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Updated February 4, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Justice Dept Memo OKs Drone Hits on Americans
With US Approval, Israel Plans Syria Escalation
  Turkey, Iran, and Russia Condemn Israeli Strikes on Syria
  Obama Rejected Plan by Clinton, Petraeus to Arm Syrian Rebels
  Syrian Opposition Condemns Leader for Talking With Russia, Iran
Panetta: 'Enduring US Presence' in Afghanistan
  Distrust Keeps Afghan Peace Talks Stalled
Suicide Bomber Kills 22 in Attack on Iraq Militia
  Sunday Kirkuk Carnage: 41 Killed, 96 Hurt Across Iraq
US Expands Military Reach in Latin America
Secret Rules to Let Obama Start Cyber Wars
Hagel Hearings Showcase Pro-Israel Agenda
French Warplanes Keep Pounding Northern Mali
Egypt State of Emergency Continues as 57th Protester Dies
Iran FM Welcomes 'Authentic' Bilateral Talks With US
Why It's 'Legal' When the US Does It  by Noam Chomsky & Tom Engelhardt
US Goading Japan into Confrontation With China  by John V. Walsh
The Washington Witch Trial of Chuck Hagel  by Larry Derfner
Two, Three, Many McCarthyisms  by Clark Stooksbury
JSoc: Obama's Secret Assassins  by Naomi Wolf
France's Military Objectives in Mali Make No Sense  by Gerald Caplan

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Lawmakers Opt Against European Pullout, for Now
Kerry Praises Israel for Not Seizing Palestinian Tax Money Anymore
South Korean, US Troops Begin Drills Amid Signs of Impending North Korean Nuclear Test
Turkey Concerned About More Acts of Terrorism
Deadliest Sniper in US Military History Is Shot and Killed by Veteran With PTSD
The War at Home
Panetta: US Didn't Need Rough Interrogation to Get bin Laden
Kerry Calls Foreign Officials in First Day on Job
Sheriff: No Drone Use in North Dakota's Stark County
Man Beaten by Egypt Police Shown on TV Blaming Protesters
Conflicting Testimony of Egypt Protester Dragged Naked Raises Concerns of Police Pressure
Egypt Takes Delivery of US Fighter Jets
Secular Party Threatens to Quit Islamist-Led Tunisian Government
Mali Refugee Flood Threatens to Destabilize Region
Top Mali Islamist Arrested Near Algeria Border: Sources
Pakistan Taliban Slam Ideological War in Mali
France Protects Niger Uranium Mine
South Sudan Accuses Sudan of Bombing; Khartoum Denies
Pakistan Army Battles Legacy of Mistrust in Taliban Heartland
Pakistani Taliban Outlines Conditions for Dialogue With Govt
Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Has Successful Skull Surgery
Pakistan Opposition Take Aim at Energy Crisis Ahead of Elections
Pakistan Declares Afghan Containers Released From Karachi
Afghan Official: Roadside Bomb Kills Family of 5
Kabul Police Arrest 6 Suspected Suicide Bombers
Mini Helicopter Drone for UK Troops in Afghanistan
Abu Sayyaf Militants Release Two Hostages in Philippines
Japan Releases Chinese Captain, Crew Arrested for Illegal Fishing South of Disputed Islands
Vietnam Gives 22 Activists Long Prison Terms for Attempt to Overthrow Govt; 1 Gets Life
Teachers Targeted in Thai Conflict
Nepal Maoist PM Says to Accept Unity Government for May Polls
Israeli Airstrike in Syria Targeted a Shipment of Weapons, 2 US Officials Say
Turkish PM on Syria Strikes: History Won't Forgive Israel
Assad Says Syria Can Confront Threats After Israel Strike
Barak: Syria Strike Proof That When Israel Says Something, We Mean It
Missile Hits Aleppo Building, 13 Killed: Activists
Ex-Syrian Parliament Member Killed in Aleppo
Turkey Pledges Support for Syrian Opposition
Jordan: Syrians Fight Over Tents in Refugee Camp
Israeli Defense Minister Makes First Comments on Syria Airstrike, Suggests Israel Responsible
Erekat: PA Refuses to 'Repeat Lunacy of Returning to Talks'
New Initiative Calls for Arab Parties to Join Israeli Government
Incoming Likud MP Aims to Abolish Draft
Israel's Army Chief Lands in US Amid Syria Crisis
Likud-Beytenu Opening Coalition Talks With Biggest Fish: Lapid
Kerry Likely to Visit Israel, Egypt in First Trip as Secretary of State
Sunday Times Apologizes Some More for Netanyahu Cartoon
Lebanese Army Seals Off Town After 2 Soldiers Killed
Hezbollah Denies Reports of Israel Air Strike in Southern Lebanon
Iran's Parliament Dismisses Labor Minister
Ahmadinejad Accuses Iran Speaker's Family of Corruption
Kirkuk Carnage: 41 Killed, 96 Wounded Across Iraq
2 Judges Escape Assassination in Anbar
Fallujah Scholars Reject al-Qaeda Call for Demonstrators to Take Up Arms
Presidential Candidate Killed in Paraguay Chopper Crash
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