protest in Shiite Provinces in Southern Iraq
Iraqiya MP: We Will Dissolve the Government if Partners Continued Stalling
Preacher Alarms Many in Egypt With Calls for Islamist Vice Police
Egypt's Ultraconservative Party Names New Leader
In Chavez's Absence, US Works to Open Communication With Venezuela
Chavez Swearing-In Delay Legal, Rules Venezuela Court
The War at Home
Bradley Manning's Trial Pushed Back Again
Muslim Group Concerned About Brennan
Federal Appeals Court Considers Release of Postmortem Osama bin Laden Photos
Eric Holder to Stay on as US Attorney General
Video: A Navy SEAL's Tragic Secret
Zero Dark Thirty Creators Defend Film From Torture Criticism
Afghan Lawmakers Say Total US Pullout Would Trigger Disaster
Displaced Afghans Feel Strangers at Home
Cuts Have Clipped Wings of RAF in Afghanistan
US Concerned Over Kashmir LoC Firing Incident
Pakistan Dismisses Claims Indian Soldier Was Beheaded
Gunmen Kill Shia Doctor in Peshawar
A Chinese Web Censor Snaps, Goes on Public Rant
Japan and China Step Up Drone Race as Tension Builds Over Disputed Islands
Japan to Raise Military Budget for First Time in Decade Amid China Row
Photo Found of Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud Splitting in Two
Kashmir Shooting: India's Kurshid Warns on Escalation
Google Boss, Ex-US Governor Urge North Korea Openness
UK Reins in Defence Equipment Costs and Project Delays
UK 'Complacent' Over Military Cyber-Attack Risk, MPs Warn
Tribal Clashes in Libya's Kufra Kill 4
Mali Army Reinforces, Expects Islamist Attack
NATO Forces Needed in Mali, Says AU's Chairman
NATO Says No Mali Plans, Compaore Urges Talks
NATO Says No Mali Plans, Compaore Urges Talks
Media Come Under Fire in South Sudan
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