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Updated February 12, 2013 - 11:06 PM EST
Hagel Clears Senate Panel on Party-Line Vote
North Korea Conducts Third Nuke Test
  Panetta Say North Korea Nuclear Test 'Serious Threat' to US
Israel Predicts Terror Attacks on Syria Border
  13 Killed in Car Bombing Along Turkey-Syria Border
  Netanyahu Vows to Stop Hezbollah From Acquiring Syrian Arms
Netanyahu: Iran's New Centrifuges Near 'Red Line'
  Despite Scaremongering Iran's Uranium Stockpile Not Growing
French Claim Mali City, But Is Insurgency Growing?
  Hollande: France Will Make Mali 100 Percent Terrorist-Free
Israel Approves Another Settlement Expansion
  Australian Suspected of Mossad Links Dies in Israeli Jail
Iraq Checkpoints Targeted: 26 Killed, 37 Wounded
Obama Plans New Cybersecurity Executive Order
Karzai Govt Confirms Widespread Torture in Afghan Prisons
Obama Already Holding US Citizens in Indefinite Detention?
Progressives Defend Obama's Kill List  by Glenn Greenwald
Dianne Feinstein's Outrageous Underestimate of Civilian Drone Deaths  by Conor Friedersdorf
British Courts to Decide US Drones Do Murder?  by Nat Hentoff
Drones and Our National Religion  by David Swanson
The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State  by Chris Hedges
Obama Risks Being Known as the 'Drone President  by James Zogby

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Icelandic MP Plans Bradley Manning Support Trip Despite US Legal Threats
UN Takes Charity Founder Off al-Qaeda List
Militant Threats Test Pentagon's Role in Africa
White House: All Questions Answered on Benghazi
9/11 Defendant's Attorney Says US Is Listening in on Client Conversations
Opposition 'Would Talk to Assad in Northern Syria'
Syrian Rebels Capture Country's Largest Dam
Kurdish Fighters Kill 8 on Aleppo Clashes
Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Appear Secure, Dempsey Says
Traders Fear Syria Oil Exports Violate Sanctions
Lebanese Military Seals Off a Town Involved in Syrian Rebellion
34 Charged Over Deadly East Lebanon Incident
Israel Detains Ten Women Over Prayer Shawls at Western Wall
Israel Allowing Turkey to Build Hospital in Gaza
Palestinian Panel Starts Updating Voter Registers
Likud Amends Draft Plan to Meet Lapid Demands
Iran Opposition Leader Mousavi's Daughters Arrested
Huckabee: Obama Must Use Israel Trip to Threaten Iran
Masked Men Block Egypt Subway, Scuffles Break Out
Egypt's Muslim Clerics Elect Top Islamic Jurist
Middle East
2 Separatists Killed as Yemenis Mark 2nd Anniversary of Unrest
Libya to Shut Egypt, Tunisia Borders for Anniversary
Scotland Faces Hurdles if It Votes for Independence
Colombian ELN Rebels Want Proof German Hostages Aren't Spies
Iraq Security Checkpoints Targeted: 26 Killed, 37 Wounded
Fuel, Food Aid Draw Iraq, Syria Kurds Closer
UN Envoy Says Shi'ite-Led Iraqi Government Can Do More to Deal With Sunni Demands
Basra Council Calls to Establish Camps for Syrian Refugees in Iraq
UN Calls for Investigation Into Attack on Iranian Dissidents in Iraq
In Afghanistan Pullout, Pentagon Favors Phased Reduction Over 3 Years
US Starts Using Pakistan Route for Afghan Pullout
Middle-Class Afghans Haunted by Fears of Future
Pakistan Taliban 'Ban Vulgar Films, Viagra'
Is the UK Abandoning Its Afghan Interpreters?
3 Dead in Indian Kashmir Protests After Man Hanged
North Korea Draws New China Scrutiny
Senior US Senator Faults Taiwan Over Arms Complacency
Mali Troops in House-To-House Search for Gao Militants
UN Deputy Chief Says No Green Light Yet From Mali for UN Peacekeeping Force
Tunisian President's Party to Stay in Government
Tunisia Islamist Leader Says Unity Govt Imminent
Sudan, Darfur Rebels Sign Ceasefire in Qatar: Media
UN Mission En Route to Assess Reports of Deadly Fighting in South Sudan
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