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Updated February 9, 2013 - 11:20 PM EST
US Senators Propose Assassination Court
  White House Won't Comment on Brennan's Waterboarding Dodge
  Chuck Hagel Camp: He's Not Dropping Out
US Drones Kill 9 Pakistanis After Brennan Hearing
  Marketplace Bombing Kills 16 in Pakistan's Orakzai
  Pakistan's ISI Detained, Tortured Hundreds for CIA
Mutiny: Junta Faces Clashes in Mali Capital
  Former US Envoy: French 'Ransom' Funding Mali Rebels
  First Suicide Bombing Targets Troops in Mali's Gao
Kerry Threatens Iran Ahead of Upcoming Talks
54 Killed as Bus Bomb Hits Syria Military Factory
Iraqi Market Day: 38 Killed, 106 Wounded
Pentagon Slams UN Report on Afghan Child Deaths
Presidential Palace Firebombed as Egypt Protests Resume
Israeli Military Violations: 240 Complaints, No Indictments
Guantanamo Bay Failed  by Kelley Vlahos
Korea: The Case for Withdrawal  by Geoffrey Fattig
Learning From America's History of Assassinations  by Gary Hart
How We Made Killing Easy  by David Cole
Liberals Love Drones Too  by Alex Seitz-Wald
Obama, the Warrior King  by Micah Zenko

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Iran's Press TV, Ifilm Taken Off Air in US, Canada
Nine Polio Vaccinators Shot Dead in Nigeria
China Rejects Japan Radar-Lock Allegation
More Marines Charged Over Corpse Urination Video
Retired Russian Colonel Convicted of Coup Attempt
Albania Judges Accuse US of Interfering in Trial
Publication of Hacked George W. Bush E-Mails Raise Ethics Questions
The War at Home
DHS Watchdog OKs 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border
Mental Health Experts Get Access to Detainee's CIA File
FBI: San Jose Man Who Believed He Was Working With Taliban Arrested Trying to Blow Up Oakland Bank of America Branch
Tunisia Mourns Murdered Politician Chokri Belaid
Slain Tunisian Leader's Funeral Marred by Clash
Vandals Desecrate Jewish Graves in Tunisia
French Take Back Mali Town as Bomber Attacks Gao
Mali Islamists Flee to Sudan's Darfur Region
Algeria Captures Four Militants Near Mali, Libya Borders
Somali Scholars Call on Turkey to Mediate Talks Between Somali Government And al-Shabaab
Africa Pirates Kidnap 3 Sailors in Gulf of Guinea
Grenades Explode Near US Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Newspaper in Northern Mexico Says 5 of Its Non-Editorial Employees Were Briefly Kidnapped
Honduras' Government Deploys Soldiers to Help Fight Crime in 2 Biggest, Most Violent Cities
Prison for Canadian Navy Officer Turned Russian Spy
Obama Unlikely to Reconsider Arming Syrian Rebels Despite Views of Security Staff
Assad's Forces Try to Beat Back Rebels Edging Into Damascus
Syrian Rebels Shut Down Key Damascus Highway
Number of Syrian Refugees in Turkey Reaches Over 177,000
Islamic Leaders Back Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Plan for Syria Talks
Cyprus Upgrades Palestinian Diplomatic Status
Netanyahu: 3 Coalitions Needed for Peace, IDF Draft, Welfare
Arson Attack Highlights Racism in Israeli Soccer
Israeli Spokesperson Posts Caricature of Nasrallah Seeking Terror Target
Middle East
Iraqis Targeted on Market Day: 38 Killed, 106 Wounded
Bahrain Princess on Trial for Torture During Arab Spring Protests
High Profile Insurgent Leader Killed in Kapisa Province
UK Defense Secretary Visits Afghanistan
Eight Militants Killed in Orakzai Agency
Nawaz Sees Plot to Delay Election
India Hangs Kashmiri Man Convicted of Deadly 2001 Attack on Parliament
Armenia Holds 2 in Attack on Presidential Hopeful
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