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Updated January 14, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Afghan Tribal Elders to Decide on US Immunity
  NATO Kills 4 in Night Raid on Afghan Mosque
US, Britain Helping in French Attack on Mali
  As France Pounds Mali, Civilians in the Line of Fire
  France: Mali's Islamists 'Surprisingly Strong'
  Eight Civilians Killed in Botched US-Backed French Raid on Somalia
Netanyahu Vows to Build E-1 Settlements
  Palestinian Outpost Eviction Exposes Double Standard on Settlements
US Blames Iran for South Yemen Secessionists
  Hundreds of Thousands Rally for Secession in Yemen's South
14 Pak Soldiers Killed in Waziristan Bombing
  Pakistan Dismisses Balochistan Govt as Shi'ite Protests Grow
Pentagon Prepares for Sequestration Cuts
Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel
Iran Unable to Get Life-Saving Drugs Due to Sanctions
Sour US-Russia Relations Threaten Obama's Agenda
Learning From the Soviets: How to Withdraw From Afghanistan  by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Afghan Peace Activist: Drones Bury Beautiful Lives  by Kathy Kelley, Afghan Peace Volunteers
Eleven Years of Guantánamo: End This Scandal Now!  by Andy Worthington
For Washington, There Is No Arms Control Abroad  by Tom Engelhardt
Iran & the Fallacy of Saber-Rattling  by Paul Pillar
And the Academy Award for the Promotion of Torture Goes to …  by David Clennon

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Powell Says Hagel 'Doesn't Have to Agree With Israel on Everything'
Netanyahu Keeps Clear of Hagel Confirmation Fight
Noam Chomsky Blasts Obama on Drones: He Has No Moral Center
Family of Web Pioneer Aaron Swartz Accuse Lawyers and MIT of Driving Him to Suicide
Syrian Forces Kill 26 in Bombardment East of Capital, Opposition Claims
Report: Iran Spying on Israel From Syria
Assad's Removal From Power 'Impossible': Russia
Russia Tells Syria Rebels: Seek Dialogue With Damascus
The Rise and Fall of Bab Al-Shams
IDF Troops Kill Palestinian Attempting to Cross West Bank Security Barrier
Fayyad Says PA to Crumble Without Arab Cash Infusion
Israeli Right-Wing Activists to March on Arab Town, Demand No Rights for Arabs
Rand Paul: Israel's Policies Are Not Our Business
Eight Killed in Iraq; Finance Minister Survives Bombing
Iraq's Sadr Demands 'Fair Implementation' of National Security Laws
Iraq MP: Southern Provinces Would Halt Oil Exports if the Region Continues to Export Oil Through Turkey
190 Georgian 'Political' Prisoners Walk Free
Britain's New Stealth Bomber Is Unmanned and Fully Autonomous
Colombia's Government Pushing for Faster Pace as Peace Talks With FARC Resume in Havana
New Rules Allow Cubans to Keep Residency Amid Travel
The War at Home
Orlando Florida Patrolled by Surveillance Drones as Early as This Summer
Fort Bragg Expects to Stop Using Goats for Trauma Training as Military Moves to Ban It
Pakistan Shi'ites to Bury Bomb Victims After Meeting PM
Protests Grow Across Pakistan After Killing of Shi'ites
Thousands Join Pakistan Cleric's 'Long March'
Girls School Blown Up in Bara
Afghanistan: Blast Kills 7 Civilians After NATO Raid
Japan Holds Military Drill Aimed at Island Defense
Tens of Thousands Take to Taipei Streets to Protest Taiwan's China-Friendly President
French Warplanes Pound Mali City of Gao
UN Security Council to Meet on Mali
Top Ansar Dine Leader Killed in Mali
Making Sense of Mali's Armed Groups
RAF C17 Cargo Plane to Help French Operation
Obama Says US Warplanes Involved in Somali Rescue Mission
France Defends Failed Somali Raid to Rescue Hostages as Toll Mounts
North Africa
Egypt Opens Old Wound With Mubarak Retrial
Historic Tunisian Mausoleum at Tourist Site Burned Down Amid Tensions
Formerly Outlawed Rock Band Finds Voice in New Libya
Prime Minister Booted From Job in Central African Republic, Part of Peace Deal With Rebels
Senegal Rebels Alienate Those They Fight For
Chinese Workers Abducted in Sudan's Darfur
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