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Updated January 29, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
81 Slain Syrians Pulled From River
  Obama: US in Syria 'Could Trigger Worse Violence'
  Israeli Security Chief in Moscow to Discuss Syria Chemical Arms
  Al-Qaeda Backed Rebels Claim Credit for Massive Syria Bombing
US Plans Base for Drones Near Mali
  US Official: Mali Intervention 'Could Take Several Years'
  Britain Announces 'Sizable' Deployment of Ground Troops to Mali
  Hinting at Pullback, Is France Rethinking Mali War?
Israel Using Deadly Force on Unarmed Protesters
  Israeli Officials Peddle False Stories of Explosion in Iran
  Israel Slams Britain for Netanyahu Cartoon, Demands Apologies
  Map Confirms: 166 Settler Homes Built on Palestinian-Owned Land
Obama Closes Office Working to Shut Gitmo
Report: Afghan Troops Failing to Address Civilian Killings
11 Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Checkpoint Car Bombing
The Danger of the Still-Escalating Obama Whistleblower War  by Glenn Greenwald
Israel-Palestine: The One State Solution Is a Fantasy  by MJ Rosenberg
Why Serving in Combat Does Not Serve Women (or Anyone Else) Well  by Lucinda Marshall
US Action in Mali Is Another Undeclared War  by Ron Paul
The West's Hidden Agenda in Mali  by Victor Kotsev
The Department of Defense Is Not About Defense  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Okinawans Petition to Remove Ospreys, Close Base
UN Plans to Send at Least 2,500 Troops to Congo
Google Releases Detailed Map of North Korea, Gulags and All
Militants Attack Oil Pipeline in Algeria, Two Dead
US 'Does Not Believe' Reports About Blast at Iran Plant
Iran Has Launched Monkey Into Space, Claims News Agency
US Plays Down Purchase of Iran Oil by Company in South Korea
Lavrov: Iran and West Need to Set Venue for Talks
Iran 'Arrests 11 Journalists With Foreign Contacts'
UN Envoy to Syria Expected to Offer Bleak Forecast for Ending Conflict
UN in Funding Call as Syria Conflict Rages
Syria's Bashar Al-Assad Says His Wife Is Pregnant
Refugees Again, Palestinians Flee Syria's War
Israel Admits Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants Were Given Birth Control Shots
Israel Approves Plan to Transfer Some Bedouin Arabs; Rights Group Calls Plan 'Racist'
Shas Sending Netanyahu Mixed Messages About Joining Coalition
Shas Leaders Warn Against Haredi Draft, Urge Compromise
Habayit Hayehudi, Yesh Atid Gear for Coalition Talks
Hamas Says Next Inter-Palestinian Talks in Egypt
Nine Killed in Iraq, Including 4-Year-Old Girl
Maliki Could Be Barred From Seeking Third Term as Iraqi PM
Karbala Warns Against al-Qaeda Members Disguised as Beggars
Iraq-Based Church Leaders Electing New Patriach in Rome, for Security Reasons
Sheik Says Iraq Govt. Must Handover Soldiers Involved in Protest Shooting
Iraqi Refugee Argues That US Led Him On
Middle East
Yemen Seizes Boat Suspected of Smuggling Iranian Arms
Small Bomb Explodes in Hezbollah Stronghold South of Beirut
Afghanistan Seeks to Expand Defense Ties With Pakistan
Free, Fair Pakistan Polls Look Unlikely: Imran
India and Pakistan Resume Cross-Border Travel in Kashmir
Growing Support for Education in a Volatile Afghan Province
Iran-Donated Power Plants Won't Dent Afghans' Energy Needs
Vietnam Tries 22 Democracy Activists on Subversion
Marcos Dictatorship Victims to Be Compensated
The War at Home
'Like an Airborne Disease': Concern Grows About Military Suicides Spreading Within Families
At Guantanamo, a Minor Mystery as Audio, Video Feeds Are Cut at Hearing
Preserve CIA Prisons as Evidence, Lawyers for Sept. 11 Suspects Ask
Google Says Electronic Snooping by Governments Should Be More Difficult
Omar Abdel Rahman: The Push to Free the Imprisoned Islamist Extremist
Soldier Who Lost 4 Limbs Has Double-Arm Transplant
Military to Unveil New Counterinsurgency Field Manual
Sept. 11 Defendants Won't Respond to Gitmo Judge
Violence Flares in Egypt After Emergency Law Imposed
Protests Grow on Fifth Day of Unrest in Egypt
In Port Said, New Opposition to Egypt's Morsi
Masked Youth Claim to Defend Egypt Revolution, but Worry Islamists and Opposition
Egypt's Opposition Spurns Talks With Islamist Leader
Libya Denies Execution Plans for Gadhafi Spy Chief
British Embassy in Tripoli Aware of Report of Threat Against It
French Military Says Forces Have Entered Timbuktu, Mali but Do Not Yet Control It
Timbuktu Mayor: Mali Rebels Torched Library of Ancient Manuscripts
South Sudan
4 Civilians in South Sudan Die After Rebel-Army Clash
Dispute Over Military Command Holds Up DR Congo Peace Deal
Putin Sacks Leader of Russia's Troubled Dagestan Region
Italian Court: Missile Caused 1980 Mediterranean Plane Crash; Italy Must Pay Compensation
US Fighter Jet Missing Off Italian Coast
German Anti-Terror Laws Face Increased Scrutiny
Canadian Opposition Introduces Bill That Makes Secession Easier
8 Bodies Found in Mexico Where Band Went Missing
Guatemala Ex-Dictator to Stand Trial on Genocide Charges in Civil War Killings of Indians
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