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Updated February 3, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Obama OKs Israeli Attacks on Syria
  Syria Releases Video Showing Damage From Israeli Attack
  Turkish FM Slams Assad for Not Responding to Israeli Strike
Biden Raises Possibility of Direct US-Iran Talks
  The US Could Be Violating Its Own Iran Sanctions
Pakistan Tribes Turn Against Army
  35 Killed in Pakistan Militant Attack Over Drone Strikes
  Open-Ended Drone War in Pakistan to Continue: Panetta
  UN Drone Investigator: If Facts Lead to US War Crimes, So Be It
Hagel Hearings Showcase Pro-Israel Agenda
  Revealing List of the Most-Mentioned Words at Hagel Hearing
Panetta: Cuts Would Make US a 2nd-Rate Power
  Panetta: 'Zero Dark Thirty' a Good Movie
Kirkuk Carnage: 41 Killed, 96 Hurt Across Iraq
  Maliki Says Syrian-Style Revolt 'Will Not Happen' Iraq
The US Needs a Completely Different Approach to Iran  by Flynt & Hillary Leverett
Why Hagel So Frightens Neocons and Guardians of the Military-Industrial Complex  by John Nichols
Et Tu, Karzai? Afghanistan Violates US Iran Sanctions  by Nick Schwellenbach
Hagel Backs Down  by Peter Beinart
The Asia Pivot and US Motivations  by Jane Powers
Controlling Lucifer: How Everyone Loses the Global War on Terror  by Robert C. Koehler

More Viewpoints

22 Military Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day
NATO Chief: We Won't Back Down on Missile Defense
Report: US Muslim Terrorism Was Practically Nil in 2012
Here's What Your $97 Million Drug War in Central America Actually Bought
State Senator Sees Drones in Idaho's Future
Russia in Ground-Breaking Talks With Syrian Opposition, Wants to Maintain 'Regular Contact'
Syrian Activists: Rebels Advance Near Aleppo Airport, More Than 60 People Killed Nationwide
Biden Says Assad 'Hellbent' on Power, Must Step Aside
Lavrov Says Syria's Chemical Weapons Secure; Stresses Russian Support
January Death Toll in Syria Rises as Talks Remain Stalled
Israelis: Missiles Were at Syrian Military Base When Aircraft Struck
Barak: We're Following Syrian WMD Issue Closely
Clinton Blames Iran for Syria War
Syrian Government Offensive Forces Thousands to Find Shelter in Caves, Cars
Oregon Attorney Wins $25 Billion Terrorism Judgment Against Syria
Israeli Forces Dismantle Palestinian Encampment, Clash With Activists
Netanyahu Vows to Form Unity Government, Stop Iran
Ex-Israeli Security Chiefs Speak Out in Oscar Documentary Nominee
Kerry to Visit Israel, Push Peace Talks
Ahmadinejad Unveils Iran's Newest Fighter Jet That Militant Officials Claim Can Evade Radar
Man Caught by German Customs With $70m Check Was Former Chief of Iran's Central Bank
Yemen Says Intercepted Ship Carrying Weapons Was Iranian
Ahmadinejad to Make First Egypt Visit by Iran Head in Decades
Iraq: Four Killed, Including Councilman
Iraq's Christians Still Searching for a Home
Amid Iraqi Protests, Hackers Hit Maliki's Website
DHKP-C Group Claims US Embassy Suicide Blast in Ankara
US Embassy Bomber Had Terror Conviction
Embassy Bombers Cling to Cold War Ideology
Report: Police in Turkey Detain 3 in Connection to US Embassy Suicide Bombing
Yemini Military: Town Seized From al-Qaeda
Russian Govt Seeks to Rein in Community Volunteers
What's in a Name? Russian City Mulls Returning to Its Stalinist Moniker
German Prosecutor Looks for Those Behind Nazi Era Massacre in France
Vukovar Is Bykobap? Alphabet Dispute Revives War Wounds in Croatia Ahead of EU Entry
Weekend Reviews
Waking Up to Iran's Real History
Zero Dark Thirty: Hollywood's Gift to American Power
A Picture of Dispair: Refugee Hotel
Zero Dark Thirty Is the Most Vile and Immoral War Film I've Seen in Years
The War at Home
Pentagon Needs Battle Plan for Troop-Suicide Threat
Senate Plan Would Give Napolitano the Final Say on Border Security
Biden Calls for Tighter Transatlantic Ties
Australian General Gets Key US Army Post
Tahrir Square Activists Confront Egypt PM Hisham Qandil
Egypt Protests Galvanized by Video of Police Beating Naked Man
Egypt Interior Ministry Condemns Police Beating of Naked Protester
Egypt 'Bodyguards' Take Stand Against Sex Assault
Woman Living in Egypt Fears the Worst
Mali's Neighbors Take Steps to Keep al-Qaeda Militants From Escaping
French President Hollande Pledges to Help Rebuild Mali
Thousands Cheer, Welcome French President's Visit to Mali
Pentagon to Keep Africa Command Headquarters in Europe
Central African Republic Peace Deal Yet to Translate Into Reality
At Least 5 People Killed by Rebels in Senegal's Restive South
Germany Unfreezing Rwandan Aid but to Watch Progress on Congo
Anti-Polio Campaign Postponed Over Karachi Security Fears
China Poised to Control Strategic Pakistani Port
Violence Claims Three Lives in Karachi
IED Blast Kills Two, Injures Three Soldiers in Orakzai: Officials
Pakistan: BSO-Azad Protest Against 'Military Operation' in Balochistan
Gas Pipeline Pact With Pakistan to Cement Ties: Iran
Afghanistan Official Survives Blast, Bodyguard Dies
Alleged Terrorism Ties Foil Some Afghan Interpreters' US Visa Hopes
As Self-Immolations Near 100, Some Tibetans Ask, Is It Worth It?
Colonial Flags Fly in Hong Kong as Anger Grows
As Cambodia Mourns Sihanouk, 2,000-Year-Old Monarchy Wanes and Strongman PM Rises
Sabotage? Mystery Surrounds Blast at Mexico Oil Giant Pemex That Killed 33
Mexico Captures Drug Lord 'Zero Five,' but Sparks More Cartel Violence
Colombian Forces Kill FARC Commander, 5 Other Rebels
Colombia Rebels Announce They'll Release 2 Police, Soldier Amid Chill in Peace Talks
Brazil Interested in Buying Anti-Aircraft Missiles From Russia
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