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Updated January 31, 2013 - 11:23 PM EST
Israel Attacks Syria, Adding Complexity to War
  Israeli Airstrike in Syria Is a Sign of Things to Come
  Syria Opposition Leader Offers to Talk to Assad, Provokes Rebel Outcry
Neo-Cons Press Hagel in Confirmation Hearings
  Over $1 Million Spent on Anti-Hagel Advertising
  112 Pages of Chuck Hagel's Foreign-Policy Answers for the Senate
  Hagel Hearings to Focus on Iraq as Republicans Push Opposition
  Hagel: Window Is Closing on Iran and Possibility of Diplomacy
UN: Israel Must Withdraw All Settlers or Face ICC
  Report: Hamas Leader Backs Two-State Solution
  Israel's Lapid Eyes Key Economic Positions
Obama Will Thwart UN Probes of Drone War
  Drone Strike Prompts Suit, Raising Fears for U.S. Allies
  PBS Drone Coverage Brought to You by Drone-Makers
CIA Nominee Had Detailed Knowledge of Torture
French Move Into NE Mali, Tout 'Final Phase' of Invasion
Egypt's Secular, Islamist Opposition Urge Unity Govt.
Crackpot Pragmatism: Richard Cohen and Torture  by Steve Breyman
The Killings Have Nothing to Do With Our Rights and Freedoms  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Obama's Non-Closing of Gitmo and US Govt. Irony  by Glenn Greenwald
Chuck Hagel and the American Empire  by Mike Lofgren
Stand Up for Julian Assange  by Mairead Maguire
Same Old North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Some Inconvenient Truths
by Stephen M. Walt
Alexander Cockburn's FBI File
British Army's Iraq Torture and Murder Investigations to Be Reopened
Judge Overrules Censors in 9/11 Hearing
Zimbabwe Government Down to Its Last $217
Group: Phosphorus Used on Myanmar Protest
UK Defense Spending to Rise After 2015 Election
Hagel SecDef Nomination
Chuck Hagel Haters Mobilize Ahead of Thursday Confirmation Hearings
Why Some Conservatives Are Still Going After Hagel
Chuck Hagel Has a Waged Charm Offensive
US Assistance to Pakistan Should Not Be Unconditional: Chuck Hagel
Hagel Says Military View Shaped by Vietnam
US Military
Not Even the Pentagon Bomb Squad Knows How Fast Insurgent IEDs Degrade
Even After Lackland Scandal, Military Still Isn't Fixing Its Sexual Abuse Epidemic
Unannounced Army Drill Scares Residents on Houston's South Side
Fort Hood Suspect Still Faces Possible Execution
High-Tech Cargo Airship Being Built in California
Spec Ops Chief Says Elite Troops Will 'Probably Not' Skip a Generation of Tech
Suicidal Sensors: Darpa Wants Next-Gen Spy Hardware to Literally Dissolve
Opposition in Egypt Urges Unity Government
Egypt Liberals, Islamists Add Pressure on Morsi
Egypt Eases Curfew as Morsi Appeals for Calm
ElBaradei Presses for Talks Towards Ending Egypt Violence
Cameron in Algeria: PM Urges Terrorism Fight With 'Everything at Our Disposal'
Algeria Crisis Strangling Sahara Tourism
French Troops Deployed in Last Mali Rebel Strongholds
France Says Its Troops Now in Kidal
US Policy in Africa Faces Reckoning in Mali
Timbuktu Manuscripts Mostly Safe, University Says
How the War in Mali Tore a Village Apart
Timbuktu: A Byword for Mystery Brought Into Plain Sight by Mali Conflict
Boko Haram Ceasefire – Nigeria Military Wants 30-Day Peace Guarantee
Somalia to Prosecute Woman Who Accused Soldiers of Rape
Kenya Govt. Issues Stern Warning to International Media
Report: Ivory Coast Gov't Lacks Impartiality
German Report on Arms Exports Reveals Little
German Inquiry Into Oradour Wartime Massacre in France
Russia Scraps Law Enforcement Deal With US in New Blow to Ties
Russian Court Orders Pussy Riot Videos Be Banned From Internet
Syria Confirms Israel Bombed Site Near Damascus
Israel Likely Didn't Target Chemical Weapons, Expert Says
The Battle for Syria's Minakh Air Base
Donors Pledge $1.5bn for UN Syria Aid Operation
Israel Drops Sharply in Annual Press Freedom Ranking Over Gaza Killings
Hamas Allows Gaza Voter Registration in Step to Heal Palestinian Split
Israel to Give Palestinians $100 Million in Withheld Funds
Peres Prepares to Tap Netanyahu to Form Govt
Lapid: Next Time I'll Run for Prime Minister, and Win
2 Muslims Sign With Israeli Soccer Club Despite Protests From Club's Anti-Muslim Fans
Israel Jets Increase Activity in Lebanese Airspace
Lebanese Women Seek Stronger Representation in Parliament
Eighteen Found in Mass Grave Near Baghdad
With or Without Exxon, Iraq Kurds Strive for Energy Autonomy
Middle East
Three Policemen Injured in Home-Made Bomb Blast in Bahrain
Secessionist Gunmen Kill 2 Soldiers in Southern Yemen
In Election Year, Iranian Brothers Could Expand Power
Bomb Blast in Afghan Market Kills 2 Children, Wounds 4 Others
Afghan Father Hands Over 'Bomber Son' to Police
Afghanistan Bristles at US Ban on Kam Air Airline
Afghanistan Media Boomed During War, but Faces Uncertain Future
Pakistan Says Militant Bases Broken Up Near Afghan Border
Blasts Kill Two, Injure Six in Pakistan
300kg Bomb Defused in Karachi
Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban to Have Skull Reconstructed
Musharraf: Pakistan Can Play 'Critical Role' in Stabilizing Afghanistan
Nuclear Test Could Open Window on North Korea
S. Korea Launches First Civilian Rocket Amid Tensions With North
Vietnam Frees US Democracy Activist It Detained 9 Months, Easing US Diplomatic Pressure
US Minesweeper to Be Cut Up for Removal From Philippines Reef
Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand Wields Influence From Afar
Colombia Scolds Rebels Over Prisoner-Taking
Cuba Gives Passport to Anti-Govt Blogger, Denies 2nd Dissident, as Travel Reform Takes Shape
Russia Plans Oil, Gas Projects in Venezuela
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