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Updated January 26, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
US Can Stop Supporting Arab Tyrannies
  Pentagon: Budget Cuts Would 'Hurt War Effort'
US Admits Mistakes in Training Mali Troops
  US Debating Deeper Involvement in France's Mali Invasion
  British Spy Plane Joins Mali War, Raising Fear of Mission Creep
9 Die, 100s Hurt in Egypt Revolution 'Anniversary'
  41 Killed in Egyptian Clashes After Death Sentences for Soccer Riot
What's the Threat? North Korean Rhetoric, Reality
  China Threatens to Pull Aid From North Korea If They Test Nuke
Devil Is in the Details for Iran Nuclear Deal
  Iran, EU Trade Blame as Talks Pushed Back to February
  US-Led Economic Sanctions Strangle Iran's Drug Supply
Israeli Ultra-Orthodox to Merge to Counter Lapid
  Rand Paul: Any Attack on Israel Will Be Treated as Attack on the US
Hackers Hijack Govt Website to Avenge Swartz
Iraqi Troops Fire on Protesters; 14 Killed, 72 Hurt
CIA Whistleblower Gets 30 Months in Prison
US Court Throws Out Yet Another Guantanamo Conviction
Syria Pushes into Rebel-Held Homs, 80 Reported Slain
Government Persecution, From Aaron Swartz to Bradley Manning  by Chase Madar
PBS Infomercial for the Military Defense Industry  by Kevin Gosztola
Google Reveals the Extent of the FBI's Warrantless Email Snooping  by Dominic Rushe
The Feminist Objection to Women in Combat  by Noah Berlatsky
America's Pivot: One Big Contradiction  by Justin Logan
Mali Is Not Another Afghanistan  by Aaron Ellis

More Viewpoints

Officials Downplay Afghan Security Forces Joining Insurgents
France Joins Benghazi Exodous as Libya Protests
Pentagon Laying Off 46,000 Civilian Employees
Somalia's Al-Shabab Twitter Account Suspended
Obama Consults With Hollande on Security Issues
A Look at Countries Where Women Are in Combat
Syrian Rebels Detonate Car Bomb Near Israeli Border, 8 Killed
Jordan Says It Can Handle Any Syrian Chemical Threat
Syrian Warplanes Bomb Rebel-Held Areas Near Damascus; Troops, Rebels Clash Along Airport Road
France Admits There Are No Signs of Assad Falling, Despite Saying He Would
Syria's Bashar Al-Assad Won't Fall Soon, Jordan's King Says
Four Palestinians Wounded by IDF Fire in Northern Gaza Strip
Lapid Denies FM Rumors, Says Talks on Portfolios Haven't Started
8,000 Israeli Soldiers Vote for Party Supporting Marijuana Legalization
Jordan: No Time for Israel to Play the Waiting Game
Iraqi Troops Fire on Protesters; 14 Killed, 72 Wounded
Iraq Sunnis Threaten Army Attacks After Protest Deaths
In Iraq, 'No Retreat' Protests Turn Deadly
Bombs Target Kirkuk Because of Political Parties, Officials Say
Middle East
Bahrain: Tear Gas and Stun Grenades Fired as Protests Erupt
Tribal Movement Wins Jordan Vote, Islamists to Protest
Visiting US Official Highlights Military Ties With Lebanon
Turkey Approves Court Reform, Kurds Remain Critical
British Isles
Birmingham Terror Suspects 'Planned to Kill British Soldiers'
Petrol Bombs Fly Again as Northern Irish Flag Protests Continue
You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Mexican Suspects to Get Miranda-Style Warnings
Venezuela Prison Riot Leaves Over 50 Killed
Arrival of Cuba's Raul Castro in Chile Summit Angers Far-Right Party in Pinera's Coalition
Weekend Reviews
A Mind-Blowing Book on the Vietnam War
Ex-CIA Analyst Melvin Goodman Measures Cost of Militarization
Theodore & Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom
Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill & Rick Rowley's New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert US Warfare
Egypt Protesters Storm Government Building in Ismailia: Witnesses
Morsi Urges Egyptians to Reject Violence
Controversy Follows Egypt's Answer to Jon Stewart
French-Backed Mali Forces Push Towards Rebel-Held Gao
French, Mali Troops 'Take Northern Town of Hombori'
Mali Government Calls on Soldiers to Respect Human Rights After Reports of Killings
Islamists Destroy Bridge Near Niger Border in Mali
Libya Calls for United Nations Force in Mali
Norway Says 3 Missing Hostages Dead in Algeria
2 Mauritanian Agencies Get Scoops in Algeria Siege
Algeria Assessing Its 'Mistakes' in Hostage Standoff, Needs International Help, Minister Says
Medical Aid Group: Thousands Flee Congo Fighting
Campaigners Try to Stop Zimbabwe Gunship Delivery
Over 1,000 Afghan Army Soldiers Killed in Six Months
Suicide Bomber Misses NATO Convoy, Kills 5 Civilians, Wounds 25 in East
3 Georgian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Herat Bicycle Bombers From Camp for Displaced: Police
US Blacklists Afghan Airline Accused of Smuggling Opium
53 Militants Reported Killed During Clashes in Pakistan
Pakistan Confirms UN Investigation on Drone Strikes
Murder in Pakistan Sparks Anger at Country's Elite; Activists Turn to Social Media to Respond
Zero Dark Thirty Will Not Be Shown in Pakistan Cinemas
Kim Jong Eun Surgery Rumors Force Open a Sliver of Daylight With China
Top Chinese Diplomat Thinks Dispute With Japan Over Islands Can Be 'Controlled' Soon
Russia and Kazakhstan Argue Over Rocket Launches From Soviet-Built Baikonur Cosmodrome
Resentment Runs Deep in Azeri Town Hit by Rioting
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