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Updated February 15, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
Senate Blocks Hagel Nomination – for Now
  'Friends of Hamas': Scary-Sounding Pro-Hagel Group Doesn't Exist
22 Killed in Attacks Across Pakistan's North
  Pakistani Disapproval of US Highest Ever, Drones Not ‘Welcomed’
  US Drones Killed 894 in Tiny Pakistan Agency
Gen. Austin: Keep Huge Afghan Military Intact
  US Air Strike Renews Attention to Afghan Civilian Deaths
Questions Over Iranian General's Death in Syria
  Agencies Warn Congress Not to Use Aid as Tool Against Syria
US General Troubled by 'Fragile' State of Iraq
One Fifth of Israel's Budget Spent on Military
Obama: Libya Poses 'Extraordinary Threat' to US Interests
Can US Keep Up 'Asian Pivot' While Scrambling Into Africa?
UN: Foreign Military Aid Could Be Used for Darfur Attacks
Counter-Insurgency Bogging Down French Troops in Mali
What the US Bombing of Cambodia Tells Us About Obama's Drone Campaign  by Henry Grabar
Iraqi Govt Hires Podesta Group to Lobby for It in DC  by Glenn Greenwald
For One Wash. State Lawmaker, Indefinite Detention Is Personal  by Mike Maharrey
Why Are We Still on the DMZ?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Omnipotent Power to Assassinate Any of Us  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Obama's Executive Death Warrants  by Gene Healy

More Viewpoints

Rand Paul: Drone Program 'Very Scary'
Purported al-Qaeda Manifesto Found in Mali
Turkey Builds Closer Oil Links With Kurds, Angering US
Defendant in Sept. 11 Case Makes Angry Outburst Over Searches at Guantanamo
Panetta Keen to Retire
Gen. Allen Reconsiders Euro Command Nomination
Obama Didn't Talk to Libyans During Benghazi Attack
Four Israeli Border Policemen Convicted of Abusing Young Palestinian Boy at Checkpoint
Price Tag Suspects Vandalize Muslim Cemetery
High Court Rejects Zoabi's Appeal Against Knesset
Israel's Prisoner X Linked to Dubai Assassination in New Report
Zygier 'About to Expose Fake Passports'
Australian-Israeli Prisoner Had Been Charged With Grave Security Crimes, Lawyer Says
Zygier Killed Himself in Cell Bathroom, Israel TV Says
Australian-Israeli Spy Saga Sparks Debate Over Balancing Civil Rights and Security Needs
Israeli Lawyer Sheds Some Light on Australian Spy Mystery
Lapid Vows Not to Join Coalition With Shas
'Hamas 3' Convicted After Red Cross Office Sit-In
Syrian Rebels Claim Near Control of a Key Province
Syrian Rebels Capture Eastern Oil Field
Chaotic Influx of Syrian Refugees to Lebanon Stirs Fears
Abandoned Army Boots Keep Syrians Warm
Some Differences Resolved at IAEA-Iran Talks
Iran Denies Claims It Is Supplying Weapons to Somali Militants
Iraq Attacks: 14 Killed
Turkish Warplanes Destroy Irrigation Project in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraq's Top Judge Removed Over Ties to Saddam Party
Middle East
Teen Killed in Bahrain as Protests Mark Anniversary of Uprising
Hariri: Hezbollah Will Use All Means to Retain Weapons
Tunisia's Premier to Field New Govt or Resign
Kuwait Opposition Activists Acquittals Welcomed
Jordan Terror Plot Suspects Plead Not Guilty
Venezuelan Students Protest Outside Cuban Embassy as Chavez Remains in Havana
Mexico Wants US Aid to Focus More on Social Programs in Bid to Quell Drug Violence
Expected Liberation of 3 Rebel-Held Hostages Delayed in Colombia
Prominent Guatemalan Lawyer Killed by Gunmen on Motorcycle
12 Police, Rebels Killed in Russia's Dagestan
Pakistani Political Parties Call for Talks With Taliban
Taliban Commander Killed in Khyber
Six Suicide Bombers Shot Dead in Bannu
Eight Terrorists Killed in Orakzai
Valentine's Day Under Attack in Pakistan
US Embassy Vehicle Hits Two in Pakistan; One Dies
Karzai Summons New NATO Commander
As US Withdraws Troops, Fears That Afghan Aid Will Dry Up
Afghan AF Commander: 'We Need Advanced Aircraft'
Afghan Army Trains Women for Special Forces
Afghan Withdrawal's Main Hurdle – Getting Gear Out
Britain Strikes Deal to Transport Afghanistan Equipment Home Through Uzbekistan
Afghan Activists Mark Valentine's Day by Marching to Denounce Violence Against Women
North Korea Nuclear Test: No Radiation Detected
South Korea Shows Military Muscle in Sparring With North
Curfew Eased in Most Parts of Indian Kashmir
Finmeccanica Helicopter Deal Payments Frozen by India
Malaysians Encircle Militia Intruders From Philippines
Myanmar Police 'Used White Phosphorous' on Mine Protesters
2 Tibetan Protesters Die
Vowing Change, China's Leader Airs Other Message in Private
Japan Defense Chief: Could Have Pre-Emptive Strike Ability in Future
Egypt's Ruling Party Aims for Outright Majority in New Parliament
Officials Defend Hiring Egyptian Leader's Son
Somalia Urges UN to Lift Arms Embargo So Its Forces Can Fight Militants, Consolidate Peace
Somali Islamists Say Kill Soldier, Delay Executions
Mauritania Media Opens Window on Saharan Islamist World
Nigeria Hit by Three Pirate Attacks in Eight Days: Agency
Kenya Presidential Contender Wants Hague Trial Postponed
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