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Updated January 25, 2013 - 11:09 PM EST
UN Launches Probe of Civilian Drone Deaths
  Drones Provoke Growing Controversy in US
Netanyahu Seeks Broad Center-Right Coalition
  Abbas Courts Israeli Centrists to Kickstart Peace Talks
  Rand Paul: Any Attack on Israel Will Be Treated as Attack on the US'
  Israeli DM: Lack of Syria Invasion a 'Lesson' to Israel
Iraqi Troops Fire on Protesters; 14 Killed, 72 Hurt
  Abuse in UK's Iraq Occupation Was 'Systemic'
Kerry: US Will 'Do What We Must' to Stop Iran
  Iran Sanctions Passed the Point of Effectiveness, Says Expert
French DM Admits to Mali's Summary Executions
  Report: Ansar Dine Splits as One Faction Eyes Peace Deal
  Russia, China Grapple With Mali's Future
  As Islamists Withdraw, Mali's North Faces Reprisals and Rights Abuses
9 Killed, 100s Wounded in Egypt Revolution 'Anniversary'
US, Britain Warn of Imminent Threats in Eastern Libya
North Korea: Warheads, Rockets Meant for Striking US
Assange Says WikiLeaks Movie 'Anti-Iran Propaganda'
The Bellicosity of a Democrat's Second Term  by Anthony Gregory
America's New Cold War With Russia  by Stephen F. Cohen
Yes, Pakistanis Really Do Hate America's Killer Drones  by Conor Friedersdorf
Will Obama Shun 'Perpetual War'?  by Steve Chapman
India, Pakistan Peer Into the Abyss  by MK Bhadrakumar
Iran Wants a Nuclear Deal, Not War  by Hossein Mousavian

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US Pro-Israel Jewish Figures Sign Ad Endorsing Hagel as Defense Secretary
400 Christian Leaders to Lobby Against Hagel
Democratic Support for Hagel Grows, No GOP Senator Has Endorsed
Putin Says Regional Revolts Led to Algeria Attack
Report: USAID Probed for Alleged Bid-Rigging
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the New Face of al-Qaeda
Algeria Militants' Shrewd Media Game
Shin Bet Reports Increase in Terror Attacks in 2012, but Fatalities Drop 55%
Israel Expected to Boycott UN Rights Scrutiny Session: US
Key Parties in Incoming Israeli Parliament
Yachimovich to Netanyahu: Labor Will Sit in Opposition
Gaza Teens Graduate From Hamas Military School
Assad's Mother Fled Syria, US Ambassador Confirms
Syrian Govt. Allows Exiled Opposition to Return Home for Dialogue, Rebels Intensify Attacks
France Sees No Sign Syria's Assad Will Be Toppled Soon
Why Were German Soldiers 'Attacked' in Turkey?
Turkey in 'High-Risk' Strategy to End Fighting With Kurds
Turkey Aids Iran Through Gold Trade
Nine Killed Across Iraq
2 Policemen Killed, One Wounded in Samara
Clashes in Egypt on Eve of Uprising Anniversary
Egyptian Opposition to Mark Uprising With New Protests
In the New Egypt, Many Remnants of the Mubarak Order Lead Comfortable Lives
Morsi Says 'Certain Forces' Give Him Bad Press
Middle East
Arabian al-Qaeda's Number Two Is Dead: Yemeni Official
Tribal Leaders, Loyalists Seen Sweeping Jordan Vote
Politics and Kim Kardashian's Business in Bahrain
The War at Home
Kerry Skeptical on Need for More US Forces in Asia
Mumbai Attack Plotter Sentenced to 35 Years in US
Pakistan Admits to Holding 700 'Terrorists' Without Charge
Imran Khan Predicts Victory in Pakistan Elections
Twin Blasts Kill 4 in Karachi
US Navy Ship Aground on Philippine Reef 'Taking in Water'
Unrest in Nepal Over Journalist Dekendra Thapa's 2004 Murder
Mali Army, Riding US Hopes, Is Proving No Match for Militants
Timbuktu a Ghost Town as Mali Islamists Leave
French Troops Face Complicated Military Landscape in Mali
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Tells France to Cease Mali Military Operations
Top Mali Imam Denounces Northern Islamists, Mursi Comments
Burkinabe Troops Join French-Led Push Against Mali Rebels
Congo Rebels Say Peace Talks at Standstill
The Future of Sudan – One State or Several?
UK Sergeant 'Stranded' in Kenya After Civilian Shot Dead
Chinese Media Expands Africa Presence
Cameron: I Don't Want a Country Called Europe
UK Ministers Consider Clampdown on 'Industrial Users' of Freedom of Information
Prince Harry 'Unlikely' to See Front Line Action Again
12 Suspected Militants Including 2 Warlords Killed in Mountains of Chechnya
US Firms, Officials Resisting Europe's Push for Stronger Digital Privacy Rules
Irishwoman at Center of IRA Tapes Fight Found Dead
Colombia Peace Talks 'in Mambo Rhythm', Say FARC Rebels
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