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Updated February 6, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
CIA Using Secret Saudi Drone Base for Two Years
  White House: Drone Killings 'Ethical and Wise'
  Congress Considers Limiting President's Drone Authority
  Does Obama’s Power to Kill US Citizens Extend to Domestic Suspects?
  Obama Drone Strike Killed 16-Year-Old Born in Denver
  Brennan Nomination Exposes Targeted Killings and Secret Saudi Base
54 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture
  20 Facts About Extraordinary Rendition, Torture, Secret Detention
  US Tortured During bin Laden Hunt, Panetta Admits
New Iran Nuclear Talks To Start Feb. 26
  ‘Inhumane’ Iran Sanctions Blocking Medicine for the Sick
Obama to Visit Israel in First Visit as President
How the Pro-Israel Right Lost on Hagel
Obama Wants Sequester Delay to Avoid Military Cuts
North Korea Threatens More Than Just a Nuclear Test
Tuareg Rebels Claim Another Town Seized in Northern Mali
Ambassador: Pakistan Still Not Okay With Drone Strikes
Chilling Legal Memo Justifies Assassination of US Citizens  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama Targeted Killing Document: if We Do It, It's Not Illegal  by Adam Serwer
Targeted Killings: Obama's Endless War  by James Kitfield
The American Lockdown State  by Tom Engelhardt
Colin Powell: Conned or Con-Man? by Ray McGovern
How Obama Redefined 'Imminence' to Drone Americans  by Spencer Ackerman

More Viewpoints

Gen. Ham: Members of al-Qaeda Group Among Benghazi Attackers
Argentina Says 'Will Control Falklands Within 20 Years'
Israel Boosts Defenses on Syria, Lebanon Borders
Brooklyn College Says Event on Israel Can Proceed
City in Virginia First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation
Scottish Independence: 'Transition Plan' Outlined
France: Hundreds of Islamist Militants Killed in Mali
Report: French May Start Leaving Mali in March
Mali Conflict: Chad Army 'Enters Kidal'
France Arrests Suspected Islamists in Mali Rebels Probe
Remote Mountains of Northern Mali – Perfect for Guerrillas
For Mali Amputee, Islamic Extremist Legacy Lingers
Northern Mali Faces Food and Currency Shortages
North Africa
Algerian Border Forces Get Shoot-On-Sight Orders
Lufthansa Halts Libya Flights Due to Security Worries
2 Soldiers Killed in Nigeria Oil Delta Attack
Nigerian Islamists Kill 6 Park Rangers in Revenge Attack
US Urges Lifting of UN Arms Embargo on Somalia: Envoys
Obama to Kenya: Reject Violence During Election
Rwanda Dismayed by Genocide Court Acquittals
Ivory Coast Extradites 2 Former Gbagbo Officials
South Africa Police Arrest Alleged Congo Rebels
Kerry Warns of Punishment for North Korea Nuclear Test
South Korea Leader Says North May Stage Multiple Nuclear Tests
North Korea Video Shows US City in Flames After Missile Attack
GOP Demands Tougher N. Korean Sanctions After 'Vile Stunt'
Pakistan: New Province to Be Created Before Election
Pakistan Likely to Amend Anti-Terror Act
Japan Says China Aimed Military Radar at Japanese Ship Near Disputed Island
Philippines Officials Reject Navy Assessment of USS Guardian Damage to Reef
Kashmir Girl Band Breaks Up After Threats
War Trials Re-Open Old Wounds in Bangladesh
Armed Gang Rapes 6 Spanish Tourists in Mexico
Germans Seized by Colombian Rebels Are Tourists: Germany
Fewer Israeli Soldiers Charged With Crimes Against Palestinians
Brutal Asymmetry of the Israeli Occupation as Soldiers Pepper Spray Seated Villagers
Palestinian PM Warns PA 'On the Brink'
Israel's Netanyahu Hits Snags in Building Team
Lieberman Expects to Keep Israeli FM Post
Will Livni Join Government?
Israel Deploys Third Iron Dome Battery in the North
US, Israel Pressure EU Over Hezbollah After Bulgaria Says Group Behind Bus Attack
Syrian Rebels Report Intense Fighting Near Jordan
UN Diplomats Say Syrian Opposition Coalition Will Soon Open Offices in NYC and DC
Pressure Mounts on Assad Over Syria Opposition Offer
Syrian Lawmaker Rejects Conditions for Peace Talks
Iran's President Visits Egypt, in Sign of Thaw
Iran's Ahmadinejad Kissed and Scolded in Egypt
Egypt Reassures Gulf Monarchies Over Ties With Iran
Ahmadinejad Visits Cairo: How Sect Tempers Islamist Ties Between Egypt, Iran
Iran's 'Show' of Force: Loud but Not So Clear
Ahmadinejad's Ally Arrested as Fight With Family Grows
Check Found on Former Iranian Official Was for Iranian Company's Work in Venezuela
Iran Detains More Journalists Over Links With BBC
Iran to Send Astronauts Into Space by 2018
After Clashes, Egypt's Security Forces Draw New Scrutiny
Many Egyptians Fight on Streets to Restore Revolution's Goals
Egypt's Pope Criticizes Islamists
Taji Hit Again; 10 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded Across Country
Suicide Bomber Hits Iraq Army Checkpoint, Three Killed
Allawi Condemns Israeli Bombing of Syrian Territories
Kuwait Arrests 3 Former MPs for Emir Insults
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