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Updated January 28, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
12 Civilians Slain in French Attack on Mali Town
  French Troops Near Historic Mali City of Timbuktu
  Mali Militants Shift Up Tactics as France's War Coalition Grows
Israeli Officials Meet, Threaten Syria Attack
  Report: Obama Conditions Israel Visit on Peace Talk Progress
Secret Donors Finance Fight Against Hagel
  What the Suez Crisis Can Remind US About US Power
Iran Denies Rumors of Nuclear Plant Bombing
23 Afghan Police Killed in Bombings in 24 Hours
Pentagon, Prosecutors Clash on Gitmo Charges After Ruling
State of Emergency Declared After Bloody Egypt Weekend
Benghazi, Mali, and the Need for a Defensive American Strategy  by Jon Basil Utley
Hostage Crisis Highlights the Ongoing 'Dirty War' in Algeria  by Abdelkader Cheref
I Killed People in Afghanistan. Was I Right or Wrong?  by Timothy Kudo
The Afghan End Game?  by Ann Jones & Tom Engelhardt
Playthings of the Gods  by Matthew Harwood
Mali: Disregarded Lesson s in 'Humanitarian' Intervention  by Jeremy R. Hammond

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Obama Vows 'Never Again' on Holocaust Memorial Day
McCain Still Not Supporting Hagel
Pakistani Taliban vs. Militia Clash Toll Hits 71
Israel Prepares for Hezbollah Getting Syrian Weapons
Pentagon to Boost Cybersecurity Force
PM Tells Likud Ministers to Stop Their Bickering
Abbas: Lieberman Threatened to Assassinate Me
Netanyahu: Iran Preparing for Another Holocaust
Yesh Atid Demands to Keep Eshel Out of Govt Talks
Iranian Merchants Feeling Effects of West's Sanctions on Iran
Reports: Iranian Journalists Arrested in Raids on Newspapers
Iran Says Captures Two US-Made Miniature Surveillance Drones
Argentina and Iran Agree to Interrogate Suspects in Jewish Center Bombing in Tehran
Russia Says Assad's Prospects Fading
UN Humanitarian Chief in Damascus for Talks
Seven Dead, 630 Injured in Port Said Funeral Clashes
Egypt's New Eruption of Violence Deepens Malaise
French Forces Patrol Malian City of Gao as Others Make Way Toward Timbuktu
Mali Journalists Despair Over 'Invisible War'
UK: Specific Threat to Westerners in Somaliland
Four Killed in Iraq; Attacks on Soldiers Continue
Iraqi Sunni Fallujah Funerals Draw Thousands
Iraq: Al-Qaeda Offers $1000 Per Kidnapped Soldier
Baghdad Repeats Exxon Ultimatum: Kurdistan
Iraq Inks Oil Exploration Deal With Kuwait
Iraqiya MP: Sadrists' Withdrawal From the Committee of Seven Is a National Position
Middle East
Top UN Team Meets in Yemen to Push Reconciliation
BP Reconsidering Its Return to Libya
United Arab Emirates Charges 94 in Alleged Islamist Coup Plot
Afghan Bomb Kills 8 Police, 3 Detainees
China Could Prove Ultimate Winner in Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, Teaching Music to Overcome War's Percussion
Tokyo to Boost Military Headcount Amid China Island Row
Japan Launches 2 Intelligence Satellites
Venezuela Prison Riot Kills 61, Government Mum
6 Wounded by Gunfire During Melee at Headquarters of Main Dominican Opposition Party
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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